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This Is Not the Life I Ordered: 50 Ways to Keep Your Head Above Water When Life Keeps Dragging You Down summary This Is Not the Life I Ordered: 50 Ways to Keep Your Head Above Water When Life Keeps Dragging You Down, series This Is Not the Life I Ordered: 50 Ways to Keep Your Head Above Water When Life Keeps Dragging You Down, book This Is Not the Life I Ordered: 50 Ways to Keep Your Head Above Water When Life Keeps Dragging You Down, pdf This Is Not the Life I Ordered: 50 Ways to Keep Your Head Above Water When Life Keeps Dragging You Down, This Is Not the Life I Ordered: 50 Ways to Keep Your Head Above Water When Life Keeps Dragging You Down 4b87266fe2 If You Ve Ever Felt Overworked, Overwhelmed, Or Just Plain Unlucky, This Book Is For You Through This Collection Of Stories, Wisdom, And Practical Advice, You Ll Meet Four Ordinary Women Who Have Faced Extraordinary Life Challenges Together, They Have A History Of Marriages, Children, Stepchildren, Dogs, Miscarriages, Cats, A Failed Adoption, Widowhood, And Foster Parenthood One Of Them Was Shot And Left For Dead On A Tarmac In South America And Two Lived Through The Deaths Of SpousesOver A Decade, The Power And Strength Of Their Collective Friendship Enabled These Women Not Only To Survive, But To Thrive Join Them To Learn How You Too Can Turn Misfortunate Events Into Joy Filled

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    A friend passed along This Is Not the Life I Ordered, an inspirational self help book by four very competent, entrepreneurial women They present this fact Because the four women made time to seek out, find and get together weekly monthly whatever ly with each other to discuss their life deeply, they ve been able to survive the ups and downs in their lives These ups and downs include divorces, financial bankruptcies, the death of spouses, disease and so forth and on and on To help the reader get control of her own life, they ve ended each chapter with questions and tools for a WIT kit.I m sorry if I sound flippant because the book was put together quite badly It was written like a business manual If you do A, then B and C will happen How do you know it will work It worked for me and Susan from accounting She was transformed by it, too It reads like something they would pass out at a seminar rather than something you d buy in a bookstore.I also kept getting distracted by all the clutter The chapters were spliced into sub chapters that had no rhyme or reason There were a gazillion inspirational quotes that I ignored The transitions were clunky The stories were shallow They hinted at emotional success but focused on material success The narrations were never complete, AND I couldn t tell you how these four women got together or why they started these Kitchen Talks that strengthened their resolve to face challenges.Basically, this book follows the alarming trend of He s Just Not that Into You like books The authors admit in the first pages that they re a not writers, b did no research for the project and c are only pulling from their own lives and that of their friends What a sloppy way to write a book and waste a consumer s money You re basically telling the reader point blank not to bother with your laziness either.However, what I will say is that I think this book s foundation is sound It s true that life is crazy, and it s useful to have friends for the ride The book just fails to take it anywhere not cliche or deep I think it also tries to verbalize the most secret desire of women that than a man, women need and want a community of female friends who will love them unconditionally I think this is the real secret behind Sex and the City s success.As to Conari Press, if this is the stuff they put out, then I ll avoid them from here on out.

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    I had high hopes for this book, but it didn t really deliver There are some powerful women behind it with some fantastic experience, but the disjointed aspect of the book wasn t compelling to me I couldn t really attach to any one author I quit reading about a third of the way through My suggestion would be to pull all the WIT parts out of the book and put them in a separate section or a completely separate book.

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    On the cheap rack at Home Goodsthe optimist in me keeps reading these sort of books while the pessimist in me makes fun of me.

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    This is such an amazing idea the accounts of four women who have been to hell and back, and lived to tell the tale But somehow, they took real substance, and made it glib and shallow and worthless You can t even get a self help book about dealing with trauma today without coming face to face with our society s denial of any real trauma or pain This book reads like, Wow, pain is great, because it makes you a better person Um, do you think it could be complicated than that You d think that a crowd of women who have lost loved ones to disease and accidents, and faced death themselves, would know better.

