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Sinatra in Hollywood chapter 1 Sinatra in Hollywood, meaning Sinatra in Hollywood, genre Sinatra in Hollywood, book cover Sinatra in Hollywood, flies Sinatra in Hollywood, Sinatra in Hollywood 8b2b3ccc4a729 Hollywood Legend, Academy Award Winning Actor, And Recipient Of The Golden Globe Award For Lifetime Achievement In Film, Frank Sinatra Carved Out One Of The Biggest Careers In The History Of Hollywood, Yet Paradoxically His Screen Legacy Has Been Overshadowed By His Extraordinary Achievements As A Singer And Recording Artist Until NowWith The Publication Of Sinatra In Hollywood, An Analytical Yet Deeply Personal Look At The Screen Legend Of Frank Sinatra, Sinatra S Standing As A Significant, Indeed Legendary, Screen Actor Has Now Been Placed In Full Perspective Examining Each Of Sinatra S Seventy Film Appearances In Depth, Tom Santopietro Traces The Arc Of His Astonishing Six Decade Run As A Film Actor, From His Rise To Stardom In Boy Next Door Musical Films Like Anchors Aweigh And On The Town , Through His Fall From Grace With Legendary Flops Like The Kissing Bandit, To The Near Mythic Comeback With His Oscar Winning Performance In From Here To EternityLaced Throughout With Sinatra S Own Observations On His Film Work, Sinatra In Hollywood Deals Head On With His Tumultuous Marriages To Ava Gardner And Mia Farrow And Directly Addresses The Rumors Of Mob Involvement In Sinatra S Hollywood Career Ranging From The Specifics Of His Controversial Acting Nickname Of One Take Charlie To The Iconic Rat Pack Film Ocean S Eleven , From The Groundbreaking Performance In The Manchurian Candidate To The Moving And Elegiac Late Career Roles As Tough Yet Vulnerable Detectives, The Myths And Personal Foibles Are Stripped Away, Placing The Focus Squarely On The WorkOftentimes Brilliant, Occasionally Off Kilter, But Always Compelling, Frank Sinatra, The Film Icon Who Registered As Nothing Less Than Emblematic Of The American Century, Here Receives His Full Due As The Serious Artist He Was, The Actor About Whom Director Billy Wilder Emphatically Stated, Frank Sinatra Is Beyond Talent

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    This book, obviously, focuses on the acting side of Ole Blue Eyes long career But it keeps you very much up to date with what Frank was doing musically while he was filming The Manchurian Candidate or Dirty Dingus Magee And that s really the point the author is making There are 2 separate careers going on here, simultaneously, most of us would have been perfectly happy with just 1 of them It s well researched written, if a little opinionated Performances, or the films in which they are contained, are rated very much by the author, usually to the point of finding other contemporary reviews that agree with him That said, it s still an engrossing read I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good inside Hollywood story.

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    Wow, what a life this man lead Though the title suggests that it only covers his film career, this book gives an in depth look into all aspects of Frank Sinatra, including his four rocky marriages and the rumors of his connections to the Mafia.Includes thorough synopses and reviews of each movie made in his near 50 year career As a side note, the author seemed a bit glowing in his critical analysis of Sinatra s performances and temperament, even for the least of his films Still, having seen several of them, much of that laud is deserved No one worked as hard as Frank in EVERY medium.Recommended to Sinatra music and film fans alike.

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    A readable, thorough, comprehensive look at Sinatra s movies

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    Great biography of Frank Sinatra which concentrates on the many movies he made and stories surrounding Frank s life during each, the performances he gave, and the others with whom he worked If you like Sinatra and his films, this is a must read 2 of 120 books pledged to read review during 2016

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    Loved it Didn t know much about Frank Sinatra s films only his recordings Interesting reviews of ALL his films This is for film buffs

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    Very good book, except too much detail about the films Sinatra was in The plot and info on all the other players was too much for me The 60% of the book dealing directly with Sinatra was 5.

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    Hear my conversation with Tom Santopietro

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    Gave up after 70 pages.

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    I have read probably as many books about Sinatra as anyone Book didn t add anything new An okay read.

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