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Dark of the Moon summary Dark of the Moon , series Dark of the Moon , book Dark of the Moon , pdf Dark of the Moon , Dark of the Moon 1e3fbf49cf Ariadne Is Destined To Become A Goddess Of The Moon She Leads A Lonely Life, Filled With Hours Of Rigorous Training By Stern Priestesses Her Former Friends No Longer Dare To Look At Her, Much Less Speak To Her All That She Has Left Are Her Mother And Her Beloved, Misshapen Brother Asterion, Who Must Be Held Captive Below The Palace For His Own Safety So When A Ship Arrives One Spring Day, Bearing A Tribute Of Slaves From Athens, Ariadne Sneaks Out To Meet It These Newcomers Don T Know The Ways Of Krete Perhaps They Won T Be Afraid Of A Girl Who Will Someday Be A Powerful Goddess And Indeed She Meets Theseus, The Son Of The King Of Athens Ariadne Finds Herself Drawn To The Newcomer, And Soon They Form A Friendship One That Could Perhaps Become Something Yet Theseus Is Doomed To Die As An Offering To The Minotaur, That Monster Beneath The Palace Unless He Can Kill The Beast First And That Monster Is Ariadne S Brother

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    If you expect Dark of the Moon to be just another Greek mythology inspired paranormal YA romance, look elsewhere If you are looking for a novel based on a familiar myth but that turns this myth on its head and re imagines it in the most unexpected but realistic way, you might have hit a jackpot here.Traditionally, the myth of the Minotaur is a pretty straight forward tale that is mostly known for Cretan Princess Ariadne s passionate love for Theseus She helps her imprisoned enemy to defeat her brother, half bull half human creature Minotaur, by giving Theseus a thread that would guide him out of the Minotaur s lair located in a center of a intricate labyrinth In return, Theseus marries Ariadne and whisks her away from Crete just to abandon her on the way back to his home, Athens image error

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    Review originally posted on The Book Smugglers HereBefore I say anything else let me just get something off my chest I loved this book It is abso freaking lutely brilliant and smart and it really re energised me with such book excitement the way that only Totally Awesome Books can.Dark of the Moon is a reimagining of the Greek myth of Theseus, Ariadne and the Minotaur In Greek mythology, Theseus is a founding hero of Athens whose adventures before becoming King included the slaying of the infamous Minotaur of Crete King Minos daughter, Ariadne, fell in love with Theseus at first sight and helped him defeating the Minotaur by giving Theseus a thread that guided him through the labyrinth where the Minotaur was entrapped After escaping Crete together, Theseus the bastard proceeded to abandon Ariadne in the island of Naxos Theseus the bastard goes on to marry Ariadne s sister and become a beloved King and reformer of Athens In some accounts Ariadne is the bride of the God Dionysus and Theseus only left her behind to not anger that God Nevertheless, in most accounts, Theseus is the Hero and Ariadne is the fool who loved him.Enter Dark of the Moon In this reimagining, Ariadne is not the daughter of Minos but his niece and both are intrinsic part of the religious cult of the Goddess in Krete Ariadne is She Who Will Be Goddess, training to become the future priestess of Krete and a Vessel to the Goddess, following up on the footsteps of her mother, She Who Is Goddess Theirs is the most important position on that matriarchal system, a position that is both political and religious The infamous Minotaur of Krete is in fact her beloved half brother Asterion, born with a facial deformity and mentally incapacitated His screams and his unfortunate capacity for accidental violence have given room to the local myth of a monster under the palace and he is kept away from prying eyes Theseus is a young man who recently discovered that his father is the King of Athens and who is sent as an unwilling tribute to Minos Theseus believes he is to be sacrificed to the monster and ends up getting involved in a plot to overthrow Minos.The story is narrated by both Theseus and Ariadne in alternating chunks of chapters but Ariadne s point of view is the extensive and well developed out of the two As She Who Will Be Goddess she is both respected and feared and lives in isolation, in expectation of the role one day she will fulfil Although Ariadne dreams about far away places and misses interacting with her friends, she is completely dedicated to the Goddess and believes in the mysteries that surround her cult When she meets Theseus, there are no flying sparks in fact , there is no romantic storyline in this book at ALL but merely an encounter with an outsider who treats her like a normal person And although the arrival of Theseus on the island is only but the beginning of life altering events, these are not, by any means, the direct result of any of his or her actions instead, their actions are part of a chain of events resulting from internal struggles and external influences in a complex combination of the political, economical and religious spheres.And this is what makes this book brilliant its plot is a thought provoking examination of religion, of belief and of cultural development of different places within the Greek empire For example, Krete is under a matriarchal sphere of power whereas Athens is under patriarchal rule and this difference is part of the impetus for Theseus to join the plot to overthrow Minos More than that though, there is also a great exploration of elements of faith and magic involved in a religion that believes that a Goddess is made human every year and what could that actually mean to those involved the author excels in providing reasonable explanations for the magical aspects of the Goddess cult without removing any of the faith from those who believe in them.The scope of this reimagining is such that it opens up a possible, realistic point of view of how real events become history to then become myth How cool is that Plus, bonus points for making Ariadne an awesome female character that is in charge of her own decisions and who has to take charge of her own life in the face of her world crumbling down Another aspect that I loved was that even though this is a reimagining, the author never shies away from the darker, gorier aspects of Greek Myths and they are present on the religious depiction of the Goddess cult.The only main quibble I have is with Theseus narrative he is at first, presented as a somewhat naive boy who tells tall tales about his adventures and who is basically used as a tool in the scheme to overthrow Minos But in his very final chapter, he has become the hero that the Athenians believe him to be As his point of view is not as extensive or in depth as Ariadne s I found it hard to see how or when he went from Point A to Point C But this is really my only real problem with the book and considering that Ariadne s story was way interesting in the first place and she is to me, the real star of this story, that didn t diminish my reading experience at all.To sum up, I found Dark of the Moon to be a surprisingly clever, insightful, engaging remaining of a well known story It is definitely one of my reading highlights of 2011 and it has put Tracy Barrett on my list of authors to watch.

