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    Isle of Night is the first in a new young adult paranormal series, THE WATCHERS Author Veronica Wolff attempts to combine several hot fiction trends into Isle of Night vampires, boarding school, catty mean girls, and a scenario in which teens are forced to fight to the death.Annelise Drew, who goes by her last name, is looking forward to escaping her abusive home life and going to college When she gets to school, though, an issue has arisen with her high school credits and she s unable to enroll Drew is unsure what to do next In swoops hunky Ronan, who convinces her to leave the country with him He s recruiting for a very different kind of school Located on a remote island north of Scotland, it trains young women to become Watchers, which might be described as secretaries slash bodyguards for vampires.The trouble begins with Drew herself Her genius level IQ is frequently mentioned, but her intelligence is rarely on display One of the first things we see her do is get into a car, and later onto a plane, with a suspicious acting man she has just met We learn later that there s some mind mojo going on, so this isn t as dumb as it looks, but it does form our first impression of Drew and the rest of the book does little to dispel it Her typical reaction to a problem is to whine about it, and then usually someone else solves it for her or prods her into finally taking action She also has a bad case of when am I going to use this in real life regarding her classwork, even when the practical applications of it are obvious For example, though I concede that she genuinely has a fear of the water, she also doesn t seem to understand why learning to swim might be useful to her She s on an island, and it would seem obvious that one of her enemies might cause her to fall in the ocean or that she might need this knowledge to escape As it turns out, she falls in a hot spring pool instead, but it s the same basic idea She has a mean streak, too Sometimes this can help a character by keeping him or her from becoming too Generically Nice, but in Drew s case it s irritating because she complains about the same behaviors in others.The premise itself is another issue It s incredibly sexist All vampires are men all Watchers are women So, men have power and women compete to the death for the chance to serve them As for the details of the school can I even say this in a YA review it feels like a set up for dark erotica, for something like Story of O We ve got beautiful young girls taken to an isolated school, where they re trained to serve men and bullied by catsuit wearing, whip wielding older girls Except it is YA, and so there s no erotic content there s violence instead Of course, a sexist set up does not necessarily a sexist novel make many a great work of feminist literature depicts a misogynistic society and then critiques it Isle of Night doesn t examine its sexism very seriously, though Drew grumbles about the scenario, but it comes across as annoyance rather than outrage She continues to lust after several of the men responsible for her predicament, and thinks they ve given her a chance to blossom as a woman, and it doesn t read like it s meant to be Stockholm syndrome.Wolff s structuring of the novel doesn t help She frequently skips over scenes that would be interesting and tells us about them after the fact, while lingering in scenes that are less important For example, Drew is made to take swimming lessons at Watcher school, and we see her panicking in anticipation of her first dip Then we jump to several weeks later, when it s already happened I would have liked to see that first encounter with her fear This sort of thing happens several other times, too Wolff will build up tension for something and then tell us about it in retrospect.The excitement does pick up toward the end of the book, when Drew and some of her classmates enter a deadly combat tournament Again we see too much of it in retrospect, though, and there s an aspect of the fighting venue that seemed improbable to me The real problem with the tournament, though, is that it exposes just how batpoo crazy Drew s greatest rival is It makes it improbable that this person would not have killed her already They re in a setting where no one will blink an eye if Drew accidentally dies one night everyone has access to deadly weapons and this enemy has had literally hundreds of chances to do Drew in If this character hates Drew that much and is that maniacal, why is Drew still alive The only answer is that the enemy isn t very bright either.If you want to read about teenagers trying to kill each other, I recommend Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games instead There are better vampire novels out there too, and better mean girls at boarding school novels I do not recommend Isle of Night.

