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The Touch pdf The Touch, ebook The Touch, epub The Touch, doc The Touch, e-pub The Touch, The Touch 84fe5c46d08 A Chinese Doctor In A Southern English Town, Ju Lin S Solitary Life Is Transformed When Lucy Walks Into Her Acupucture Clinic, And Opens Her Heart Ju Lin Is In England To Escape A Failed Marriage And The Memory Of Her Unwitting Betrayal, As A Child, Of Her Beloved Grandfather During The Cultural Revolution

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    A gentle little book, pleasant read and the plot line weaves nicely the reveal when it comes is not a surprise, as you ll have worked it out already Sometimes her descriptors are clumsy and it s certainly not the work of a great story teller but it s enjoyable and a wonderful insight into another culture.

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    This was an easy read and enjoyable in parts mainly the reflections on her upbringing by the main character, Juju The downfall, I felt, came from the current experiences of Juju Dr Lin I didn t find her character at all appealing in the present day and I really couldn t believe that she could or indeed, had formed a friendship with her client Lucy this friendship never seemed to progress beyond a stilted acquaintanceship and I couldn t buy into any deeper feelings between the two nor the interest Lucy s husband Mark begins to show in Juju The whole story really revolves around the secret that Juju carries with her and the betrayal of her beloved grandfather You don t find out until the end how she actually betrayed him and, when it gets to the point, it is something of an anti climax The build up throughout Juju s reminiscences was nicely done and it seemed increasingly certain that the grandfather was in danger in his position as a traditional, well respected herbal doctor, from the increasing presence and power of the red guards Juju s naivety and growing respect for the Red Guard leader Steel was convincing and increasingly frustrating and the potential for her to inadvertently endanger her grandfather became worryingly clear Unfortunately, when the threads of the story come together and the betrayal of her grandfather is revealed it becomes far less believable and also less dramatic than it had seemed In fact, when I found out what had actually happened, I just wondered why she hadn t managed to resolve the situation and repair the relationship with him straight away there s no mention of what came after for her in between betraying him and ending up in England.Then there s the information about her past that her employer, Mr Ching, threatens to use against her what exactly it is that would cause her reputation any damage was beyond me Overall, some nice writing, I enjoyed the elements of her childhood in China and the sense of threat that continued to build but felt the story was let down by an unconvincing character in the present day and an underwhelming ending.

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    Quite interesting story of a Chinese acupuncturist who lived through the cultural revolution in China and settled in England

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    A surprise A jewel Read upon returning from Brazil Acupuncture, reflection, China, the Cultural Revolution, moving on.

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