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    Some good stuff here, mostly little gems of quotes Written from the perspectives of four different, highly successful women, it s billed as an inspirational book I found it a bit tedious The extreme examples used are not everywoman s journey, so it made it difficult to relate to everyday life Lots of name dropping, too, which bugged me Like I said, some good quotes, but it also broke up the flow of the actual read for me, so it was distracting than complimentary A quick read, nonetheless, and some things in there that I think we need to be reminded of often than not Just wasn t all that profound for me.

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    This Is Not The Life I Ordered is authored by not one woman, but four Deborah Collins Stephens lends her expertise in leadership She is one of the founder of the Center For Innovative Leadership which works both with established Fortune 500 companies as well as new startups She continues her career as a celebrated financial author Jackie Speier shares her inspirational story as one of the staff members of Congressman Leo Ryan s delegation to The People s Temple Jonestown establishment in 1978 As one of the few survivors of this massacre, she articulates that a life can still move forward from the brink of death She continues her pursuits now as a congresswoman herself Michaelene Cristini Risley demonstrates the power of the female mind as a celebrated award winning filmmaker She shares her humble beginnings in this work as the victim of childhood sexual abuse and how she continued to excel in her life despite adversity Jan Yanehiro spent 15 years of her life as a television personality She demonstrates the poignant struggle of when an exciting chapter in a woman s life comes to a close and the battle to regain a drive towards a new purpose This work is clearly meant for women It addresses specific challenges women face in a patriarchal society The four authors candidly share stories of losing husbands, children and financial fallouts They share their mistakes, one being that financial fallouts were often directly linked to the cultural preference of women to allow the men in their lives to handle their finances They share what they learned from those mistakes, so that the readers may benefit from their wisdom without having to experience that same situation for themselves Additionally, this work advocates the bond of women And stresses the importance of building a strong network of supportive female advisors A strong network of wise women can then help one another through the transitions of life The stories featured in this work are from the four authors and a collection of women from around the world These inspiring stories of transition demonstrate what is possible, and remain universal and timeless.The work does not feature a lengthy bibliography nor does it include an index The information is loosely organized with 50 observations made by the authors and their opinions on how to apply hard won lessons The anecdotal stories will appeal to most women, but the loose form of organization may be distracting to some readers I personally found the work thought provoking There are many exercises to ponder in the book Something as simple as choosing three things I want to accomplish or experience was difficult for me to do It made me realize that I had spent a great deal of my life attempting to please other people Forcing myself to take a moment to identify something I wanted for myself made me realize I had effectively eradicated the emotion of jealousy from my being Jealousy can be a vice, however it is an indicator that there is something in one s life that is not going well It can be used as an expression of change one I realized I was denying myself I was curious about this book due to the title This Is Not The Life I Ordered, might very well be a perfect summation of how I feel about the 46 years I have lived Suffice it to say, on days than not, it is all I can do to get out of bed, put on my uniform and drag myself to my job I often feel very sorry for myself and I feel very pathetic However, these wise women of this book gave me a new perspective I do not have to consider myself as pathetic I can instead consider myself courageous Yes, just getting up on some days, for me, is an act of courage to be noted and perhaps even celebrated Taking that small step, to see myself in a different light in a courageous light gave me the hope to embrace the idea that my circumstances can be changed.

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    This was an odd one When I started, I truly thought it had been written in the 80 s, due to the design of the book Something about the cartoon y illustrations and the quotes thrown in every 1 2 to one page At any rate, I think this would have been a much better book if they had stuck to telling their own stories Or if there hadn t been so much repetition Or if their advice had had some heft to it.

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    If you are having a hard time remembering or living out your dream read this book for information, support and ideas on how to make something of your life.

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    Every female should read this book.

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    Good, common sense advice on how to cope with life s pitfalls.

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