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    Originally Reviewed on The Book Smugglers Drew is a certified genius, and a girl desperate to escape her dead end hometown of Christmas, Florida, her abusive father, evil stepmother, and decidedly mediocre classmates So, Drew is thrilled when she is able to graduate from high school early with a full scholarship to the University of Florida, and she gleefully leaves Christmas miles behind her When she gets to UF and tries to check in to her shiny new future, however, she realizes that thanks to a bureaucratic mix up and change of high school policy, Drew hasn t actually graduated yet and cannot attend classes until the fall of the next year With nowhere to turn, Drew is crushed and desperate but then the quiet, hot guy at the registrar comes over to talk to her and offers her the chance of a lifetime In addition to being devastatingly handsome and bearing a Proust tattoo which girl genius Drew finds unbearably hot , Ronan is a recruiter for a very special school for special girls girls just like Annelise All she has to do is get on his private plane and leave everything from her old life behind and leave she does, for a remote island in the far north sea Eyja naeturinnar, or the Isle of Night.Soon, Annelise discovers that her new home is anything but the nurturing budding genius environment she pictured Here, she is one of many beautiful, gifted girls who are training to become Watchers protectors of their male vampire masters and failing to pass a test means death.I wanted to like Isle of Night I really did I wanted to find a reason to like Drew, or care about any of the characters in this novel Unfortunately, it was not meant to be As it is, Isle of Night is a painful exercise in poor characterizations, stunted writing, and willful, unchecked misogyny.Let s start with the characters Annelise Drew is a certified and self proclaimed genius In fact, she s such a genius that she repeats this over and over and over again over the course of the novel The problem with this genius is she makes a ton of ridiculously idiotic decisions Getting on a jet with a guy she s just met, regardless of how hot he is, is not a good decision When she learns about her new school, the existence of vampires, and how she was basically hypnotized tricked into going to a remote island away from civilization and help, she blithely, passively goes along with the program, even killing her classmates without any moral dilemma or reflection When she s almost killed by a vampire on campus and later gets a good look at how HOT he is, instead of fear she is entranced desperately desires him This is not smart behavior For all that she says she has a high IQ and is a supposed genius with crazy book smarts, she never actually shows any intelligence, even in the classroom There s one passage where she talks about how awesome cartesian coordinates are like that is some crazy intelligent concept when in reality is probably on par with a middle school level of basic math.Plus, there s also her lovely self depricating descriptions of her appearance Drew moans about how she s not the pretty because and I quote My big eyes annoyed me I thought they made me look like a bug Between that and my wide mouth, I was fairly certain I resembled some sort of a backward fairty tale frog that had yet to turn into a princess And then there was my hair long and blondeAh, the terrible life of a slim blonde with big eyes and a wide mouth The problem with Annelise is that she is simply annoying managing to be both conceited and a whiny, insecure wet blanket at the same time She willfully goes along with the entire misogynistic ideals of her school without even the slightest introspection Which brings me to the the real problem with Isle of Night the rampant, unchecked sexism throughout These beautiful, damaged girls are swooped up by hot dudes called Tracers and whisked away to a remote island, told they have been selected because of their beauty and talents, and then told that they will fight to the death for the honor of becoming Watchers I am still unclear as to why Vampires need Watchers since Vampires can walk around during the day and are supernaturally strong and powerful , but the girls eat it up with not even a moment s pause to consider the fact that they have been deceived, cut off from the rest of the world, and forced to kill each other, all for the dubious honor of being a hot vampire dude s companion bodyguard whatever Watchers actually are Oh, yeah, and there are no female vampires because to be Vampire is a man s destiny to be Watcher is a woman s fortune And to this statement from the Vampire Headmaster, all the women in the school are mindlessly compliant.Allow me to illustrate further with a different example There s the following exchange between Drew and master Vampire Alcantara which occurs late in the book I m just confused I mean, surely there are other girls in the world who know a thing or two about math None such as you He canted his head, and his attentions made me intensely uncomfortable You are the full package, as they say I ve suffered centuries of dim witted beauties Or girls with looks so repellent as to negate minds that shone like diamonds I seek strength, too, and yet have had my fill of s whose brawn lacks loveliness and grace I stared dumbly What was I supposed to say to this little revelation Thanks You re smart and cute, too The scene continues with Drew basically seduced by the vampire, wanting to kiss him, blah blah blah THIS is my problem with the book The entire Watcher Vampire system is ridiculously misogynistic that s fine, there are tons of systems and realities out there that are misogynistic This could have been an awesome critique of sexism, with female characters forced into this system but finding a way to band together or even just recognizing that their forced servitude is wrong The problem is that no one, not even our supposed genius Annelise, say a damn thing about this effed up school and lifestyle When Alcantara makes these disgusting statements about repellent women Watchers, Annelise doesn t think anything of it When she s introduced to all the other girls in the school and told they will not be vampires because that is for men only, but they will be giving up their lives in some bogus cause they didn t even choose, no one thinks anything is wrong with the situation It is this mindless acceptance that I cannot look beyond NO I don t care how hot these guys are, there is something seriously wrong with a book that glorifies in teenage beauties literally killing each other for the approval and desire of hot vampire dudes.There are other offenses, such as dialogue not making sense with the action a huge pet peeve of mine and generally subpar writing But why say any Isle of Night simply was not the book for me She even dubs her bitchy roommate von Slutling because she s beautiful and has a fantastic body ergo, she must be a slut Take, for example, one supposedly nasty joke about Annelise s throwing stars, or shuriken Listen to you, freak Shur i ken sure ya can sure ya can t This is meant to be a putdown.

