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Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand summary Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand, series Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand, book Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand, pdf Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand, Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand b0536b3f28 Newbery Honor Winning Author Gale Carson Levine Ella Enchanted Delivers The Thrilling Sequel To Fairy Dust And The Quest For The Egg Rani, Tinker Bell, And All Of The Never Fairies Find Themselves Fighting Against The Greatest Danger Of All Their Own Hearts Desires To Save Their Beloved Fairy Haven

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    I m not sure what to say I bought it at a recent Scholastic warehouse sale because my 4 year old daughter saw the cover with all the fairies and I saw the name of the author whom I usually really enjoybut this book was somewhat of a disaster It is published by the Disney company and involves Tinkerbell and other fairies from Neverland but the writing is very choppy and formulaicno individual voice and style to it The story is confusing and doesn t get very interesting until about 1 2 way through and then it is only mildly interesting I say skip it altogether

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    I clearly remember that this was my first book of than 100 pages that i read in my life It took me around Hmm One year No Over a year It took me over a year to finish this book, i was only nine years old, so, one page was like a REALLY big progress for me.But anyway i remember i read it a long that ago that i can t remember clearly that i really like.Maybe i should read it again

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    What happens when a selfish mermaid wants a wand A flood happens What happens when a fairy hears a mermaids song They fairy turns into a bat.What happens when some fairies go on a quest for a wand Read it and you ll find out XD

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    This book is utterly charming Young readers will adore the little fairies and their friend, Mother Dove, as well as Soop and the other mesmerizing mermaids Ms Levine teaches the reader a lot about friendship, jealousy, and greed in this wonderful tale of a group of fairies who retrieve a special wand for Soop, a mermaid determined to get exactly what she wants.The spell of the wand is very powerful Who wouldn t want to indulge in a little dreaming If you had the chance to make a wish and get exactly what you d always wanted, wouldn t you take it Only the courage and friendship of a very special group of fairies is capable of turning the tide and restoring balance once again Delightful for the young at heart.

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    Picked up Book 1 at the 2012 booksale Picked up book 2 at the 2013 booksale Interested to see if it s as entertaining I like the pictures.You can read this review and others on my blog at finally finished this book This story actually felt pretty long I feel like it was drawn out to make it the number of pages the publisher wanted The beginning of the book wasn t bad It was interesting enough and moved right along It was about halfway through when everyone was going through wand madness and making wishes and then seeing the repercussions of those wishes that seemed to drag on view spoiler Specifically the parts that felt long were between the mermaids Soop and Pah, and also with Rani bat While Rani bat was semi interesting, it dragged out and then the dialog between them got annoying Esteemed bat Esteemed fairy esteemed bat esteemed fairy UGH hide spoiler

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    This is technically another book in the Disney fairies series, although this one is hardbound and larger than the standard softbound books.It s also not as good.The first thing I didn t like about the book is the artwork It is definitely inferior to the artwork in the regular Disney Fairies books It s pale and washed out, and the fairies look remarkable unlike the fairies in the regular series of books It s actually bothersome.The second thing I didn t like about the book is the story Things do go wrong in the other Fairies books, but nothing horrible happens, things are usually sort of funny at times, and the stories are sort of light in nature.Not this book It s like someone wanted to do a horror story based in the Fairies world Fairies die Fairies betray other fairies and mermaids betray other mermaids Greed and the drive for power seem foremost This is a very dark, very nasty sort of book, totally out of character with the regular series of Fairies books that have been put out.A very poor, very disappointing, at times upsetting book that really should never have appeared in the Fairies series.

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    Just finished reading this one to my daughter Loved it

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    The part where the fairy gets turned into a bat always creeped me out, but I still loved this book.

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    Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand by Gail Carson LevineEdition Hardcover.com 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful Wand Madness, September 8, 2008 Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand By Gail Carson LevineSoop is a mermaid in Neverland She is threatening to flood Neverland, unless the fairies get her a wand Tinkerbelle, and the other fairies are sent on a quest to get a wand from the Great Wandies The wandies are willing to give up the wand to help save Fairy Haven The wandies decide it would be best if they put the wand to sleep.Each fairy is allowed to have one wish, on the way back to Fairy Haven One fairy wishes to have wings, so she can fly, and then turns around and wishes for Soop to be her friend Tinkerbelle wishes for Peter Pan to fall in love with a clam shell The fairies get carried away with wishes and they all get wand madness This means, they can t stop using the wand The magic of fairy dust has always been enough for the fairies, until the wand takes over.The mermaid, Soop, turns one fairy into a bat, by singing her song, before she can warn the mermaid that wand wishes are permanent Soop makes it so her mermaid friend cannot speak, or read, the friend wishes that Soop can t be heard When the fairies sneak in and take the wand from the mermaids, the wand is in a dream state The wand makes the fairies grow and shrink, grow and shrink Tinkerbell tries to tame the wand Will she be able to control the wand, without getting wand madness, again Will the fairies be able to return to their normal size How can the fairies return the wand and return to their calm, peaceful kingdom Although, this book is very fast paced and exciting, at first, it was a little hard to follow It took awhile before I realized I was reading about Tinkerbelle and Neverland I think it would be best to read Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, first.Jill Ammon Vanderwoodauthor Through the RugThrough The Rug 2 Follow That Dog Through the Rug Stowaway The San Francisco Adventures of Sara, the Pineapple Cat

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    I am sort of upset that I didn t like this adventure It s just if you have read my review of Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg you would know why I like the Disney Fairies They just seem comfortable with themselves In this book it was all about the fairies having magic wand madness that made them want to wish for what they wanted Of course things go bad when they get what they want It is a story that gets told a lot Yes, Yes, be careful what you wish for I know this story very well I guess I am disappointed because I don t think the fairies needed this story Couldn t the wand have done something else besides grant wishes And then again poor Rani has yet another accident The first book she cuts off her wings This book she gets turned into a bat and the bat has it s own essence It is esscentually it s it own person or own bat with Rani stuck inside Neither one wants to not exist They work it out eventually sort of I am thinking there is going to be a whole book about that.

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