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    Received from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publisher Received Via NetGalley.com The Dark of the Moon asks the question,what if the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur was one big misinterpretation Ariadne is dealing with her loneliness of being one who is destined to become a goddess Being a person people fear, she is left with only her mother and misshapen bother for company That is until a ship arrives carrying the tributes from Athens Including a prince, who doesn t seem to fear her and who could possibly become a friend or Though the princes life remains uncertain and her status as She who will be goddess is never without it s problems. Theseus is desperate to have another life After discovering some items under a rock.He takes off to seek out a father he never knew, who happens to be the King of Athens Once he arrives though instead of finding a better life, he is sent to a foreign land as a tribute Where he ll have to a face a different way of life, possibly a monstrous creature and a uncertain future The best way I can describe The Dark of the Moon is, a less dark and somewhat realistic version of the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.I have conflicted feelings about this book I did like it overall but I just felt almost underwhelmed First off I had a problem connecting with some of the characters especially Ariadne Maybe it s all the goddess stuff that I wasn t interested in Anyway Theseus was way interesting I kinda wish it was all told in his POV I couldn t wait to see what he would do next Ariadne, not so much.That wasn t my biggest problem though the differences is what I wasn t sure about I m a huge fan of the original myth and I have to admit the differences left me confused at first I also think the description is somewhat misleading so I got a way different story then I expected Fortunately I soon realized I had to separate book from Myth and finally I enjoyed the book for what it was With that said while the premise is interesting I think a retelling of such popular myth should at least have what made the original so exciting in the first place Unfortunately The Dark of the Moon lacked that in my opinion It seemed like all the exciting stuff was taken out and in it s place was a story of a non hero and goddess worship.I know I sound like I didn t like it, but I did just not as much as I thought I would of course that could be the mythology geek in me talking I also know alot of people casual mythology fans will love it Overall a good, fast paced read that I recommend to any casual mythology fan