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    Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyI have a self imposed rule with books I give them fifty pages to win me over If I m not intrigued by then, I tend to move on I ve never been so glad to have that rule than I am after finishing and loving ISLE OF NIGHT by Veronica Wolff because the first fifty pages did not entice me at all But, and this is a big but, from then on, the rest of the book became one of the most dangerous, romantic, and exciting paranormal YA titles I ve read all year.Right out of the gate, ISLE OF NIGHT tripped and fell flat on its face and stayed down for the first fifty pages Annelise, a brilliant victim of domestic abuse, did not endear me to her initially She was supposed to be witty and sarcastic, but instead struck me as petulant and desperate Her home life also came across as trite and insincere despite the sad circumstances I didn t feel sorry for her, and I should have Especially when a handsome stranger sweet talked her first into his car, then onto his plane with promises of a new future But Once Annalise and her tall, dark, and criminally handsome escort reached the Isle of Night, everything changed Suddenly Annalise was witty and sarcastic The references to her past abuse did arouse my sympathy, as did the situation she found herself in a kill or be killed scenario with a secret academy of gifted girls all competing whether they wanted to or not for the chance to become Watchers, the deadly yet beautiful assistants of vampires The school is seriously scary and girls are killed on a regular basis for breaking rules, failing to pass tests, or the whim of the vampire headmaster.Mixing elements from Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Mean Girls, ISLE OF NIGHT may have problems at the start, but the rest of the book is about as good as paranormal YA gets There are vicious girls, mysterious guys, scary and seductive vampires, and a school where prowess with a blade is just as prized as elegance in a ballroom The complete 180 this book took still has me dizzy, and if it weren t for those first fifty pages, I d probably be giving ISLE OF NIGHT a 5 5 bat rating As it is, I m buzzing with anticipation for the next book in The Watchers series, VAMPIRE S KISS, which will be published on March 6, 2011.Sexual Content N A

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    People have been saying this book is Vampire Academy Meets Hunger Games lemme chime in this is NOT a gross exaggeration.The heroine, Annelise is smart, quick on her feet, and sarcastic, the best friend you ve always wantedto kill and bury in your backyard so you can assume her identity.Sucktastic things happen to Annelise as she gets drawn to the Isle of Night but events feel real and grounded even when they involve vampires and not gratuitous or contrived Once you join her on the journey, there s no stopping the page turning orpage downing if you read an electronic copy Best of all, the novel delivers on its premise.Stick of a bunch of tough girls hellbent on survival on an island run by vampires and make them survive to the death Somebody better die And somebody better be doing some killing Isle of Night does all it sets out to do without pulling punches or giving its characters an easy way out ahemWithersorrybut seriouslydeliver on a damn premise, ok.I also saw there s a book trailer up which is pretty badasshttp www.youtube.com user veronicaw this review is based on an early copy

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    When Annelise meets dark and seductive Ronan, he promises her a new life if she has the courage to chance the unknown Now, she s whisked away to a mysterious island and pitted against other female recruits to become a Watcher girls who are partnered with vampires and assist them in their missions To survive and become a Watcher, Annelise has to beat out every other girl, but she s determined to do so, because to fail doesn t mean dishonor it means deathThis book was very enjoyable but it did take me a lot of effort to get into The story was very complex so I had to put some time into understanding it which is cool but not if you re looking for a quick easy read.CHARACTERS Drew was a very different character than I m used to She was very different and complex but I think that added to the story and the atmosphere.Ronan was a great character and he wasn t present for most of the book I would like to maybe see of him and learn about his past.ROMANCE So obviously the romance is meant to be between the two people on the cover It just wasn t a very entertaining romance Yeah it was two cool charcaters but they didn t really bond in this book like there wasn t a lot of chemistry and I would like to see in the next instalment.PLOT The plot was very unique and interesting The whole idea of the school and the training was such a cool concept.ENDING We left off the book in a great start for the next book to continue so I can t wait to read the next book.Characters 8 10Romance 8 10Plot 9 10Ending 9 10Speed 8 10

