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Harvey Cushing: A Life in Surgery summary Harvey Cushing: A Life in Surgery, series Harvey Cushing: A Life in Surgery, book Harvey Cushing: A Life in Surgery, pdf Harvey Cushing: A Life in Surgery, Harvey Cushing: A Life in Surgery 513d639cca Here Is The First Biography To Appear In Fifty Years Of Harvey Cushing, A Giant Of American Medicine And Without Doubt The Greatest Figure In The History Of Brain Surgery Drawing On New Collections Of Intimate Personal And Family Papers, Diaries And Patient Records, Michael Bliss Captures Cushing S Professional And His Personal Life In Remarkable Detail Bliss Paints An Engaging Portrait Of A Man Of Ambition, Boundless, Driving Energy, A Fanatical Work Ethic, A Penchant For Self Promotion And Ruthlessness, Than A Touch Of Egotism And Meanness, And An Enormous Appetite For Life Equally Important, Bliss Traces The Rise Of American Surgery As Seen Through The Eyes Of One Of Its Pioneers The Book Describes How Cushing, Working In The Early Years Of The Th Century, Developed Remarkable New Techniques That Let Surgeons Open The Skull, Expose The Brain, And Attack Tumors All With A Much Higher Rate Of Success Than Previously Known Indeed, Cushing Made The Miraculous In Surgery An Everyday Event, As He And His Team Compiled An Astonishing Record Of Treating Than Two Thousand Tumors This Is The Definite Cushing Biography, An Epic Narrative Of High Surgical Adventure, Capturing The Highs And Lows Of An Extraordinary Life

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    When one reads a biography, the most frequent impression is often one of awe When one reads a biography about someone who s life s work was the same as the readers, it moves one in all so many ways When one reads a biography of a giant of a man, an inventor, a creator, in one s field, it is overwhelming This book, Harvey Cushing, A Life in Surgery by Michael Bliss, is such a book Dr Cushing, the father of neurosurgery, at the incunabula, multiple operations on awake patients and the insensate brain, under local cocaine anesthetic or ether anesthesia What is and who are in this book Dr, Cushing, born in 1869, a Yale man , Harvard Medical School His career included Johns Hopkins and Peter Bent Brigham Hospitals, both c appellations after their philanthropic merchants from Balti and Boston respectively the latter peddling oysters from a cart and amassed millions in real estate William Halsted, George Crile, the Cleveland Clinic , William Osler, Dr Walter Dandy, the Mayos, father and two sons, Cushing knew them all The young Frenchman, Alexis Carrel doing experimental vascular repairs in the lab, amazing both Cushing and Crile The advent of the X Ray, by the German, Wilhelm Rontgen, and the outpatient department at the hospital where Cushing was, one of the 1st to have it in the country Blood transfusions in pricipio by Dr, Crile and his team The homemade inflatable blood pressure cuff which Cushing found during a trip to Europe, specifically, in Parvia, Italy the Scipione Riva Rocci W.T Bovie, with the invention of the cautery, Cushing and all surgeons welcoming the increased facility with the improved visual field In 1898, soldiers returning from the War c Spain over Cuba, many ill c typhoid fever, so ill that Cushing and others literally carried 40 soldiers off the train in Balti, taken to Johns Hopkins for treatment under the aegis of Dr William Osler and his medical team Cushing, already famous for his triad of vast experience c ganglionectomy for trigeminal neuralgia, surgery for brain tumors, and , of particular interest, surgery of the pituitary gland In August, 1914, WWI broke out Germany and Austria Hungary against Russia, France, and the British Empire At the behest of the current and past US Ambassadors to France, a serious medical hospital, 450 beds, Ambulance Amercaine was started in Neuilly Sur Seine George Crile was asked to serve, and Cushing thereafter There the doctors saw and treated the ravages of the battle of the Marne April25, 1915, Ypres, with the use of chlorine gas, the 1st use of poison gas in modern warfare Alexis Carrel, and Henry Dakin Dakin s solution , irrigating wounds with bactericidal fluids, one of the most significant and controversial innovations in wartime medicine On May 5th, 1915, Cushing was taken to get a glimpse of the Ypres battle field, to see the remains of the city Big gun were firing nearby He learned later that Jack McCrae, a combatant c the Canadian artillery was somewhere out there, in the Second Ypres He had scribbled some lines in memory of a comrade fallen in the Flanders field, later to become the most famous poem of the war Cushing was scheduled to return to America on May 8th, 1915 On May 7th, 1915, the Lusitania was sunk The following day, their boat went through the debris field in the Atlantic for over one hour In February, 1917, Germany announced the resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare March 21, 1917, the Germans attacked Flanders Giant German cannons shelled the capital from 75 miles away, firing the first projectiles ever to enter the stratosphere April 6, 1917, President Woodrow Wilson declares war on Germany At age 49, Dr, Cushing was going back to war, somewhere in Flanders field.Volunteers lined up at Harvard Medical School On May 6th, a service was held at St Paul s Episcopal Cathedral in Boston, the banner of course, was star spangled, a special American flagIt was the first Boston flag to be sent to a battlefield in Europe Women wept during the singing of The Star Spangled Banner and The Battle Hymn of the Republic July 4th, 1917 , General Black Jack Pershing Pershing Square and the 1st Battalion of American soldiers arrives in Paris Vive L Amerique On July 22nd, Major Cushing was at No.46 Casualty Clearance Station, where serious head injuries would be sent to his attention On July 31st, at 3 50 am, the battle of Passchendale, in a deluge of rain, begins Four consecutive days of rain, Dr, Cushing, father of neurosurgery, c injuries so severe that he was losing half the men he was trying to help August 26th, 191 7, Cushing receives notice that Revere Osler, son of Grace and Dr and Sir William Osler, of Oxford, England, was seriously injured, Grace, an American, the great granddaughter of Paul Revere Four of America s best surgeons, Cushing, George Crile, and William Darrach and George Brewer of New York tried to save him They were unsuccessful We saw him buried today A soggy Flanders fieldA strange scene the great great great grandson of Paul Revere, under a British flag Dr, Cushing was indefatigable, his surgery of the brain career prodigious, as were his writings on the subject of neurosurgery, multiple books and 16 Volumes of Harvey s published articles , along with a two volume set of the life of William Osler In September 1939, Dr Cushing published an obituary essay for his two surgical friends, Will and Charlie Mayo, who had both died that summer One month later, Dr Cushing, age 70 died, his life span two weeks longer than his friend , William Osler In 1965, the Harvey Cushing Society changed its name to The American Association of Neurological Surgeons The neurosurgeons one way or another, most of them acknowledge that they are Harvey Cushing s spiritual descendants As Cushing said in homage to his predecessors, What has been accomplished does not die.