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    Creative re telling lures readers back to ancient GreeceTracy Barrett s Dark of the Moon lures readers back to the time of ancient Greece On Krete, Ariadne has spent her whole life being trained to be she who will be Goddess Her only true companions are her mother, the current Goddess, and her malformed brother, Asterion, who is imprisoned beneath the palace due to his unintentionally violent ways When a tribute ship of slaves arrives from Athens and delivers Theseus, the son of a king, Ariadne s life becomes even complicated as death, family, and duty intertwine.DARK OF THE MOON delivered on its promise of providing a creative re telling of the Theseus myth involving Ariadne and the Minotaur Myth or not, the way in which the story was written made everything believable as having happened in history at some point Barrett was able to place the tale within the historical context of the time by bringing in fascinating information about politics, religion, and culture, and she did so in a way that kept me intrigued The author also used a very sympathetic and human approach that I appreciated to explain the characters, their actions, and how they developed into the people described in the original myths The book s consistent pacing also kept me turning pages, especially as the plot picked up in the second half.However, as with any re telling, parts of the story were very predictable, even if the paths to certain outcomes were changed Because of this, it was sometimes difficult to feel excited about reading forward because I felt like I knew what would happen next The writing also came off as burdensome sometimes, especially the switch from Ariadne s chapters being told in past tense to Theseus s being told in the present tense The related jumps in time throughout the story were off putting as well With much less romance than the original tale and some heavy violence and implied sexuality, this book will likely appeal to a smaller niche market of older teens who like mythology and who can handle the gory descriptions of violence.Overall, Barrett provides a creative and very human twist on the tale of Theseus and the Minotaur, but it s likely not enough to appeal to a large audience I ll be interested to see what Barrett writes next, though I won t necessarily be rushing out to pick it up.Note This review refers to an advance review copy.

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    An interesting, yet slightly confusing take on this myth I both enjoyed it and also got bogged down in trying to understand all of it I would give it a try if you enjoy mythology retellings though and I do plan to read by this author some day.

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    The myth of the minotaur has never been told like this In fact, most of the mythological characters and creatures that show up in Dark of the Moon are turned on their head, their heroic deeds or misdeeds twisted into human feats and explained Filled with vivid descriptions of the setting and a rich and thriving new culture, Dark of the Moon is equal parts horrifying and beautiful.Switching narrators from Ariadne to Theseus, the reader gets to see how fate conspired to make their paths cross Ariadne is a goddess in training, someone that is both revered and feared by her people Mostly, she s just lonely, being tossed around from training and studying with no friend to confide in Her love for her mother and brother, the minotaur, is both beautiful and endearing Theseus s path is a little less than I was expecting For some reason, I had it in my head that he d be a noble prince and he really wasn t much than a scorned boy looking to impress his father While this was okay, he was a very inactive character merely letting things happen to him and reacting instead of acting himself I liked the contrast between him and Ariadne who tried to act on important issues before it was too late.The culture of Dark of the Moon is rich, vivid and very gruesome We re talking birthing scenes, human and animal sacrifice, drugs and violence I have to admit that I was horrified half of the time at what these characters were going to face but I couldn t stop reading to find out about what the society was going to do next I liked the differences between Ariadne s land and Theseus home They both remark that the other is a barbarian than once which is fascinating since they both have what we d concern barbaric customs now There is a really interesting point in the novel where Theseus talks about his stepmother, the queen, Medea and how hated she is for killing her children to which Ariadne remarks that she is revered in her him I loved that contrast of views as it really marks the fundamental differences of their cultures.Another shining aspect of this novel was the beautiful descriptive writing I m not much in to loads and loads of scenery description but the passages about the palace where absolutely amazing I could close my eyes and see it all from the detailed murals on the wall to the dank cellar where Ariadne s brother was locked up for his own good The minotaur mythology was also unique that is to say that the minotaur is really a misshapen man child who doesn t know his own strength.While there was a lot of really good things about this story, it did feel a bit long in the middle, particularly in Theseus s beginning chapters I felt myself wishing that the plot would show itself a lot early than it did I also felt a bit let down about how the story ended, mostly because I was expecting something a little bigger The book just felt easy to put down for me and was missing that spark Maybe it was just a bit quieter than I was expecting.Dark of the Moon utilizes it s rich world building and barbarically fascinating culture to the fullest to craft a new take on the minotaur myth While the novel drags a bit in the middle, the re telling and humanizing of the mythological creatures and characters is definitely creative I might not venture through a maze for this one but if you happen to see it and are in to historical fantastical re tellings, go for it

