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Relativity and Its Roots pdf Relativity and Its Roots, ebook Relativity and Its Roots, epub Relativity and Its Roots, doc Relativity and Its Roots, e-pub Relativity and Its Roots, Relativity and Its Roots e4a30c5ea31 In This Fascinating, Accessible Introduction To One Of The Most Revolutionary Developments In Modern Physics, Einstein Scholar Banesh Hoffmann Recounts The Successive Insights That Led To Both The Special And General Theories Of RelativityUsing Simple Examples From Everyday Life, The Author Presents Entertaining, Nontechnical Demonstrations Of What Relativity Actually Means And How It Has Revolutionized Our Ideas Of Time And Space Starting With The Geometrical And Cosmological Ideas Of The Ancient Greeks, The Author Traces The Succession Of Ideas And Advances That Paved The Way For Modern Physics, Including The Theories Of Kepler And Newton, Galilean Mechanics, The Work On Electricity And Magnetism By Faraday And Maxwell, And Many Other Relevant TopicsComplete With Easily Understood Analogies And Numerous Instructive Diagrams, This Stimulating Volume Brings The Complexities Of Relativity Into Focus For All Readers, Even For Those With No Math Or Science Background

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    This is the physics book that I ve been hunting for years Hoffman leads up to the development of relativity in historical terms, as the culmination of millenia of experimentation and theorization Thus he shows how the products of one age lead into the experiments and thinking of the next, and how each scientist depends upon those previous.In addition, and this is different from other presentations I ve read, is the treatment of key theories, explaining if not quite rigorously, then at least cogently enough to convince an accepting reader.I was expecting this book to be dense if not impenetrable, but found it very readable and informative, and a good base from which, if properly inclined, I could explore the components in detail.If this had been the basis of my cursory college level physics, it would have fired my interest to a degree that the mold collectors in the basement never did.Certain sections are unclear and may require rereading or further study to capture their full meaning.

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    Fine book for beginners of physics background It did not go so deep into the topic It explains relativity in chronological order of discoveries and also gives its historical background Even for people with no background in mathematics and physics, it is interesting in the way, historical facts and concepts are cogently described.

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    Probably the best intro to relativity, special and general Also in this Category Robert Geroch GTR from A to B.

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    Fantastico e profondo libro sul processo che ha portato alla creazione della teoria della Relativit

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    A very approachable history and development of the theory of relativity There is some math, but it is put off in to sidebars so one can easily skip over the difficult math.

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    One of the most thorough explanations of the theory that I ve read.

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