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    2 Stars Not too bad Probably wouldn t buy again, but no waste of time tree either Some flaws, but often much potential Often make my petpeeveometer blink like crazy Def i nitely advice you to bor row or swap instead of pay ing the full price ________________The first few pages were quite good actually They were easy to read and it wasn t until the heroine, Drew, met the Tracer Ronan, that things went downhill They later got better, though So. 2 stars.But first things first Drew is a super intelligent 17 years old girl, whose mom died when she was four years old She graduaded and went to the University of Florida to escape her violent father and stepmother, but when she arrives at UF she s told that there ve been some problems and she s actually still a Highschooler Paperwork or something There she meets Ronan who convinces her to come with him to the Isle of Night.My first problem was that she trusted a guy she didn t know at all The reader is later told that there were reasons for that He is a Tracer and has the ability to convince people to do some things, although it s not as easy as it sounds Still, you d think a person with 185 IQ points d be a little less easy to convince.My next problem is that what the image she has of herself and the way she acts the things she does thinks clearly contradict eachother She, for example, mentions that she doesn t have friends, because she s alien That she doesn t care about the things other teens ya s care about The next moment she thinks about Ronan, kissing, her breasts etc I don t say it s a bad thing to think about such things, but it s obvious she is just a 17 years old girl after all.When they arrive at the Isle of Night, where she is to be taught stuff for special girls she noticed that it s a girls only school well, almost, but about that one later They are all at a gathering when the headmaster claims to be a vampire One of the girls starts laughing and he kills her He then explains that the girls all have the potential to be Watchers and are to be taught how to be one So, in this world we have three different beings Vampires They can walk in the sunlight, but their eyes are sensitive to it They need blood as far as I can tell, can hypnotize compell people and are immortal Their blood is addictive. They can be killed, thoughWatchers The female counterparts, except that it doesn t look like they re in any way immortal Each potential Watcher has a gift ability For example fire They drink vampire s blood and it seems it makes them obedient and drawn to the vampires, but it also makes them stronger and gives them certain advantagesTracers They can find girls with the gifts I ve mentioned above, drink vampires blood and have some abilities.This academy teaches the girls how to fight and dance, how to behave properly because vampires are old and stuff , but also stuff like how to open doors without keys or algebra They are told that only 5 out of all of them 100 are going to survive and that they should basically not make friends, because who knows who s going to backstab you, right Her roommate is one of those girls and tries to kill her several times and Drew isn t popular at all after she s done a mistake and 5 girls died because of that.About the boys There are some Potential vampires Drew befriends one, a japanese boy who killed his father after he killed his mom.Next to Ronan, there is a vampire who has taken a special interest in Drew and is quite creepy He makes the story interesting, though, especially since he s part of the reason why the girls start killing eachother in some sort of tournament Drew kills several girls there, too.I will read the sequels, but I won t be in a hurry to do so once they re published The heroine clearly isn t my bestie and I don t think anything happening in Isle of Night justifies a higher rating.

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    To be quite honest I have no idea where to start on this book From the description I had high hopes for liking it, but it fell flat in so many ways it was hard for me to look past the ways it didn t live up to the synopsis.Firstly Annelise who likes to be called Drew is supposed to be a genius Like a real genius That paired with the fact she come from an abusive family is why the vampires and their trackers picked her as a recruit, however in any class you see Drew in her knowledge is smart but not genius levels The mathematics discussed in small detail were Soph AP at best I know that being super smart can translate into having no street smarts so to say but Drew is one of those heroines that seems to have no care for her safety, and knowing that she ran off to go to college without telling a soul its hard for me to believe that she is some kick ass fighter later on.Its hard for me to believe that a girl who is super king kong mega smart has no one Sure, I understand she doesn t have friends inside of her classrooms but shouldn t there be a concerned teacher Especially since she comes to school beaten by an abusive dad It is extremely hard to believe that she spent all of her life never making not one single connection in her life Hard to believe and very convenient for the author.When Annelise gets to the college registers office she learns she didn t actually graduate due to a swimming accreditation that the school enacted Instead of asking to speak to her admissions counselor she just walks back out to her car that conveniently doesn t start So when a hot guy with a Proust tattoo offers to give her a ride she accepts Oh, and I forgot, super hot guy can tell just by looking under her hood that its the carburetor.In the car she asks him to take her to the coast, instead he takes her to an airfield where he uses his voodoo stare to get her on a plane bound for a tiny island in the middle of nowhere On the plane sits two girls, one will become her nemesis.In order to avoid spoilers I won t go into greater detail, but suffice to say that once Drew gets on the island things in the book do not improve She is continually telling me how smart she is while doing the most mind numbingly things She tries hard and learns to fight and I give her that, but in reality I just don t think that Drew is the kind of girl who can trade her book smarts that she keeps telling me she has into ninja star throwing kick assery.If The Hunger Games, Lost, and Vampire Academy had a baby full of trope it would be this book I wanted to try hard to look past all of the obvious plays on other series because I wanted to love the premise For me it just didn t work.Have you read it and have the same or a different opinion