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    Ariadne is She Who Will Be Goddess Because of this, she can t talk to other girls her age or ever lead a normal life Her day is filled with memorizing various rituals and constant lessons on how to be a priestess Her only true friend is Asterion, her brother, who lives underneath the palace away from everyone else That is, until Theseus arrives Theseus is the son of the king of Athens, and he s different from anyone Ariadne s ever met They soon become friends, and could maybe even turn into , but there s one small problem Theseus has been sent to kill the legendary Minotaur, the monster that lies at the center of a twisted labyrinth The Minotaurus is Ariadne s brother.I was SO disappointed by this book It had the most perfect set up, the PERFECT plot, the most epic romance adventure ideaand then the author absolutely ruined it Sigh SIIIIIIIIIIIGH.The good 1 The idea behind it I read a LOT of paranormal romance I read a LOT of fairy tales and folk tales and legends and myths and I love them all But I d never read anything about the Minotaur before I was SO excited about it and the romantic twist Ahhhh AMAZING Surely this would turn into an epic stand alone novel that I would have to run and purchase in hardcover after I was done But alas, it was not to be 2 The main character s name Ariadne I think that s the prettiest name in the world Second to Evana 3 Theseus POV Ariadne s POV is written in tiresome old english , but Theseus talked like today s typical teenager While this was slightly odd, I thought it was absolutely hilarious He had a very witty voice and I enjoyed reading his parts I also enjoyed the author s take on Theseus He s not an amazing hero, but really, just a kid who s gotten lucky and lied a lot hahaha And now, for the bad 1 Way too much backstory The vast majority of the book was spent explaining things and talking about what had taken place in the past I didn t really care to know but I had to read through it to get ahead 2 The focus on religion rituals While the Moon Goddess was surely important since Ariadne is one of her priestesses the excessive detail that went into talking about each step of the ritual was downright boring I wondered why we were spending SO much time on it and not any time on the actual fight between Theseus and the Minotaur and WHERE WAS THE ROMANCE.3 Not enough romance Actually, there was basically no romance whatsoever 4 Being misled I hate how books are advertised as one thing but then turn out to be another thing entirely Rather than being the tale of the Minotaur with a twist, this book was 80% Moon Goddess, 10% what happened in the past and 10% hurriedly slapped together ending because we have to cut it off somewhere It disappointed me on several levels and introduced numerous secrets at the beginning that I was anticipating would reveal something mind blowing Each of the secrets turned out to be horribly anti climatic Glad I didn t buy it

