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    4.75 Bunch of perverts in this church, Taft whispered to Morgan Joseph has two wives, one king s a girl, and Queen Joanne the Normal s in charge page 194 195

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    Horrid Forced to read it for English class, as part of a unit on pleasure reading Had strong words with my teacher on the subject of what did and what did not constitute pleasure reading.

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    Their teacher regarded them sadly I m trying to make it easier for you But why said Remy confusedly You re the one who came over and said we had to pay I don t know why I don t know anything about this I m trying to spread the blame, I guess It isn t peanut butter, said Morgan Blame doesn t spread I read Driver s Ed in the eighth grade It s been such a long time since I read it, but here s what I do remember when I first picked it up, it seemed a little slow But as I read further, slipping deeper and deeper into the suffocating spiral of guilt, grief, and self loathing that the protagonists felt, I found it impossible to look away In case you didn t know, the book revolves around two teenagers Morgan and Remy, and a car accident that takes the life of 26 year old Denise Thompson In Morgan s and Remy s driver s ed class, there s a new craze going around sign stealing There s this bet that says you don t get your driver s license until you steal a sign So, one night, Morgan, Remy, and a senior named Nickie Budie go out to steal their signs Remy chooses Morgan Road , since she has a crush on Morgan, and Nickie chooses the highly coveted STOP on the corner of Cherry and Warren They don t yet realize that by stealing these signs, they have unintentionally taken a young woman s life.Now that you know what this book is about, I m gonna get into the review.First off, I want to talk about the effects of the sign stealing I found Cooney s method of leading the reader through the guilt and regret Morgan and Remy face to be particularly engrossing She explores the utter self hatred, shock, horror, the constant fear of being found out, and the self denial that they actually did anything wrong Remy s doing it too Building a case that we re really great kids The stop sign was just a minor slip, let s shrug, okay, because we have our live ahead of us, and it s too bad that Denise doesn t, but these things happen. The big reveal at the end of the novel was heartbreaking Some people were livid and others can understand what these kids are going through Morgan s and Remy s fathers can t even bring themselves to be angry, because they know they probably would ve made a mistake like that when they were teenagers.As for characters, Cooney s portrayal of Morgan as a typical teenage boy was great I know so many teenage boys that are like this in real life At first, I actually couldn t stand Morgan, just because he really did remind me of the guys in my class But after Denise Thompson s death, he was forced to mature instantly, leaving the innocent, care free teenage boy he was behind to meet the responsibility of being an adult He started to develop and display aspects of his personality his evolution as a character was something interesting, yet ultimately sad to see knowing the reason for his growth Overall, I think that this is an incredible book with a tragic, gritty truth to it that is utterly captivating Again, I haven t read this in a few years, so I m probably due for a reread, but I would highly recommend it to anyone who s interested.

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    This book is about 2 teenage kids who decide to make a bad mistake by stealing a road sign The teens who decided to steal this sign were 3 16 year old teens Their names were Morgan Campbell, Remy, Nicholas Budie the only teens that have had a lot to do with it was Nicholas Budie, Morgan Campbell because Nicholas was tdriver but every night late at night he would drive around staeling signs and Morgan was in it because he wanted that sign he thought that sign was special because it said Morgan Road This whole story starts off in a genetic american suburb.When those teens take that sign off that post they don t relize who they are going to be hurting and in the end they didn t just hurt one person they hurted a bunch because by them removing that sign they took a life of a young mother When they had the guilt for awhile they decided to turn themselves in and take the blame for her death.They thought that they could that they were doing no wrong because Morgan wanted his name road for a drivers ed project.Remy is a blond haired girl, and all she worries about is making sure her hair is the same and right wway each and everyday.Then you have Morgan who is blond also, and is a weight lifter and is a really built guy.I would have to say because I have my licence I would hate if sokmeone took the sign down and made me not know the law for that intersection and that is the reason for my death I really don t understand why some people would even think about removing the signs if they want them so bad why don t they just go buy them This book taught me that think about your actionsbecause they can affect someone and even hurt them I think this is a great book for teens to read because most of us are starting to drive or are driving and this is a great example of things that can happen when stupied teens don t think before they make their decision, and adults too because they can learn that when they think their teens are doing something right and a big sign appears in their room question them and ask where they got that sign.I would have to say this genra is for young adults and adults The reason why I say adults and teens is because kids won t take this serious.

