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Untitled Novel 6 txt Untitled Novel 6, text ebook Untitled Novel 6, adobe reader Untitled Novel 6, chapter 2 Untitled Novel 6, Untitled Novel 6 223d05 A Thought Provoking And Courageous New Novel By National Book Award Winner Han Nolan Nobody Gets Away With Telling Eleanor Crowe What To Do But As A Pregnant Sixteen Year Old, Her Options Are Limited Move To Kenya With Her Missionary Parents, Or Marry The Baby S Father And Work At His Family S Summer Camp For Overweight Kids Despite Her Initial Reluctance To Help Out, Elly Is Surprised That She Actually Enjoys Working With The Campers But A Tragedy On The Very Day Her Baby Is Born Starts A Series Of Events That Overwhelms Elly With Unexpected Emotions And Difficult Choices Somehow, She Must Turn Her Usual Obstinance In A Direction That Can Ensure A Future For Herself And For The New Life She Has Created

About the Author: Han Nolan

Han Nolan is widely acclaimed for her evocative language, her gritty subject matter, and her ability to plumb the psyche of her characters Her books include Dancing on the Edge, which won the National Book Award, Send Me own a Miracle, a finalist for the National Book Award, Born Blue, A Summer of Kings, and several other acclaimed novels She and her husband live on the East Coast.

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    Eleanor is 16 and pregnant and just got married to her useless druggie baby daddy Her parents are missionaries whose life work is helping AIDS babies in Kenya and don t seem to be particularly interested in helping raising their own daughter any She s rebelled and found herself in less than excellent circumstances When Eleanor gets pregnant and her parents allow her to get married biting off her nose to spite her face , Eleanor moves into a cabin at the fat camp her new in laws run Also, no one thinks that Eleanor should keep the baby Her parents want her to give it to her sister who is 10 years older and has been trying for a while with no luck yet and her in laws want her to give the baby to them to replace the brain damaged child they had long ago who died Eleanor doesn t know what she wants.Don t worry, her in laws blame Eleanor for absolutely everything and don t acknowledge that their son may have played a part in making the baby and he is a piece of poo, cheating on Eleanor with another counselor, sneaking out to go drinking, and getting high all the time when he s supposed to be working Clearly this is all Eleanor s fault Eleanor, forced to work full time though no getting paid for it child labor laws I guess not at the camp as a dance teacher and counselor, finds that she actually likes kids than she thought she would She also starts to think that maybe her husband isn t the best for her and the baby and begins to explore the idea of maybe being with someone else She also develops a kind of friendship with one of the campers, a shy, whiny 11 year old girl named Banner, whose rich, beautiful parents only want her to be skinny and don t actually care if she s happy.When the day finally arrives for her C section, Eleanor finds out that Banner has committed suicide overnight Emotions are all over the place and Eleanor ends up having her C section while her no good husband is in jail for driving erratically and smoking pot, good for him They find out that the baby has Down Syndrome and now nobody except for Eleanor wants her Not Eleanor s sister, not her in laws, and her parents are off to Kenya again and want Eleanor to come with them without the baby They all want her to give the baby up for adoption and Eleanor KNOWS that she wants to raise her baby herself.In a miraculous twisty ending, Eleanor winds up with a job and a place to live and she is able to keep her baby.Really, this book was longer than I wanted it to be and it had a LOT going on than it seemed like it could handle Eleanor was realistic in her teen decision making I LL SHOW THEM, I M PREGNANT SO I M GOING TO GET MARRIED I LL SHOW THEM, I M GOING TO MAKE THIS MARRIAGE WORK WITH MY LOSER HUSBAND Really, I LL SHOW THEM was a running theme for this book but I felt like it was really trying to pack extra problems in I was NOT impressed with the way any of the adults behaved they were all really, really immature about the entire thing I absolutely hated how Eleanor s parents clearly cared about helping other children than they did about raising their own child and making sure she was feeling safe and secure Ugh, selfish And the way Eleanor was treated by her in laws was completely unacceptable as well Basically, this book had way too much going on, Eleanor was realistically done and I was rooting for her, and I didn t like anyone else in the book.

