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The Beginning of After summary The Beginning of After, series The Beginning of After, book The Beginning of After, pdf The Beginning of After, The Beginning of After 2ac7ec6d04 Anyone Who S Had Something Truly Crappy Happen To Them Will Tell You It S All About Before And After What I M Talking About Here Is The Ka Pow, Shake You To Your Core And Turn Your Bones To Plastic Kind Of CrappySixteen Year Old Laurel S World Changes Instantly When Her Parents And Brother Are Killed In A Terrible Car Accident Behind The Wheel Is The Father Of Her Bad Boy Neighbor, David Kaufman, Whose Mother Is Also Killed In The Aftermath Of The Tragedy, Laurel Navigates A New Reality In Which She And Her Best Friend Grow Apart, Boys May Or May Not Be Approaching Her Out Of Pity, Overpowering Memories Lurk Everywhere, And Mr Kaufman Is Comatose But Still Very Much Alive Through It All There Is David, Who Swoops In And Out Of Laurel S Life And To Whom She Finds Herself Attracted Against Her Better Judgment She Will Forever Be Connected To Him By Their Mutual Loss A Connection That Will Change Them Both In Unexpected WaysJennifer Castle S Debut Novel Is A Heart Wrenching, Surprisingly Witty Testament To How Drastically Life Can Change In The Span Of A Single Moment

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    This isn t a bad book, although it s not really a very deep one, and its hook a girl embracing life after her family s death may really be its greatest weakness It actually took awhile for there to be any discussion about Laurel s grief or lack of it at all, to the point that I was thinking This IS supposed to be the main point of this book, right Here are a few things you might want to know about The Beginning of After 1 The book cover is pretty.2 It means well.3 But contrary to what you might expect, this book is not really about grief at all We are barely introduced to Laurel, her parents, her brother, and the Kaufmans when they are all killed aside from Laurel 12 pages into the book.4 This book is about dating And if the guy who asked you to prom only did it because he feels sorry for you view spoiler Huh Do you know boys who do that hide spoiler

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    This review may also be found on A Thousand Little Pages.Nothing Happened.Yes, you read it right nothing happened in the entire 400 novel Oh, mundane events occurred, all right Laurel went to school She went to her therapist She cried on her bed She got a job at the animal shelter But nothing of significance appeared on the horizon The novel was a gigantic blob of nothingness I don t know about you, but when I pick up a piece of fiction, I expect to be dazzled or touched or experience some sort of change in the way I view the world If I really wanted to bore myself with blobs of nothingness, I would pick up my Physics textbook instead.I do realize that 1 star ratings are quite harsh since an entire team of people dedicated time and money on this piece of writing, only to have it hated on by a reviewer they kindly provided an ARC to But hey, we have standards, and any book I think was a waste of time to read receives only 1 star.OK, since Laurel s parents and brother pass away in a car accident near the beginning, you would expect the novel to be about healing and dealing with grief But no, Laurel basically mopes around for a while and then dives into an entire vat of boy drama Would you be worrying about boys when your entire family has just passed away Sending flirty emails to your next door neighbor, whose mother also died in the same car accident No No, you wouldn t.While the characters themselves don t get on my nerves, their interactions are quite infuriating, with Laurel and David being the prime example here It is understandable that both would be unstable after the deaths of their families and that seeking solace with someone who knows what you re going through helps with the pain But the romance between these two I mean, really Laurel obviously pines after David for a good part of the novel, and David isn t even around half the time But then one day, the author decided to wave her magic wand and poof, they re a happy couple Not every single YA novel needs romance, you know I understand how others might have been moved by The Beginning of After, but this novel was not for me.Book Source ARC from HarperCollins via NetGalley

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    In all fairness, this probably deserves to be rounded up to 3, but I was so disappointed I just can t bring myself to do it The Beginning of After tells the story of Laurel, and the way her life changes after her parents and younger brother are killed in a car accident during her junior year of high school I expected an intensely emotional read, one of grief and sorrow and healing, however what I got was mostly a story about boys and prom dates While Laurel s grief was poignant and well done in some instances, mostly I felt as though the author was ticking off check boxes every few chapters, making sure she hit every stage in the Kublar Ross model It felt a little obvious and heavy handed, however I don t think it would have been a detriment to the book entirely had the author not also clouded the story with unnecessary and cliched love interest nonsense If you re seventeen years old and life as you have known it has been obliterated, is prom of all things going to be on your radar I understand the need to grapple for normalcy when everything else in life is out of your control, but the shift in tone from not being able to get out of bed to dress shopping and making out and of course trying to decide between two boys was too much It made Laurel seem shallow and turned the book into your typical YA fare with a little death thrown in for a new spin Overall, The Beginning of After missed the mark for me.

