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    Chick lit and horribly written It has the feel of Sex in the Citybut in Paris The plot was interesting, but has been done so many times It wasn t done well here Yet another American girl moves to Paris The main character Klein , a fashion designer painterif she wasn t so full of herself, this could have been a fun read But seriously, how many times do we have to hear how hot she is and how French women hate her So many things annoyed me she wanted to move to Paris to find the man of her dreams who would settle down and marry her and they would have children and live happily ever after Yet she kept having these raunchy sexcapades with different men and then wondered why she couldn t find happiness Ummmm, maybe because she was too interested in sex and not investing in the relationship This was on the discount rack at Barnes Noble, so I didn t spend much 3.98 I think , and it was really fun to re live my life in Paris from 12 years ago But Klein was uber annoying and I felt myself rolling my eyes while readingsomething I didn t realize I was capable of doing From another reviewer The author obviously knows Paris and shares some delightfully expensive and romantic haunts to check out the next time you re there The lack of clothes dryers and other quirky observations are also amusing I really wanted to like this book, but the obnoxious Klein kept getting in the way.

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    Girly reading, though it did make me miss Europe Sort of funny, though the main character was a little annoying sometimes.

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    DNFed after 4 pagesCouldn t get passed the bratty sounding brags of how perfect her life was that was obviously going to fall apart EYE ROLL I can t care enough to wait for it to fall apart and then see how it comes back together Not for me Should have given this a try when I was in high school cuz this so isn t for me now

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    As I mentioned in one of my updates while reading Paris Hangover, I started reading this book to kill time, but instead, the book just ended up killing me So I ll start off by explaining my 1 star rating 1 star for the shallow, judgemental, and frankly unbearable protagonist 1 star for the series of complete and utter jerks that this woman dates and doesn t have the self respect to leave 1 star for the number of chances Klein gave Alexandre even after he cheated on her and admitted he wasn t attracted to her 1 star for the dig at Harry Potter yes I am taking a whole star away for this 1 star for the number of times that she claimed to be in love most of the time just based on looks alone 1 star for her self discovery at the end Okay, so this book had me in a constant state of WTF I think my eyes may be stuck in the back of my head from rolling them so often while reading Sure I think it s courageous of Klein to drop her fabulous life in New York to follow her dreams, but in what universe are physically and emotionally abusive boyfriends a dream She fell in love with practically every guy she set eyes on and judged most of them by their wealth, status, and appearance She claims she wants to start a family yet all it seems like she s doing is sleeping around I seriously only finished this book because 1 I hate not finishing things, and 2 I wanted to have the right to make this brutally honest review Mostly I expected Paris Hangover to be a sort of scandalous relaxing read similar to a romantic comedy Instead, it was trashy and mind numbing I seriously had the urge to meet this character in real life and slap some sense into her So long story short, I wouldn t recommend this novel to anyone because frankly it has no substance and leaves me feeling embarrassed of being a female if this is how people plan to portray us.

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    Sex in the City of Paris Yet another American girl moves to the City of Light to chercher l amour If the protagonist, a fashion designer cum painter named Klein, wasn t so full of herself, this would have been a deliciously fun romp How many times do we have to hear how hot she is and how French women hate her With a mindset like that, it s no wonder Like all the other novels set in Paris that I ve read lately, most of the men come off as shallow, philandering flakes who are hung up on the superficial Not exactly the ideal ingredient for a love match The author obviously knows Paris and shares some delightfully expensive and romantic haunts to check out the next time you re there The lack of clothes dryers and other quirky observations are also amusing I really wanted to like this book, but the obnoxious Klein kept getting in the way.

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    Loved this book of an expatriate American who moves to Paris to find Mr Right A very autobiographical account of a life lived in a small Parisian apartment in Saint Germain and the tales of French men, French nightlife and French lovers, until she settles on Mr Right A fun, episodic, tale of living in Paris.

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    A pleasure to read for the descriptions of Paris alone.

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    This was such a fascinating idea, and there were anecdotes and scene settings that I absolutely loved I had two big problems with it A It was clearly written as a memoir the author blurb states that the author also gave up life as a New York fashion designer to live in a tiny apartment in Paris and then lightly fictionalized, but would have worked much better as a memoir than as fiction B the editing was so slipshod that whole chapters were almost unreadably distracting I borrowed this book from the library, and someone before me had gone through with a pen and made copy corrections I m normally wholeheartedly against the marking of books, especially library books, but I don t blame them in this case.

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    Heavily qualified 3 stars this book is preeetty trashy BUT if you re looking for a beach read after a trip to Paris, it hits the spot I also thought the writing got substantially better in the second half or maybe I just got used to it.

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    I read this book years ago and still remember how much I loved reading it because it was such a fun read I was engrossed in the story Loved her writing.

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