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    Wow what a book I didn t expect to love this one Like, maybe, but definitely not love And guess what I do love it Nolan has come along and created a book filled with characters that have been swimming around my head for days, making me think about them as if they were real And when a book does that to me, I know I ve enjoyed it.What comes alive for me the most, in this book, is Elly Elly is one of those characters you kind of want to smack upside the head at the beginning and say grow the hell up, girl But then we stay with her a little longer and the reason she acts out becomes apparent and understandable You begin to warm to her and the immature things she does, and the snarky attitude actually become endearing You want to root for her You want everything to work out perfectly.What makes this book are definitely the characters You have pregnant Elly who has pretty much floated through her teen years getting in trouble because of her older boyfriend, and then finds herself married and living on a fat camp with him and his parents who run it Not only does she not know what she s going to do once she has the baby, but she starts to realise that maybe her boyfriend, Lam, isn t the guy she thought he was and someone else might actually be the one for her.Then you have Lam He s a confusing one I think because we re in Elly s head, we see him as she does He s an ultimate douche, especially to her leaving her on their wedding night to go to a party, knowing she s seven months pregnant and can t go But, sometimes I found myself wanting their relationship to work and thinking aww, that s sweet And then towards the end, I kinda hated him.Both sets of parents are realistically flawed, but also a great supporting cast Especially the in laws Every time they were described, I could picture them so well I really liked how Elly dealt with them too.And of course, the camp kids and counsellors All of the every single one that was named and described added to the story I was never bored around them and their conversations were realistic for people around their age group, but telling and heartfelt I felt for the overweight kids who had been sent by their parents to lose weight I felt for the bullied ones and even the mean ones And that s where Nolan excels Because though everyone is described honestly and nothing is sugar coated, she makes you see all sides to the person and you realise that no one person is good or bad They have layers and issues and good and bad traits.You re taken on a rollercoaster with this novel, one that I encourage you to go along with One minute, you think everything might work out The next, you re crying because things just go so terribly wrong This novel is just so honest and so enthralling It doesn t shy away from hard topics and it definitely doesn t sugarcoat anything.I recommend this to everyone Seriously Pick it up and read it You won t be disappointed.

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    Pregnant Pause opens interestingly, to say the least We have 16 year old, pregnant Eleanor, who has just gotten married To the father of her baby, just to make that clear This isn t The Secret Life of the American Teenager.To be honest, this book was initially veryhard for me to get through The first 75 pages were an absolute slog It took me the majority of the six days I read this book in to just build up the momentum to get through it Anyway, once I pushed through, I was touched and fascinated by Eleanor and her story.Teen moms are nothing new in our culture, further, teen moms who make bad decisions aren t either Yet being in Elly s head as she goes through her pregnancy is something very, very new Eleanor s complete bluntness and honesty make her a really interesting character indeed.Something I thought about while reading this book If you saw a teen mom on the street, wouldn t you give a disapproving look, or at the very least think to yourself, what a shame Yet Eleanor, although in a very bad situation, managed to win me over in the end.Eleanor s knack for making horrible decisions failed to win me over at the beginning of the book This character flaw is not resolved at the end, so if it annoys you to have kind of stunted character development, stay away But I swear, it s worth it Elly s complete honesty just, I don t know, made it very hard for me to hate her Yeah, she makes awful decisions But she takes responsibility for everything, she admits it, both to other people and herself She s open.The plot of the story is very sparse, as it is with most coming of age books The pacing, like I mentioned, is great, once you get through that initial slogging first act.The characters are really what sets this book apart never have I read a contemporary book with such well crafted characters Every.single.damn.character pissed me off at times Every single character had their moments, both good and bad Every single character was remarkably realistic.I recommend Pregnant Pause if you re looking for a great contemporary novel that is literally a great book, literary wise Symbolism and theme galore For my full review, visit

