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Wisdom's Kiss files Wisdom's Kiss, read online Wisdom's Kiss, free Wisdom's Kiss, free Wisdom's Kiss, Wisdom's Kiss 162bef610 Princess Wisdom, Known As Dizzy, Longs For A Life Of Adventure Far Beyond The Staid Old Kingdom Of Montagne Tips, A Soldier, Longs To Keep His True Life Secret From His Family Fortitude, An Orphaned Maid, Longs Only For Tips These Three Passionate Souls Might Just Attain Their Dreams While Preserving Montagne From Certain Destruction, If Only They Can Tolerate Each Other Long Enough To Come Up With A Plan Tough To Save The World When You Can T Even Be In The Same Room Together Magic, Cunning, And One Very Special Cat Join Forces In This Hilarious, Extraordinary Tale By The Author Of Dairy Queen And Princess Ben An Incredibly Creative Tale Told With Diaries, Memoirs, Encyclopedia Entries, Letters, Biographies, Even A Stage Play, All Woven Together Into A Grand Adventure

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    Wisdom s Kiss is a children s fairy tale akin to Shannon Hale s and Jessica Day George s There is a princess, magic, a scheming villain, a suspiciously smart cat, romance and a happy ending.What distinguishes this tale from others in the genre is the book s format Wisdom s Kiss is an assemblage of letters, diaries, a play, memoirs, encyclopedic entries, etc Generally, I am quite fond of such narrative, as long as all formats are essential to the story and do not create redundancy Here, however, what starts as an entertaining switching POV fun every one of them opens an opportunity for a different kind of humor , soon becomes too busy, too indulgent, too repetitive IMO, this novel would have worked much better told from only one perspective.Interestingly, in the interview in the end of the book, Catherine Gilbert Murdock answers a question about this 8 POVs format She says the story started with 3 POVs for three sides of a love triangle and then she added and to accommodate a new scene or to showcase a character s trait If you ask me, this is not a very inventive way to develop a narrative, lazy even Many times I felt that by introducing a new perspective to give some info or make a joke, the author forced herself into continuing on with it throughout the book with nothing actually to say In the end, Wisdom s Kiss is a fun for the author writing experiment that has 7 POVs too many In some ways it reminded me of another fun exercise Ransom My Heart by Meg Cabot a romance novel parody supposedly written by the main character of her Princess Diaries series It is an amusing joke for the first 20 pages, it is tiring the other 300.Maybe the book s intended audience children will enjoy it In all fairness, Wisdom s Kiss is an original and lively story if you skip repetitive parts.

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    I d like to start off by saying that this is the first book I ve ever read by Catherine Gilbert Murdock I have Dairy Queen on the way to my house, a book I ordered after reading than enthusiastic reviews by fellow GoodReaders and which I know is YA So when I saw Wisdom s Kiss on NetGalley, I decided to give it a try.I m pretty sure I can tell you that this is nothing like Dairy Queen, because this is a children s book And a really weird one at that.In the little town of Bacio lives Trudy aka Fortitude, a beautiful maid with a magical gift she foresees events Trudy is in love with Tips, her childhood friend who s left Bacio to become a soldier for the Emperor who writes her professing his love.When Wisdom, aka Dizzy, princess of the kingdom of Montagne, arrives in the girl s town on her way to the Barony of Farina to marry the Baron, Roger, Trudy knows her life is going to change, and not for the better Forced to accompany Dizzy and her Queen Mother, Ben, to Farina, Trudy will meet with Tips, get involved in a sordid plot to usurp the throne of Montagne and finally find her place in life.Even though, in its essence, this book can be seen as your regular fairy tale, I think Wisdom s Kiss manages to break all rules in this genre First of all it is a mix of adventure, magic, grotesque, comedy of errors and shakespearian play.It s told in EIGHT different point of views, each different in its genre, format, writing style an epistolary correspondence between Ben and her granddaughter Temperance, the recount of a narcissistic mentor, the gentle observations of the wicked villain, the letters of an illiterate beau, the urban style diary of a rebel princess, the memoirs of a gentle maid, a playwright by anonymous and encyclopedic entries All these elements, by means of flashbacks, definitions, storytelling and dialogues make up an original fairy tale as you ve never seen it before I read loads and loads of YA lit and I wouldn t consider this book YA, even though it is categorized as such I d say this is middle grade level and therefore, when I started this book I had to leave behind my YA s forma mentis and enter in children s mode to fully appreciate it Albeit a bit recalcitrant to adjust to it at the beginning, I can say I quite enjoyed this book that has got some hilarious parts My favorite quote the characters are talking about spellcasting is Tips Yet I confess I do not follow Her Majesty s thinking How does spelling lend assistance have you no dictionaries Talk about a brooding hunk This guy can sure be dense.Also, I liked the love triangle, which is far from canonic I can t describe too much without spoiling it, suffice it to say that the Happily Ever After in this book is unusual and original and I am kind of happy that it ended like that Nice change.The only thing that did not convince me entirely in this book is the jargon used by both Dizzy and Tips It is typical of new generations to deconstruct language in text messaging and in the Internet but, in this case, I found it a bit over the top But it might be me This kind of urban style language might appeal to middle graders who are, end in end, the target audience of this fairy tale.Follow my reviews at NightReader