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    Desgarrador, despu s de perder todo, Que m s puede motivarte en el mundo S lo queda dolor, resentimiento, uff, fue un libro que me hizo sentir como estar arriba de una monta a rusa, comprend a la ira de Laurel por David, l todav a ten a a su pap con vida en coma, pero vivo , mientras ella lo perdi todo,desde su familia hasta sus amigos, no conf a en nadie, y entonces aparece David, l tmb perdi a parte de su familia y ahora comienza a sentirse atra do por la chica que tiene prohibido sentir algo Las cosas pueden ponerse peor Sip, fue desgarrador, pero lindo Volver a amar, a creer, y seguir adelante.Hubo momentos en los cuales tanto hablar de dolor o resentimiento se me torn aburrido, pero fueron pocos momentos.Un libro que te hace valorar las personas a tu alrededor.Un camino largo, un an lisis sobre c mo te sientes, aceptaci n, buscar la felicidad y perdonar.El nico pero que le encontr , fue que sent el libro demasiado corto Mi cita favorita Entonces, me record a mi misma lo que l me hab a arrebatado una encantadora noche, un dulce primer beso, un recuerdo al cual aferrarme Y eso trajo una ola de furia.

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    By page 50 I was like this image error

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    Hopeful, beautifully written, and nothing short of spectacular, The Beginning of After wraps the reader in for a long and amazing journey full of laughs and tears and smiles as Laurel and David make their trip to the after from the beginning I simply could not have asked for a better contemporary read and I am sure many will agree They say everything can change in one quick second, but Laurel never realized this until that fateful day when everything fell apart Before that day, Laurel was the average girl smart, shy, and pleasant She had a picture perfect family life, a best friend who she could count on, and the promise of an amazing future However, everything changes when a police offer arrives at the front door bringing with him sad news Laurel s parents and brothers have been involved in a car accident and are now dead Filled with grief and anger, Laurel does not know what to do, or who to blame Should it her neighbor Mr Kaufman because he drove the car, or should it be herself for not being there to save the day Either way, Laurel does know one thing she should not be feeling strange and new things for David, the local bad boy and Mr Kaufman s son Nevertheless, she cannot stop herself, because with David she can relate He understands where she is coming from, and best of all, he is not tiptoeing around her like everyone else is Though, are they meant to be, or this one big mess in the making Moreover, will she ever be able to move on Only time and pages can tell in this fantastic story of grief, loss, and moving on.To begin with, I loved the characters in this, especially Laurel and David Charming and sweet, Laurel was relatable and likable from the start There wasn t a moment where I wasn t cheering her on from the sidelines However, what I liked best about her was the fact that I feel anyone would be able to resonate with her feelings over death and loss David, on the other hand, was the perfect example of the bad boy Misunderstood yet charismatic in his own right, David was the type of boy a reader cannot help but love I particularly adored his relationship with Laurel, not only because of the way it was developed slowly finally a YA relationship that takes time to develop , but it was based on so much than just attraction, instead feelings and actions played a big role, and I loved that The side characters in this were also a breath of fresh air, as each one had their own distinctive personality that added an extra flavor to the story.Moving on, while The Beginning of After basic premise is the basic death clich , Jennifer Castle fully brought it alive once again and made it her own From the plot lines, to the characters, and finally the writing, each played such a huge part in making this story simply fantastic I particularly enjoyed seeing Laurel deal with day to day life such as her volunteer work and school because they added layers and charm Best of all, I loved that The Beginning of After was so much than just a death book, instead it was about moving on and coming to peace with the past while keeping part of it close.As mentioned before, Castle s writing was also fabulous She truly knows how to write an emotional read, which makes me truly think she s going to be the next big gem in YA So, pick up some tissues and prepare for a long night, as Jennifer Castle s spectacular debut is one you will not be able to put down once you start, not even for a second Grade A