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    The first five chapters just horrified me I couldn t go through a minute without thinking WTF Is she going to do now at least once Anneliese Drew is supposed to be this incredibly smart girl and apparently it only counts academically Common sense must not be considered as that important, which I felt was sad Drew needed it It s commonsense not to drive off into a so called Paradise with a stranger next to you whom you barely know No matter how hot he is Honestly, it made me feel like Ronan was taking her off to join a cult or be gang raped He was acting really shady The rest of the characters were okay I didn t feel any real connection or believe that I can try to relate to them Most of the characters didn t have any real depth to them Yasou was good, though.It got better when I reached halfway I felt like there was a real plot there But it was a really simple plot that could be explained in a few paragraphs which is sad because it had small potential.Altogether, two stars which only awarded mainly because of the fight scenes because I think that they were written very nicely and Yasou.

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    Okay, I was a Twilight fan and loved that series But, as a whole, I tend to be leery of vampire novels because so many twists have been rung out of the myths and legends that I can t help but think that subject has been squeezed dry And then I picked up this book, and, OMG It was awesome Annelise Drew is a character that almost any reader could relate to and cheer for She s had her hard knocks, so to speak, and she s determined to make something of her life instead of being pulled down into the dead end that her father and step mother represent She s intelligent, she s sarcastic but mainly for defensive purposes , and she s such a deep, intriguing character As she progresses through this story, she discovers things about herself that she never thought existed It s amazing what a true life or death situation will do to a person Fortunately, it makes Annelise stronger.I think the best thing I loved about this book was the fact that it didn t center around vampires Sure, vampires were part of the story, but this book took the myth from a completely different angle that of the Watchers that represent the Vampires in the real world The entire story was about Annelise s survival and determination to stay alive as she went through the rigorous training required to eventually become a Watcher.This was an incredible first book to the series and I can t wait to see what happens next in Annelise s new world There are so many unanswered questions and I m curious to see what s in store for her next and whether she will get any of those many questions answered I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a new twist or unique angle in the supernatural paranormal genre.

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    If you have read my early status updates then you will already know just how much I hated the beginning of this book I knew instantly that I wouldn t like Drew And I didn t I didn t like Annelise Drew at all, she had that holier than thou attitude and she brought up her so called intelligence up whenever she had the chance Drew judged everybody around her and had a generalised stereotypical view of every person and groups of people she came across.Why is it that so many protagonists seem to be written as perfect but never have any commen sense In the beginning of this book after we are told once again how much of a genius Drew is we see that Drew has managed to get herself in a stranger s car Wait, it s okay, the stranger happens to be smokin Yeah, that makes everything okay if the guy is hot and has a slow, predatory smile of course he isn t going to turn out to be a kidnapper serial killer rapist What kind of message does this send out to readers Once I had stopped wishing that Drew would appear so I could slap her, I read on to find It didn t take a sage to know that smart girls don t fly off with strange men. Here we are reminded again just how smart Drew supposedly is and also that it s okay to drive off in a car with strange men, it s just not okay to fly off with them After deciding that she might as well fly off with the hot stranger to an island that she s never heard of we see Drew dismissing some girls because they re attractive, talk about her interest in German root words and find out that she s at an island where she s going to compete with other special girls to become a Watcher Watcher a girl who is an assistant to male Vampire I might have skimmed over a few parts so didn t catch if Wolff explains why it is that only men can become Vampires and why only women can become Watchers The background and history of Vampires, Watchers, Tracers etc weren t explained in much detail which made it harder for me to follow what was going on at some points and the reasons for some of the superior s actions I have always wanted to learn self defense and to fight so it was hard for me to relate to Drew at all when she whined about having to learn how to fight The characters lacked depth of any kind, the plot was slow and predictable and the love interest couldn t have been any worse Ronan, oh Ronan, you creepy dude, I didn t like you either There s not really much else to say about you Ronan, you re a creep who told Drew that she was beautiful than your dead sister If you re needing a book to write a great snarky review then hey, this book s great but if you are honestly trying to find a good read then I would stay clear of Isle of Night.

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Isle of Night download Isle of Night , read online Isle of Night , kindle ebook Isle of Night , Isle of Night 9e8a93a0608d Is Life Offering Fewer And Fewer Options Then Join The Dead When Annelise Meets Dark And Seductive Ronan, He Promises Her A New Life If She Has The Courage To Chance The Unknown Now, She S Whisked Away To A Mysterious Island And Pitted Against Other Female Recruits To Become A Watcher Girls Who Are Partnered With Vampires And Assist Them In Their Missions To Survive And Become A Watcher, Annelise Has To Beat Out Every Other Girl, But She S Determined To Do So, Because To Fail Doesn T Mean Dishonor It Means Death