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    I love Catherine Gilbert Murdock s writing because it is intelligent, highly unconventional and always makes me laugh Wisdom s Kiss is even unconventional than her other books, and I would highly recommend it for brave readers The storytelling is unusual with each character narrating their part in 2 3 page chapters, alternating between the script of a stage play, letters from one character to another, diary entries and heirloom stories passed on to a younger generation The characters are distinct and their voices recognizable, but the brevity of the chapters prevents the character development from progressing very far The storyline is like nothing I have ever come across As we found with Princess Ben, this fairytale is highly unconventional and readers will need to cope with a little heartbreak before it finds a resolution Murdoch explained her motive for the unexpected plot twists as wanting to help young readers understand that they probably won t discover their true love by the age of 16 This is a wonderful improvement to the overly sentimental literature that clogs young adult shelves, although I m not certain that all young readers would find their hearts sufficiently consoled by the end to actually like the story.Mature readers who can brave the unconventional format and storyline will find it rewarding and worthwhile, though it probably wouldn t suit young readers looking for a nice sweet read.

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    I love this author s contemp YA s so was eager to try her fantasy I am very sorry to say this book drove me crazy I m 2 3 of the way through and it s been a constant struggle The story is told in an epistolary form one of my favorites but there are too many POVs EIGHT And a lot of it is a redundant telling of the story, which makes a very thin, weak plot unnecessarily long There was quite a bit of humor and wit in the story, but it didn t make up for the weakness of the story or the characterizations And that is the bottom line, sadly I didn t care about any of the characters.I ve been skimming and will till I reach the end, just to see how it ends.

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    Trudy is a young orphan with a gift for seeing the future Tips is also an orphan, who struggles with the oppressive hate of his older brothers and the dismal future of running the family mill They ve been best friends since infancy, and Trudy hopes Tips is her future When a man comes to take Tips as his apprentice to become a soldier, Trudy hates to see him go but knows it s for the best.Six years later, when both are grown and waiting to be reunited, fate and politics intervene Suddenly, Trudy finds herself as Lady in Waiting to Princess Wisdom, or Dizzy for short Dizzy is traveling with her Grandmother, the Queen Mother Benevolence, to her wed a conniving duchess s son.When Trudy sees the princess, she senses pain Dizzy will cause Trudy heartbreak and pain.Too soon, Trudy and Tips meet again, but Tips has been keeping secrets Trudy s vision of Wisdom comes true But can the two abide each other long enough to save a nation The title and cover of this book was so intriguing, I was very excited to read Wisdom s Kiss It started off gripping And then it turned confusing I didn t realize this book was told from no less than eight point of views Memoirs, letters, diaries, encyclopedias, and a play A play Yeah A play It s completely random, slightly genius, and a bit confusing I would love to say, Oh, the author should have just cut out but the rest of the story wouldn t have woven as well It s just a bit tiresome to work that hard to figure out what s going on.The story itself is really good I have to say though, I was furious with Tips Furious I won t say than that But his act alone put a sour taste in my mouth that I never really could get rid of.The author wrote Princess Ben, which I read well a over a year ago I remembered a few key points from the book, and I remembered that I really liked it.While reading Wisdom s Kiss, I thought, Wow, this author really likes the name Benevolence Which she shortens to Ben And then, further in, I thought, Wow This author really likes to use doppelgangers in her books And then a light flashed so brightly in my dense little head that I was practically blinded The Queen Mother Benevolence is Princess Ben While the author asserts this is not a sequel to Princess Ben, and I d agree, I still thought it was kind of a forehead slapper when I realized it No, you don t need to have read Princess Ben to understand Wisdom s Kiss, but I wish it hadn t been so long since I read it I might have picked up on a few things I missed.While I really did enjoy the story, I was completely thrown by having to work so hard to understand what was happening Plus Tips just ruined it for me.