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    Love, love, love the ending of this one It s one of the best endings that I ve read in a long time, and I m a sucker for well done endings 4 1 2 stars because of the ending I do love Elly the main character , too I love stubbornness and sticking up for yourself in the face of everybody in the world disagreeing with you Yay for that Don t want to put spoilers in this review, so that will pretty much have to suffice on what the book is about yes, I realize I ve said next to nothing about that The name of Elly s husband boyfriend father of the baby is pretty hilarious, and I m not sure how it s pronounced, which makes it even funnier to me Lam, short for Lamont Rockets to the top of my list of YA novels of the year, also partly because of Nolan s thoughts toward the end about really feeling your bad uncomfortable grieving feelings, and how that can begin the process of letting them start to dissipate Perfect contemplation for me right now The direction to Elly about feelings is given to her in the hospital by a Rabbi even though she s not Jewish I wasn t expecting some of the places this book went, and that is why Nolan is such a great writer BORN BLUE is still my favorite book of hers, but this is a close 2nd now It may be the most generally accessible book of hers that I ve read so far.This was my 2nd Cap Choices nomination for the year, and it didn t end up making the final list My 1st nomination PINK did make it though It seemed like this one suffered from lack of enough readers.

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    This is another example of a book that had a great story characters, but lacked what could habe also been better writing Elly Eleanor is 16 amd pregnant, but not like on MTV She has no money, unsupportive parents and a reluctantly married 18 year old husband The unhappy couple live in a cabin and work at his parents fat camp, grow apart and struggle to figure out what to do with their lives and their impending baby Was an easy read for the tough material Decent novel 3 stars.

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    One of the great social problems of our time is children having children Of course part of the problem is that we have a larger than ever class of people who are physically mature enough to impregnate bear children but not mature enough in other ways to be economically independent, but that s a thought for another day.Elly got pregnant the first time she ever had sex, even though they were using a condom Her boyfriend is a guy who is a lot of fun, but who got her in trouble in ways than the pregnancy They had such a good time getting drunk or stoned together She is in denial about the pregnancy until it is too late for an abortion and she didn t want one anyway When she insists that the boyfriend was about to marry her, both sets of parents facilitate that so these two kids are married and living together at his parents summer camp, where she is told to lie about her age to the kids We follow her through the summer as she realizes that her husband is not ready to be married or a dad She learns that she has a knack for working with kids Tragedy strikes, and then she has the baby a baby both her sister and her in laws want to adopt.MILD SPOILER The baby was born with Downs Syndrome, and all of the sudden, no one wanted her, except Elly I liked this book It was told in the first person and really sounded like listening to a sixteen year old who had crises after crises in her life and couldn t decide what to do but that was Elly, she was sixteen, not my age, and when I felt like telling her to grow up well, like most sixteen year olds, she needed time to do that She wanted to build a life with the father of the baby, but he had lost interest in her, and there was another guy who really seemed to like her, which one should she pick She was alone when she should have been loved and supported The camp at which the book is set is for overweight children It is mentioned that many of them are suffering from emotional problems as much as from poor diet and lack of exercise It is obvious that Elly and her husband have emotional issues issues about which those who are supposed to be caring for them are oblivious In some ways the pregnancy rescues Elly Being at the camp puts her in a position of helping others deal with their pain and turns her into a fighter for the underdog One thing I didn t like about the book was the way Elly referred to sex as the big nasty , but I guess if I had an unwanted pregnancy with a jerk the first time I ever did it I thought the book was pretty realistic in its portrayal of teen pregnancy and child bearing It doesn t push safe sex, as Elly got pregnant despite the condom The pregnancy wasn t fun, and the adults point out all the problems associated with keeping the baby The emotional issues involved in giving the baby up for adoption was well covered as well The only unrealistic thing was that the happy ending seemed a little on the forced side and she seemed awfully active the week after a C Section Grade B I d like to thank the publisher and NetGalley for providing a review copy of this book.

