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    This book was ok, I didn t really become a fan for this book, I started to read this book yesterday, read 20% of it and immediately got bored So, I took a break Then, a couple of hour later, I started to read it all over again because I forgot it P And that is why this book got a 2 from me Summary to come This book is about a girl named Cassia who swears to find pure red her passion this summer She already knows that her dad s passion is art Usual symptoms 1 When he s painting, no one can reach him, not even me and that sucks, I mean what kind of parent doesn t pay attention to their own daughter Anyway, her mothers was the ocean Usual symptoms 1 She used to say that the ocean allows you to see whatever you want to see NOTICE I used past tense because her mother passed away shame I know So, now she lives with her father who barely pays attention to her because he s always painting, the only time he actually pays attention to her is when it s her birthday and he doe a portrait of her Sometimes what your heart desires isn t what it needs Over the course of a hot Miami summer, Cassia discovers her passion, after going through a few obstacles along the way It took her a few bullies, a few games of basketball, hanging around her best friend, and a gorgeous guy she meets at one of her dads art exhibits, to help her understand what she actually needed And no I m not going to tell you her passion, that s the point of the story, telling you would give you no reason to read this book PAnyway, yeah, I didn t like it too much, I didn t like the writing style that much, I fell asleep the first time I started to read the book which is a bad sign btw but it was valentines day so, the nice side of me ruled out the mean, and I read it again to give it a chance, and I wished now that I didn t spend my time with this one, Sorry Not highly recommended

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    It s good read different to see a main character who doesn t know what she wants Who isn t sure what her passion in life will be Chances are Cassia s confusions stem from the death of her mother at a young age, so there s also that we are dealing with.It is possible to dismiss Pure Red as a quick, slight read, but there is a lot going on in here the awesome stuff with about colours, the jealously over BFF s new boyfriend and accepting the changing nuances in friendships, the confrontations with bullies, and the realisation that people are ALWAYS than they seem, and of course, the search for meaning, for identity and for love.Easy to read Yes But superficial No way.

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    Let me say first, the plot is unique with a capital U The girls and boys who are really confused about what really makes them happy who isn t we are a confused lot will be able to connect with Cassia I d have loved to have a little description of her pain, but they way it was provided was awesome The overall writing was a lee tt le bit dull,but the story was good,characters believable and nice The chapter names were really cute too I ll definitely read books of Danielle Joseph.

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    I like this book because 1 I like how Cassia tries to search for her passion although it involves a guardian counselor 2 How she worked things out with her father3 The chapters are named with colors, each colors are defined by emotion it is quite nice.4 I love the cover It is so eye catching.5 The kiss she and Graham shared It was so simple and yet so sweet.

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    I, Cassia Bernard, do solemnly swear to find pure red my passion this summer Dad s passion is art When he s painting, no one can reach him, not even me My mom s passion was the ocean She said the ocean allows you to see whatever you want to see That was one of the last things she ever said to me Especially for someone who usually feels adrift, meeting someone with a passion a true purpose for their life can be unsettling Living with someone like that is downright depressing if, like Cassia Bernard, you can t seem to find your own guiding force Remembering how she used to like playing pickup games of basketball, Cassia joins the summer league in hopes of discovering a love for the game Not too far into the season, though, she suffers a bad sprain and is forced to sit it out while she recovers During her recovery, she decides to take a ceramics class and finds something else that may call to her While all this is happening, she s dealing with a best friend in the gushing, obsessive new relationship phase, her perpetually clueless father who gets so wrapped up in his art he forgets to come to her games, and Graham a new boy who worships Cassia s father, the famous artist, but doesn t seem to see Cassia for herself Will her father ever come out of his own mind long enough to really connect with her Will Graham ever be able to see past her father long enough to ask her out Will she ever find her calling Like Indigo Blues, Pure Red is about the characters than the action Again, I enjoyed Danielle Joseph s prose and think she has an amazing talent for phrasing I especially enjoyed the constant use of color and the way Cassia interpreted everything by color including the opposing teams of the summer league The characters were interesting and well written and although I would have enjoyed doing, that s not always necessary I think the main reason this book couldn t get to the four star mark for me is Cassia s passion She states herself that finding her passion will be her goal Honestly, the buildup was so heavy through the whole book that I really wanted an epiphany moment I wanted everything to come together like puzzle pieces magically flying into place as she realized, Oh, goodness How could I have been so blind I didn t get that In fact, less than a week after reading it I had to go back to the book to make sure she actually had found her passion at all I remembered the things she had been interested in, but the realization had been so quiet and subtle that I didn t feel as though it meant as much to her as it should have I liked Graham who turned out to be even interesting at the end of the book than I thought he d be, but her father annoyed me That, however, was probably only because it would have driven me crazy to have my only parent be as disconnected and scatterbrained as he was There were a couple of side characters that I felt went nowhere, but the ones that stuck through to the end made for a very interesting bunch I recommend the book especially to anyone who likes art or color It s also always interesting to read something set in my area of the world the story takes place in Miami Overall, a good read, but I expected from it.Sera s Rating 3 5

