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Four Things My Geeky-Jock-of-a-Best Friend Must Do in Europe chapter 1 Four Things My Geeky-Jock-of-a-Best Friend Must Do in Europe, meaning Four Things My Geeky-Jock-of-a-Best Friend Must Do in Europe, genre Four Things My Geeky-Jock-of-a-Best Friend Must Do in Europe, book cover Four Things My Geeky-Jock-of-a-Best Friend Must Do in Europe, flies Four Things My Geeky-Jock-of-a-Best Friend Must Do in Europe, Four Things My Geeky-Jock-of-a-Best Friend Must Do in Europe 8619228bd70a6 Written In The Form Of Letters To Her Best Friend, Delia, Back Home, Brady Tells Of Her Adventures While On A Mediterranean Cruise With Her Mother, And Her Progress On Delia S List Of Things She Must Do, Including The Search For A Code Red Euro Hottie

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    Bought this lighthearted teen story as my tenth book in a ten for a dollar sale While I didn t expect much I was quite pleased The story is told from the point of view of a bright and snarky 13 year old girl on a trip to Europe with her mother It s generally fun and funny and has a series of good natured moments strung together Its a fast and fun read with no dark issues, and at 157 pages it s worth the hour or two that it ll take to read Plus it s wholesome enough for a 13 year old Yep, twinkies may be junk food with no nutritional value and this book is like that Sometimes its fun to just read something for the enjoyment alone.

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    It was hysterical,and absolutely true Half the time you don t know if you should feel sorry for her or just laugh I know this stuff often happens overseas

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    It is a good book so far It tells you how close friends can really be It also shows you how you how some families are so weird Plus it shows you how Brady gets over personal problems.

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    Four Thing My Geeky Jock of a Best Friend Must Do in Europe, by Jane Hamilton is a phenomenal book The book is so comical that the only way to describe it is in four keen details The first detail about the setting is the book The second detail is the main character in this book the third detail is questions for the author The fourth and most important detail why do I think the book is exceptional.The setting of this story is broken up into three places these places are the location of the action in this story The first place in inside of the main character s house, this is the location of the most important part of this story The second place is a cruise ship stationed on the Mediterranean Sea this is the setting of most of the story The third setting is an airplane this is the last setting in this book All of these places play a huge part in this novel, the all host comical, dramatic, and awkward scenes through the novel.The main character in this book is Brady she is smart, athletic, shy young woman Brady has best named Delis Delis has been trying to break Brady s thick shy shell Until one day she gets fed up with her attempt and Delis writes four tasks that Brady most do on her coming of age vacation These four missions were designed to build Brady s confidence a round other people including the opposite sex As the book mature you will see Brady mature and blossom into the beautiful young, intelligent, humorous, fit, woman she was destined to be.These are some questions to the author Jane Hamilton about her book Four Things My Geeky Jock of a Best Friend Must Do in Europe Did the character Brady origin from a actual human being If Brady s origin did come from an actual human tell us whom and a short description of the person What triggered you interest in teens books Explain Where did this inspiration to write this novel come from When did you decide you were going to write books Why did you write a sequel to this particular book All of these questions come as I read the book Four Things My Geeky Jock of a Best Friend Must Do in Europe Why do think this book is Phenomenal I think Four Things My Geeky Jock of a Best Friend Must Do in Europe, because it is comical, realistic, and truthful although it is Non Fiction The author made all of these things go hand in hand and I thought that effect was awesome This author made this book relatable for teenage girls, which can be very hard These are reasons why I admire your book Four Things My Geeky Jock of a Best Friend Must Do in Europe.

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    Four Things My Geeky Jock of a Best Friend Must Do in Europeby Jane Harrington pgs160usadarby creek publishingisbn 9781581960417So your on a trip with your mom which doesnt sound so exciting and it isnn t untill you start to do the things listed on your hand in permant marker to do in wurope and One of the hardest things for brady to do on the list is meet and talk to one of the so called red alert hotties in europe and evn thou meeting and having panics mooments werent so great she had a good time And these accounts sent in letteres to her bestfriend to tell her all about it i liked that the author made it letters to her best friend becasue then oyu can pretend to be her best frien while reading the book.You learn alot about her in this way then i think if it wsnt letter sot her best friend becasue things whould probally be different from what we learn in her letters.My favorite part is when she meets her first Red alert hottie bcasues i thought it was intresting that she of all people would be so intresting to him and she runs away and doesnt even want to talk about him but he searches everywhere on the bast for her i also like the ending becasue there she is lauging about the momentes on the boat and actually hoping for another trip but hopefully a little different which this trip wholdnt see bad.

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    A last ditch read before heading into the weeded pile A 13 year old goes on a cruise to Europe with her mom The story is told in short letters back to her best friend in the US who has written a list of goals on her friends hand in sharpie Wear a bikini in public, meet a code red Euro hottie There is a lot of talk about her blossoming figure, which as a geeky jock, she is not all that comfortable with Funny in places, eye rollingly predictable in others I ll keep it, knowing this will definitely appeal to a slice of my girl population, who will relate to the awkwardness of growing up and it s a quick, easy read for reluctants.

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    ONE OF THE SHORT REVIWSThe characters in this book are Brady and Delia Brady has long brown hair she s nice and very personal Delia is blonde, nice but bossy to her best friend Delia and Brady are best friends In this book the 4 things that Delia told Brady to do were 1.write real letters to her best friend every day 2 Wear a Bikini 3 in public 4 meet a hot Euro Hottie In this book Brady writes to Delia every day and tells her about her day The most interesting part of the book was when she got cursed by a plastic monkey Being cursed made everything go wrong during her trip to the Mediterranean on a cruise ship.

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    Brady sets off on a cruise through Europe with her rather overbearing mother Before leaving, her best friend wrote 4 things that must be accomplished on Brady s hand They are 1 Write a letter to her friend each day 2 Wear a bikini 3 It must be worn in public 4 Find a hot European guy Along the way, Brady meets friends, tries to escape from her mother, and sees famous sights in Italy, France, and Spain.This book is cute and fairly clean However, there is nothing amazing about it Overall, I enjoyed it for a light read but probably would not read it again.

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    came across this book and it s companion while i was shelf shifting we have been looking for junior high girly books so i decided to give these two a try this one is written in letters to a friend about her adventures on a cruise with her mother very reminiscient of angus thongs etc whose books the girls in these books read cute and short which is how some of our students like their books.

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    A great story for teenage girls I heard it was a good book through the grapevine and thought I would give it a try It was not very long and not a hard read at all It is probably better for middleschoolers looking for a sweet, feel good book For me, it was just another book with a happy ending, but it gave me a few good laughs All in all, not too bad.

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