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    Laurel is a typical teenager living a typical life She has a mum.She has a dad.She even has a little brother She goes to school She has a best friend, Meg.She gets straight As.She does everything right.One evening, when Laurel s family and the Kaufman family are having a dinner, Laurel does what she normally does Sits Eats Smiles politely whilst trying to avoid the eye of David Kaufman, her childhood friend who s probably forgotten all their history together and is far interested in his gangster friends than her Teasing her brother It is on this evening that Laurel makes a life changing decision She tells her mother she wants to study and is going home early Alone David decides to leave too As Laurel leaves, she waves to her family as they pile into a car with the Kaufmans to go out for icecream That was the last time she ever saw them.An accident A decision Time slipping through her fingers Laurel s world comes tumbling down when she learns of the death of her family, and the heart wrenching truth about Before, Now and After How it takes one thing to turn your life into a Before Before the dinner Before the hug Before the smile Before the wave goodbye Before she walked away All there is is Now An endless Now that stretches out too far for a teenager like her to see Sorrow fills every part of Laurel as she tries to face a world without what she used to take for granted Love Togetherness Family Laurel learns how everyone grieves in their own way And she finds herself torn on the subject of David Kaufman, whose father the only survivor lies in a coma he may never awake from David s father could be the reason Laurel s an orphan But David could be the reason Laurel finds the strength to take her future into her own hands.I personally loved the writing style it was descriptive, quirky and from the heart True, it lacked poetic finesse, but this wasn t what the story was about It was about loss Rawness Truth How sometimes our own thoughts can be so simple and average that they tear us apartwe long to FEEL something but in order to do that we have to let the floodgates down I really think you need to have experienced some kind of loss to understand this book on a deeper level.Sad, lingering and aching with loss and yet with a bittersweet touch of first love, The Beginning of After takes you by the hand and shows to you like never before the cycle of human existence, how fleeting true happiness is but that we have the ability to make it last, and to hold it forever in our hearts.

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    Realmente odi hacerme ilusiones con un libro con el cu l pens que iba a conectar pero se torn pesad simoEn The Beginning of After nos encontramos con una historia que quiere lograr tocarnos el coraz n pero no llega a lograrlo.Como cuenta la sinopsis,la historia gira en torno a Laurel, una chica de 16 a os que acaba de perder a toda su familia Sus padres y su hermano mueren por causa de un accidente automovil stico en el cu l tambi n estaban presentes sus vecinos, los Kaufman En ese accidente no solo mueren su familia sino tambi n la se ora Kaufman y de milagro el Sr Kaufman queda en coma Para complicar las cosas, Laurel se siente atra da por David, el hijo de los Kaufman quien,cuando eran peque os, era su mejor amigo A medida que se desarrolla la historia se vuelve m s y m s pesada, obviamente todo se trata del mundo de Laurel as que s , las 432 p ginas de este libro tenemos que escuchar los conflictos de esta peque a chica.El libro est narrado en 1 persona por nuestra triste protagonista Los pensamientos que tiene son molestos y encontr que no es una persona agradable,es decir, s que si se te mueren todos tus familiares est s en luto pero ellaestaba ausente y era desagradable No quer a olvidar a su familia pero al instante dec a Basta Ellos ya no est n as que sigue con lo tuyo y vete a comprar ropa as est s bonita Lo peor de todo es que descuida a todos alrededor Pretend a crear otra identidad,estar d nde no la conociera peroAjjj me molestaba tanto, que no sent una conexi n real con ella Empezaba a simpatizarme cuando recordaba ciertas acciones con su familia pero ya reventaba la burbuja con alg n detalle molesto sobre su nueva vida.Los personajes no lograron gustarme, salvo la abuela de Laurel, quiz s ella era lo m s real Bueno, se habr n dado cuenta de mi poca simpat a hacia nuestra protagonista Laurel pero vamos a tratar de explicarla un poquito Quiz s es tan molesta en todo el libro para que en el final nos demos cuenta de Oigan, Laurel al fin decidi seguir con su vida pero teniendo en cuenta a su familia Pero ya era demasiado tarde cuando comenz a gustarme No lo s , ten a 16 a os casi 17 a os pero parec a de 12 Realmente no hab a dado su primer beso a n No lo entiendo, nadie habla de relaciones sexualespero UN BESO Joder UN BESO A veces la notaba algo ego sta sabiendo que hab a gente queri ndola ayudar y ella no mostraba nada a cambio no hablo de la gente que antes no estaba para ella, hablo de su familia la gente que de verdad importa.David Un personaje que no me cayo ni bien ni mal, estuvo ah Sin dudas es un personaje importante ya que cuando est alrededor de Laurel se convierte en otra persona peroestuvo ausente casi el 80% del libro Est en constante conflicto ya que Laurel lo culpa de que por culpa de su padre,su familia est muerta Si tengo que darle puntos es por lo bien que trataba a su perroMasher, era muy tierno con l A n as no llegamos a conectar tampoco con l ya que lo conocemos muy poco Aparec a y desaparec aEl romance va si se puede decir que hubo romance realmente no me gust No me gust sobretodo porque entra en juego un personaje que realmente me agrad S que la idea es mostrar que eran dos tipos de chico diferente perono hab a necesidad de que se formara este tri ngulo NO amoroso ya que no sab s realmente si hab a sentimientos de por medio Simplemente se volvi un libro en el que el dolor se dej a un lado y lo importante era ver con qui n deb a tener una cita.The Beginning of After es un libro que trata de construir una historia tr gica errando por completo La historia es lenta, se torna pesada y dif cil de conectar Es una rese a muy cr tica pero realmente ten a esperanzas con este libro y me mostr que me equivoqu a lo grande.