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    Beautifully written and detailed biography of one of the giants of medicine of last century The hard work, the passion, the intensity, the constant traveling, the aloofness in his own family life Witnessed the creation of a new field neurosurgery and the gradual ascension of American medicine to eventually overtake European medicine as the best in the world while turning these pages Very inspiring.

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    There s a lot to admire about Cushing, even if he s not exactly likeable Such an engrossing biography at times, unexpectedly comical esp when we re introduced to Walter Dandy

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    As a scalpel junkie this book was amazing At the time of surgeries bloom with appendictomies being considered new and exciting , all the names we came across in medical school like osler, dandy, kocher, sherrington, zollinger and carrel working together advancing medicine.now harvey blew me away, it was nice seeing him having the same trouble we had in med school he had amazing energy, dedication i never came across someone who cared for his patients as much as he did he might not have had the brilliant mind i imagined but his love for his work and attention to detail made him transform his job into an art.his only negative aspects where his sexist views and racism but then again he was born in the 1800

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    Where do I begin This is a biography unlike any other, you not only read about Cushing but Osler, Penfield, Codman, Dandy, Horsley, Cutler, the Mayo Brothers and so many leading figures in the history of medicine.This is the story of neurosurgery being born in the middle of modern medicine s renaissance, a time when places like Johns Hopkins, Mayo clinic, Cleveland clinic and Harvard started to appear and flourish.The book is focused mainly on Cushing as a person and how he dealt with his family and friends and how he lived his life, it could ve been a bit better to read about his surgical work but that may put off many people from reading it.

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    Well written, extensive overview of Cushing s life and additionally of the rise of modern surgery Due to Cushing s wide contacts with other prominent doctors, among others William Halsted, William Osler, William Welch, and Arnold Klebs, the biography offers a great tour through international medicine in early 20th century The introductions of anesthesia, blood pressure measuring, sepsis free operating, silk suturing and the modern residency system, pass the revue Dr Cushing is a great humble example for the humanistic profession of medicine.

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    Quite excellently written and absolutely fascinating I d read a little about Cushing before in Bliss other excellent biography,

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    Longwinded and sometimes tedious, nevertheless, this was still a fascinating biography of a fascinating man Harvey Cushing is the father of modern neurosurgery He and his acolytes invented some of the techniques and equipment that are still in use today to explore and repair the brain.

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    Beautifully written An incredible account to the father of neurosurgery.

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    my hero, my inspiration in an account that does not shy away from his flaws.

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