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    I wanted to love this book It had a cute format, told through letters, autobiographies, encyclopedia entries, etc., and each character had a unique voice However, the format also served to distance me from the characters a little, and while the external plot was fairly sound, the characters themselves didn t seem to go through much transformation at all I would recommend this book to people who are fans of diary style fiction and lighthearted reads, but there s not too much substance here.Also Least satisfying romantic plot ever The jacket blurb makes this book sound like it will be a cute and happy story with a strong romantic plot Ignore that.

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    I loved this book Its gorgeous cover caught my eye, and then the way it was told, through letters, diaries, plays etc, was just enough to entice me to read it It is such a cute story, and I enjoyed all the different perspectives of the same events I found many parts funny and romantic I had not read Princess Ben yet, but I did after reading this I prefer this book I just had such a blast reading it.

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    Overexcessive stylistic writing, a lack of plot movement, characters who seem to be concerned with the number of curlicues they can insert in their writings than in being complex and likable It s a shame that the straightforward and heartfelt charm of her D.J Schwenk novels has never translated into her fantasy forays Tone down on the epistolary cuteness and focus on giving readers a good and engrossing story

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    Orphaned Trudy and the miller s son Tips have long been friends when Tips is offered an opportunity to become a solider He becomes an apprentice to Felis el Gato and spends years away from Trudy, communicating only by mail Trudy, who has a gift of foresight to a certain extent anyway , stays in their village, hoping for his return When Princess Wisdom, on her way to her wedding, and her grandmother, Nonna Ben, stop at Trudy s inn, they enlist her to become a lady in waiting, as their ladies in waiting are suffering from food poisoning Trudy, although sensing that Wisdom is going to bring her unhappiness, accompanies them to Frogloch, where all sorts of unhappiness ensues She s reunited with Tips, but things don t go as she d hoped, the princess realizes she wants adventure than marriage, and Duchess of Farina Wisdom s soon to be mother in law is enacting her nefarious scheme to expand her control in the land.This book has humor, love triangles, adventure and There s a lot for readers to likeand yet, I m not entirely sure I liked it In fact, thinking about it, I think I didn tbecause the character I liked most got treated the worst So, I didn t like the ending Spoilers below if you want to know what exactly I didn t like And I much prefer Murdock s realistic fiction to her fantasy.SPOILER ALERT I like Trudy she s the most likable character Wisdom a.k.a Dizzy never won me over She seemed ditzy, irresponsible, and selfish So, when Wisdom falls for Tips, whom Trudy has loved her whole life, I was pulling for Trudyand Tips picked dumb Dizzy Argh And the author resolves this issue by giving Trudy a husband, but it s presented as an aside, so we never really get to see Trudy s happiness assuming she is actually happy with her husband I just didn t like to see my favorite character get the shaftand what kind of dummy picks Dizzy anyway

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    I m surprised by Catherine Gilbert Murdock This is completely different from her Dairy Queen series It took a while to get into and understand all the people and introductions they had when it was their chapter I got into it about a quarter or of the way in I thought it was a good story but there was too much confusion on my part by the way everything was layed out I also didn t enjoy completely the way it was written but other times I did Longer review to come.

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