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    For the first three quarters of the book, this was going to be four stars, and I was going to write this review about how this is Han Nolan s second best book Crazy being the best Nolan really did make me feel sorry for Elly it s been a long time since I ve gotten this attached to a fictional character Nolan s big success with this book was that she really got me to cheer for Elly I wanted so bad for her to have her character growth, for her to have some hope in her life.But that fucking ending.The structure was this book s biggest flaw, even from the beginning, but at the end, it just went completely incoherent Multiple major characters are almost totally dropped, giving their storylines no conclusions The central conflict has suddenly changed, and Elly s path to growth is now totally different from what it was before.But that s not what s really wrong with the conclusion The thing that s really wrong is that Elly s supposed character growth is complete horseshit Elly doesn t actually grow or change at all, she just finds a new way of deluding herself, and as much as her life is a mess at the beginning of the story, her life at the end is somehow even worse The problem is that Nolan doesn t seem to be aware of this she s trying to pass off this terrible ending as growth for Elly But it s not Elly is still clueless, with no handle on her life, and is probably utterly screwed This book ends up being a massive downer, not because it deals with a whole myriad of issues from teen pregnancy to suicide, but also because the hope that Nolan tries to introduce is so blatantly false that it s just pathetic I m rarely legitimately angry at an author for making writing decisions I disagree with, but the fact that I cared about Elly throughout this entire novel made me feel massively betrayed at the end when her story ends as hopelessly as it does It s one of the most profoundly unsatisfying books I ve ever read.I considered giving this book one star, because of how angry and depressed I felt when I put it down But I have to give credit where it s due the first three quarters of this novel are pretty good The structure was never great, but it doesn t totally collapse until around the time Elly s baby is born And the characterization and prose are both excellent Nolan really does know how to write characters I care about I guess I just wish she would put that considerable talent to better use Side note Was I the only one who thought it was weird that, in this book written and set in 2011, nobody had cell phones or used the internet

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    Pregnant Pause will take you on an emotional roller coaster and a journey of discovery and growth for the main character Ely This is a different spin on teen pregnancy, and I like the other themes that are woven in like friendship, forgiveness, self esteem and taking or not responsibility under high pressure situations The characters are rich and really make this book, from Banner the whiny camper, to Lam the teeter totter husband, to Ziggy the one who confuses us even , the in laws with their quirks and her parents with their naiviety, and we can t forget the Old Bat Many things surprised me about the way the story went, and it s really stuck with me So yes, you will get some of what you expect and a lot that you don t a It took me a while to understand and connect with Ely, at first I just wanted to smack some sense into her, but as we find out reasons behind her troubles, and as she grows into herself, she really is an admirable character that I learned from I really recommend this, but I would put a mature teen label on it for some language, drug reference, sex and tough issues.

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    I ve had enough of whiny whyt b tches not to be racist, but I am very angered right now who complain about getting pregnant even though it s clearly their fault The main character is undoubtedly insensitive A nine month pregnant teenager smoking a joint at the morning she s supposed to give birth unheard of Then suddenly her daughter has Down Syndrome, and suddenly her sister doesn t want the baby any because of her defect Like, how mean is that I m very angered towards this book because it contrasts my beliefs not only in rights but in religion I wouldn t recommend this book Eleanor isn t very pragmatic and reliable when it comes to making life decisions Just because you re pregnant doesn t mean you ll have to marry the ass who used a five year old useless condom and now, is the father of your unborn child THIS IS JUST WRONG Teenagers nowadays are very reckless and clouded by temptation and bluh bluh I d never make Eleanor decide my life for me even if my life depends on it.

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    Actual rating 3.5Elly really annoyed me at the start of this, and although she still had annoying moments later on in the book, I couldn t help but warm to her She was treated so awfully by her family, and it seemed that everyone she thought she could count on walked away I just wanted to give the poor girl a hug There was a few parts that bored me, and as I said before, there was a few parts where Elly annoyed me, but the majority of it was pretty good.

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