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    There s nothing I love better than retelling old myths and fairy tales, guys I think you know this by now And there s nothing I love MORE than when it s done right.The idea of Ariadne as the daughter of Minos and a priestess also known here as Goddess to be is a really fascinating spin on the old tale, along with Minotauros as her brother having to be kept underground because he s developmentally delayed a dangerous to others is controversial to be sure, but it all works really well This version relies on Crete s version of the tale for source material with Ariadne as the first goddess of Crete , which is refreshing I didn t know that there had been so many interpretations outside of Greece at the same time the original tale was being spun, so my hat is off to Barrett for doing her research on this one.And then there s this conflict between Ariadne s love for her brother versus her romantically falling for Theseus, which also compromises her position as the next Goddess to be The old tales never actually talk about how old Ariadne is when she leads Theseus with her thread through the labyrinth, so her being a teenage girl actually makes perfect sense Her love for her brother competing with what could be called her lust for Theseus, along with the mystic white ball of yarn that should never be unwound as given to her mother s line in the family is all tangled pardon the pun together but it s woven together so masterfully, it left me in awe of this new author and her skills.The main theme here is the age old debate of blood versus water in terms of love who is important Who would you sacrifice everything for It seems that Barrett s interpretation s answer is both Ariadne risks everything loving her brother before Theseus comes into the picture, and she risks everything helping Theseus against her brother after he becomes a Tribute for her father This interpretation makes the old tale very accessable to the modern reader, and realistic and tangible as well Reading this, I really did feel as if I were in Ariadne s place, and the constant questioning of her loyalties to everyone her mother, her brother, Theseus, and herself is the essence of adolescence, so I think that YA readers will relate very well even with the magical reality elements to the story I know I did The agony she feels as she s being pulled in all directions by her responsibilities and her own wishes will reminded me of my own teen years, even if my own responsibilities and wishes were completely different than hers.If you want something that s empowering to the YA age girl in your life or in yourself , have them read this book It s reminds us that all girls are goddessess, and all goddesses, in the end, are girls crossposted to librarything, shelfari, and witchoftheatregoing.wordpress.com

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    After reading the above summary, I couldn t wait to read this book The potential for twists and turns bubbles on the surface of the story, and I wasn t disappointed It s rife with conflict from beginning to end, the pacing is spot on, and the characters so absorbing that I could not put this book down This is the perfect example of taking a well known tale and turning it into something new, while still remaining true to the original roots It s clear the author knew the myth inside and out, as well as the religious practices at that time She took the time period surrounding that myth and turned it into a plausible what if it actually happened like this scenario Brilliant.I really liked the characters, too Ariadne is both an historical figure and a typical teen trying to figure out who she really is She doesn t completely fit it, the way most teens feel, and finds solace where she can Theseus isn t quite as compelling, but he s still interesting and sympathetic nonetheless His reactions to Krete s religious practices are believable and fitting The explanation of the minotaur also fit, especially when you take the time period and ancient customs into account I was completely caught up in their stories.The only thing that gave me pause was the way in which it was told We hear from both Ariadne and Theseus, which is fine, but the timelines don t match I would have preferred to see their stories unfold closer together For example, we first get several chapters of Ariadne and how she meets Theseus, and then we jump back to months before Theseus is sent to Krete That jarred me a bit, but I was able to get over and it read on with little impact on my enjoyment of the story Even though I knew the way the story would end, it still kept me on the edge of my seat I especially liked how the author addressed the poetic vs realistic slant on the way the story was passed down through the generations It gives us lots of interesting things to think about.If you want to read a myth that has been turned completely on its side, this is the story for you If you re looking for an exact rehash of Theseus and the Minotaur, then you should look elsewhere.

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    Everything thinks they ve heard the Greek myth of Theseus, Ariadne, the Minotaur and the labyrinth At least, until you ve read Dark of the Moon In this unique historical novel, author Tracy Barrett explores an alternative take on the myth, centered on a young Ariadne who s trying to accept her destiny as the future physical presence of the Goddess her people worships.As She Who Would Be Goddess, Ariadne has led an isolated life on the island of Krete, training much of her life as a priestess, future leader of the island and one day goddess It s a life she s never wanted, and even with her mother and brother around, it s not quite right Then one day, a ship from Athens appears led by a man named Theseus, but instead of handing over the traditional sacrifice of Athenian youths, Theseus has come to slay the fable Minotaur Not only is Theseus fascinating to Ariadne, but he offers the one thing she wants most a way out.For me, it s hard to go wrong with something like this I mean, Greek mythology re telling with a twist, especially exploring Ariadne, a young woman who has depicted as a somewhat bitter victim of Theseus selfishness and with little else in her but revenge Author Tracy Barrett takes a completely different approach, painting Ariadne as something of a prisoner in her own home, and not much a love interest of Theseus, but a friend.Though Dark of the Moon is a quick, easy read, it s compelling and fast paced Barrett is a lovely writer, and does an excellent job of evoking the mysticism of the time and the mystery of the era And a completely fresh take on Ariadne and how Theseus never wronged her.

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