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    My Thoughts What happened to loving loving Danielle Joseph I loved Shrinking Violet, I really enjoyed Indigo Blues but Pure Red was just okay for me.We are introduced to Cassia who lost her mom as a child She has lived with her dad Her dad is a painter, and he s quite known, or at least in some parts Cassia is trying to find her passion She s good at a few things but never really feels like they can be her thing Even though her dad is around a lot and in her life, I didn t feel like he was really there for her I didn t like that because dang, the girl has already lost her mother, pay attention to her She decides to join the Y s basketball team during the summer with her best friend It s fun enough, and distracts her from other things She s quite good at it She also meets a boy named Graham aka cutebutt Graham has an interest in her father s paintings, he became his mentor Graham is over at her house quite a bit now, and Cassia spent the novel trying to get him to notice her.Honestly, that is basically the plot I felt like this book might be considered middle grade than actual YA if that makes sense It was really easy to read but I felt like it lacked the substance that the author s other two books had It didn t have the wow factor for me It was of a cute read than a super fun read.Even though we are supposed to believe Cassia has grown a lot by the end of the book, I m not sure how much she actually grew up.I think Joseph is a talented young author but I just don t think this lived up to the hype I had built up in my mind I was hoping I would love it like the other 2 novels.Overall It was just okay I liked it enough to keep reading I was hoping it would get better, to be greatness and by the end of the novel I was left wanting , and to know details Hopefully Joseph s next book brings me back to the WOW factor This one was probably of a 3.5 cupcake for me than a 3 cupcake book I liked it enough to continue reading but wasn t blown away.Cover Like it a lot Its very eye catching Love how their heads are down next to each other Very cute cover.What I d Give It 3 5 Cupcakes_____________________________Review Based on Softcover EditionTaken From Princess Bookie www.princessbookie.com

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    This book is Purple It is an introspective color, allowing us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts It can cause frustration.Both were what I felt with this book.Cassia is in a mission.A mission to find passion.But that s not what makes the book special It s all the colors and what she connects them with.I didn t know this book has sports. which is a bonus A basketball sports Double bonus.All characters need development in my opinion. I felt none took their complete space However, I liked the book and enjoyed reading it. it evoked a lot of memories, and I felt myself on the same wave length as Cassia many times The book made me think of myself through the years. I ve had different color phases in my life. and never really scrutinized them to understand that they might be a reflection of me Blue and Fuschia for my childhood, Black and White and grey for middle school, right now I m a riot of bright colors the one color I never even remotely liked is brown, down from beige up to dark brown I ll run now to find out what this means.

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    I loved the way Cassia describes the world with the help of colours, or how she describe the colours but the rest of the book was so not ok I understand that Cassia is a teenager, I understand her confusion and need for attention by her father, and her rebellion, I understand that she was crushing on Graham, but the thinking processes of this girl, especially in the graham department were so annoying would he like me if I dye my hair or if I wear purple how do i do to be attractive for him , and the thing is you never get the impression that he is interested in her at all The same for her father he seemed a self absorbed artist And the story with the passions lacked so much passion per se It was so weak portrayed that I wasn t so sure that Cassia found any passion at the end of the book She seemed to like basketball and pottery, but I wouldn t call that passions in the way she described them.So, it was just an ok book in the end Pitty, since I remember Shrinking Violet by the same author very fondly.

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    2.5.This book reminded me a lot of Liz Gallagher s My Not So Still Life with the use of art to come into one s self More than that, though, it suffered a lot of the same weaknesses the main character comes off way too young, and the bulk of the story contains no action or movement I found Cassia to be quite boring and I was getting a little tired of hearing about Graham s butt I don t know if I buy the ending, either I kind of felt like she was exactly the same as she was in the beginning I found the relationship with her father to be uneven, as it seems fine in the beginning, even sweet, but it takes a weird turn when he begins dating, and it does so in an unexplainable way I needed of that in the story, and honestly, Joseph s writing itself was strong enough to merit pages of story development That said, this book is clean and fine for middle school and older I think the younger ya readers will appreciate it.

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    I put book on my recommend to anyone shelf, books that are great stories, with nothing I feel the need to warn people about.I love books that feel like a true glimpse into a part of someone s life That s what this book did for me The characters were fun I have SUCH a clear picture of the eccentric, artist father, and the love he had for Cassia s mother.Cassia felt very real teen to me She thought a lot of things she didn t say, and I love her journey through the book And Graham a bit quiet, very introspective hello, he s an artist Swoon.Worth the read for the end LOVED.I think people who rated this book any lower than 4 stars, were expecting it to be older I always read the other reviews and this is a true YA, which there isn t a lot of any YA is not just the age of the characters.Well done D

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Pure Red download Pure Red, read online Pure Red, kindle ebook Pure Red, Pure Red b51832d2c2ab I, Cassia Bernard, Do Solemnly Swear To Find Pure Red My Passion This Summer Dad S Passion Is Art When He S Painting, No One Can Reach Him, Not Even Me My Mom S Passion Was The Ocean She Said The Ocean Allows You To See Whatever You Want To See That Was One Of The Last Things She Ever Said To Me Sometimes What Your Heart Desires Isn T What It Needs Over The Course Of A Hot Miami Summer, Sixteen Year Old Cassia Discovers That Sometimes It Takes Bullies And Basketball, A Best Friend, And A Gorgeous Guy To Help You Understand What You Actually Need And To Help You See That, Maybe, Everything Isn T So Black And White