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    This book was very poorly written The plot was so predictable and cliche that it was a struggle to read than the first few chapters I like many others was forced to read Drivers Ed.i was forced to read it in Sopho English My distaste with the book is also found in the style of writing was dull and not entertaining in any way In short avoid this book, but not having read any of Caroline B Conny s other works I can t recommend or otherwise.

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    Not a good read The beginning was nice but then it turned into some depressing teen tragedy The only think I kind of liked was the writing style, and I still skipped paragraphs This is the first book I ve read by this author, and I am still trying to keep an open mind that the rest aren t as bad as this one It was well written, but had I known this was what it was going to be like funny at first then a stupid accident, then people feeling sorry for themselves I would never have picked it up I m not sure what you re meant to take away from this but I kind of got the gist of everything has a consequence but most people with common sense already know that by now And who would steal a sign anyway That s foolish and stupid, and not even they thought it was a great idea, just something fun, then someone is dies brutally killed, and now everyone hates them.

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    NovemberDriver s EdCaroline Cooney In this book, three kids are taking driver s ed classes Then one night they decide that when they were driving home they would steal a road sign This turned out to be a very bad idea because a few days after the theft they saw on the news that a woman had died, because she did not know the roads well and she got hit by a truck The kids that had done that felt terrible about the death They had to go with that burden for a while In my opinion this book was very interesting, but it seemed like it was not happening fast enough This book had multiple themes, but the main one was don t lie This is because the people had been lying about what happened that night felt terrible and they got no sleep All in all a good book

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    I thought this book was one Cooney s creepier works, just because of how grounded in reality it was I ve always felt guilt keenly, so this book really wound its way into the pit of my stomach I think this is a good example of what a teen novel can be it deals with relateable situations that are terrifying in their possibility It teaches a lesson without being preachy I remember not being able to put this book down, but really really wanting to do so.

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    It taught me to think before I do something that helps me but can probably hurt others.

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    When really good, normal kids do something that has bad results, does that make them bad kids Does the entire world change when something bad happens because of something you didn t think about before you acted Do your parents stop loving you if you make a mistake Remy, Morgan and their friends are about to find out This book should be must reading for all eighth graders, because then there wouldn t be nearly as many high school students who don t realize that there are consequences to their actions.Key issues Consequences, friends, family, courage to speak up, peer pressure, blackmail, pranks.Major Characters Remy A good girl, Remy winds up in the position of needing to tell the adults that she loves that she has done something wrong She learns something about love and family along the way.Morgan A bright perfect son in the perfect family, Morgan faces the same conundrum that Remy does should he fess up, or should he hope everything blows over Complicating Morgan s decision is the fact that his father whom Morgan loves very much has decided to run for Governor, and Morgan is afraid that his news will ruin his father s chances for election.Lark Remy s best friend, Lark is the one who came up with the idea in the first place, but then she didn t go along with the others at the last minute.Nicholas Budie Nickie Budie as their child s friend is every parents bad dream, and he was along with Remy and Morgan on the night everything happened Unlike Morgan and Remy though, Nick has decided that the truth must never be told and he threatens Morgan with blackmail to keep him quiet Mr Fielding Although he is the Driver s Ed teacher, Mr Fielding never pays any attention to his students until he is jolted into awareness by certain events.Mr Willit Morgan and Remy s show choir teacher, Mr Willit is one of those teachers who never met a truly bad kid Nickie Bundie does make him question that, though He is also married to Morgan and Remy s pastor.Mr and Mrs Campbell Morgan s perfect, lawyer parents Morgan s father is about to run for Governor and his mother is a high powered and high energy lady.Starr Morgan s little sister Starr is a champion brown nose and a blackmailer extraordinaire as far as Morgan is concerned, and his secret is just the type of thing that she would use to her own advantage if she found out before his parents did.Mac Remy s younger brother Mac is always getting into trouble, and when he isn t, he is pointing fingers and trying to blame someone else for whatever is wrong in the world It s very little wonder then, that Remy was afraid he d find out her secret and use it to torture her But Mac is family, and he is also full of surprisesMr and Mrs Marland Remy and Mac s parents The Marland family is not financially well off like the Campbells are, but they love and support each other in very obvious ways UntilInteresting information Caroline B Cooney has written many award winning books for young people, and this book continues the trend Driver s Ed was an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, and an ALA Quick Pick for Young Adults.

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