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    Giron really did a good job with this story of a young woman who descends into madness the story s presented as the main character s diary.Abigail first seems like a somewhat eccentric but moderately likable young woman living in the big city but from the beginning, there are few things that are strange about her Like the skeleton she has in her apartment an art piece right And the crazy, over the top sex with her male and female partners.pretty soon though, it becomes clear that something is very wrong with Abby Very, very wrong The quintessential unreliable narrator, soon you can t tell what is real in Abby s life and what is not she becomes obsessed with a regular customer at the bar where she works, following him and sneaking around in his apartment when he s not home, determined to get him to notice her Pretty soon she gets involved in her first Murder, a killing in self defense right And her collection of macabre skulls and bones begins to grow in her apartment as the body count rises and things get and surreal.My biggest problem with the book was that I wasn t sure if it was realistic could one person in New York really get rid of so many people in her life and not get caught All these bodies in her apartment yes, it frequently talks about her boiling cinnamon and doing things other things to hide the smells, and all the different techniques she learned aboutto preserve the bodies, but you would have to think it would be quite a smell after a while You just can t keep bodies in an apartment without stinking up the building So I m really unsure if such a thing could actually happen although I know stranger things have happened in New York City and she may have lived in one of the areas were neighbors just don t really call the police on other neighbors But it s strange that the landlord never kicked her out, and that the police never put together the fact that people around her were disappearing So the main problem was realism.I like how the diary was found in the end and we get a little bit of an independent reality check in the form of the nameless person who discovers it we re not sure which one of Debbie s friends from the bar it was But she described Abby is seen from the outside and casts a different light on some of the scenes in the diary.Overall this was really a powerful book well written definitely, the story of a woman s full and complete insanity and the horrible consequences it has on the people around her.

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    Imagine the world of our earth cast forever into the shadow of night time sky, illuminated only by the moon and the stars and what Man had invented to light everything from cities to flashlights, but in this world no living creature was adversely affected Birds still chirped in the morning, great forests flourished, every minute seemed like Saturday night, and Sephera Giron was basking in it all, maybe even queen of it I think Sephera would be just fine with that scenario Her life is one exquisite dark side I ve seen that in her personally, and, now that I ve read her, and for the purposes of this review did some homework on her , I m even deeper of the opinion that Sephera is full of night, yet full of life, and full of ample creative productivity reflecting that She has over a dozen published books, has spread her short works thick around the online and printed universe, is a favorite at genre literary cons enough so to be honored at them and a prominent headline She s a certified and recommended tarot counselor, goes by the name of Ariana when she does her readings, is learned in astrology and numerology, carries a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts All that said and good and set aside, she is, in my overall opinion, a very literarily talented woman of the night.Some women I ve met and read and who had a bestseller or two under their belts can t hold a candle in the dark world of Giron s, and with Mistress of the Dark, this writer writes in a first person narrative prose that actually dances poetically and descriptively The character of Abigail as a lonely waitress, distraught with her loneliness and of her own self image, amplifies into a mental and social vortex of lust and envy and the deaths of those around her, whose corpses she utilizes as furniture like works of art collecting in her livingroom, very Gein esque Drag queens and chain saws and a lowly young woman just trying to make herself happy is what this book is about, baby.And Sephera does a hell of a job bringing it all to life, under a canopy of dark.

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    This is a fun book In fact it takes a while for you to realize it s a horror book it s the story of a party girl who wishes she could be a little pretty, lose some weight, get Lazik eye surgery She has a huge crush on a Johnny Depp lookalike who comes into the restaurant where she works It s cute at first, but then it becomes very stalker ish There s a drastic twist about 100 pages in that completely changes the tone At first you re kind of surprised, but looking back you realize that the truth s been there all along You just didn t notice You ll slap your forehead over how Monica tricks you There s a lot of nasty stuff in here and a healthy helping of sex By the end, this is not the book you began with I love the afterword, which goes to show that the protagonist is not only good at fooling others but is also very good at fooling herself The only thing is, the narrator isn t very focused She wanders a lot It s written as her diary, yes, I m aware of that, but it bothers me Also, I don t like dream sequences of any kind, especially if they re long I ll let someone get away with it for maybe a paragraph, but not for pages on end There were a lot of these in this book Aside from that, this book is definitely worth the read.

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    I loved this book The author did a wonderful job of integrating the reader with what the character was thinking I was involved in the book the whole way through it Not to mention, after reading about this ladyI feel VERY normal.

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    I read this in 2005, starting it on Christmas Ever Couldn t put it down Quite recommended

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    super creepy

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    Creepiest book I have ever read

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