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    I m not really sure how to review this book I read it a couple of weeks ago, and I ve forgotten a lot of the things that happened, so I don t think that s a very glowing recommendation It definitely didn t stay with me, but I do remember it wasn t terrible The writing is pretty good, the characters are actually fairly unique and all have their own issues The pacing just seemed to drag, and I felt like there was a lot in there that just didn t need to be there Laurel s entire family is killed in a car accident at the beginning of the book, and though we travel with her through the grieving process, not once did I even feel the beginning of tears I simply didn t care The writing is not emotional at all, and that s a bit of a killer when you re trying to write a story that requires emotional depth It all felt kind of wooden Like a textbook Laurel annoyed me with all of her wallowing, and I wanted to like David, but found I never really got to know David since he s hardly ever in the story Jennifer Castle has potential, but if she s going to craft stories around severe emotional upheavals, she needs to learn how to write emotions.

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    It pains me to say this, but The Beginning of After disappointed me It had me by the heartstrings through most of the story, but Jennifer Castle eventually just broke my heart.That said and out there, I will still recommend this book There were a few hard and rare topics and feelings brought into this story of loss and grief which are typically not found in YA fiction Castle talks about the different ways people grief, selfishness in the process, and actually using the loss and grief to one s advantage In our world, we don t know what to say or do for someone in pain after losing a loved one So we give her a dress for 50% off or a pass on school work Sad and a little disgusting, but we don t know any other way of expressing our sympathy These are strong, positive points that need and should be discussed, but these same strengths also make it very difficult to like the characters.And I really wanted to like Laurel and David Whenever they were together it felt right Some of their conversations were electric, but too few and far between At first, this was a strength for their story I actually found myself longing to see them talk or be together, but when they finally did see each other their time was abrupt and cut short with such force that it crushed their romance for me.When Laurel began making decisions around her feelings for David, I kept wondering why I felt like I still didn t really know David at that point Hell, we knew about David s dog than we did about him I understand David s way of grieving was going being gone , but for a romance to build we needed I wanted to root for Laurel and David, but the fragmented bits of time together made it so hard to make room for them in my heart.This is a challenging story to tell A story that tried to include overwhelming pain, suffering, selfishness one feels during grieving, accusations of selfishness or it being all about you , and the different ways of trying to cope by running or staying and then tried to throw in a romance It was a huge, ambitious mountain to climb, but Jennifer Castle did not quite get there My heart did break, but with disappointment.

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