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    Willa s life in the beginning is awesome A freaking holy grail of a blended family Particularly with her stepfather, Jack, and his ex wife, there seemed to be a real sense of do what s best for the girls , the girls being Willa s two stepsisters I was actually really happy to see that kind of compatibility for a blended family happen in a book Made me think it could be real Too bad it was a setup Blood Wounds, in case you can t tell by the mugshot cover, is not a happy times book In fact, I m surprised that Willa is Miss Mugshot on the cover, because frankly, she s one of two, maybe three, characters who acted with any decency, and the other two were minor characters Unless the mugshot is supposed to represent how she consistently gets trapped and bullied by the horrible selfishness of her family And for the record, her family is a great big ball of you people suck , and that goes for both her blended family and the one she never knew on her biological dad s and mom s hometown of SmallTown, Texas There is a lot going on in this book, but most of it is undercurrent until about halfway and then it steadily reveals itself all the way through to the end You will not get what this book is really about from the synopsis I thought I d be reading a book about a girl and her mom on the run from her crazy father for the entire book, with Willa learning family secrets from her mom and facing hard truths along the way While they do go into hiding for a short section and while Willa does do the latter in a sense, it s not in the way you think it ll happen It s much about Willa making her peace with a family she never knew, finding her own voice within the family she grew up in, and trying to figure things out by confronting the her mother s past and the facade of perfection that her blended family exudes The plot is steady the whole way through There is a moment of anxiety when the cops show up at Willa s house and no one seems to know where her mom is but otherwise, the plot is pretty even keel and flows on a diet of Willa coming to terms with who her parents are were, and how she fits into the many family dynamics she has to contend with You may have noticed my temper flare a wee little bit in the paragraph above That s because I really do not like her blended family I get family loyalty, but there was this sneaky sense of, If you really love me, you ll do things my way that was always present in conversations and influencing actions For the record, such emotional manipulations are not love they are bulls% In particular, I really don t like Willa s mother To be fair, I didn t really dislike her until the end, and she s an extremely complex person Actually, I wouldn t mind reading an adult fiction novel with her as the protagonist As much as I didn t like her, she s seemed to have had a difficult life caused both by her own crappy decisions, as well as consequences beyond her control I feel like her story and own coming of age could be just as significant as Willa s, I didn t really see her come full circle Truthfully I m predicting splitsville for her and Jack I feel like their entire family was based on a pyramid scheme of emotional usury I read the entire book pretty quickly, it flowed at a steady pace, and Willia has a decent voice I really admired who she became at the end of the book She really handled herself, and if she were real, she d grow up to be someone you d be proud to know However, Blood Wounds wasn t a stellar read for me This is a tough review for a book with tough issues, but there was something off for me I really wish it had either been about just Willa coming to terms with what her father had done and the family she never knew OR had been about her blended family situation There was certainly enough dysfunction to support the latter Blood Wounds has decent writing, but there was a little too much crazy in the plot for me to handle I think in the end, Willa had so much dysfunction in her life that it made be feel like there was no support for the book itself I need a little hope or some redemption with my stories, and in the end, I just don t feel like I had enough give me that.

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    I ve finally realized that while author Susan Beth Pfeffer may be good at creating amazingly complex situations, she is not so good at writing well rounded characters who experience growth or change as a result of the situations she puts them into In Blood Wounds protagonist Willa is a seventeen year old living with her mother, stepfather and step sisters Although step families are so common today, Willa s not by blood family is the focal point of much drama despite the fact that Willa s mother married her stepfather when Willa was five In addition Willa cuts herself to relieve stress, her biological father is an abusive, drunk, born again Christian who goes on a killing spree, slaughtering his new wife and their children view spoiler Bio dad actually killed his wife and twins in their home He took his youngest child with him on a cross country flight and severed her head from her body before approaching Willa s house Once at Willa s house, he carried the head to the front door before being gunned down by the police hide spoiler

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    Killer dad on the loose Yes, this book has an awesome hook, and a serious amount of bloodshed If you get queasy at the thought of blood, avoid But that s only half the story, with the other being dysfunctional family, with a quiet but prickly girl, Willa, stepping up to an unusual situation The two stories fit uneasily together, and the underlying metaphor couldn t be heavy handed Willa is a cutter, which explains the title Her perfectly happy yes, that s meant ironically blended family doesn t do conflict, so it s a bit of a shock when Willa s biological father kills his second wife and one of Willa s half sisters, that she didn t even know about not a spoiler, this happens at the beginning of the book and then heads her way Will Willa pretend she s fine, and stay quiet like she s done for years, or is this finally what s going to jar her out of her passivity Come on, guess I liked Willa s obstinacy, I thought that part of the story was great The other characters weren t that well developed, and the family story wasn t integrated well with the suspense part It was jarring when Willa imagined what had happened during the killing spree it seemed tacked on And the resolution, as satisfying as it was for those of us who like hopeful endings, happened awfully neatly and quickly at the end Everything s all better now Read this for the plot, if you like stories about troubled teens.

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    Hi, my name is Kristy and I m addicted to Susan Beth Pfeffer.This week has been a gobble fest for me, I m at the beach and have yet to read a beach book , but who cares right This book is nothing like the Life or Someting like it series. at all.This book is about a girl who never knew her father or her step brother and sisters A Father who is a killer Digging into your past Finding out if your past defines you Figuring out no family is perfect Acceptance Peace Fear Regrets Making life changing decisons.bottom line super short, sad interesting story, a little lacking Not my fave of Pfeffer s, but not bad. at all.3 stars

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    I read through some of the other reviews for this book before settling in to write mine I sometimes do that out of curiosity, and lately out of worry that I m going to be the first negative review if I didn t like a book This was one of those cases but I was relieved to see I wasn t the only reader who had issues with this book.On the surface, it seems like a really deep and relevant book But that s the problem the whole thing is surface None of it gelled for me, and the story and characters fell flat This book is SO short for something that tackles cutting, socioeconomic issues, blended families, domestic violence, and murder The characters ended up coming across as emotionless and the events happened too fast, even though most of the dialog was redundant and didn t move the story forward.I found the opening confusing It took me several pages to sort out the family members since it wasn t stated upfront that it was a blended family so I thought the step dad was a brother at first, then one of the step sisters called him Dad, and there was reference to Mom who turned out to be Val, and Willa s mom who is Terri.There was no description, either Not of characters or setting Nothing I felt like I was reading faceless voices in a void most of the time And the voice of the book came across as very young, at times annoyingly young.Anyway, the opening showed a very happy family, and then Willa starts thinking about wanting to cut It s all very matter of fact, and I get no real emotion from her regarding it This is a very serious subject, and it ends up getting lost in the story about Willa s father, whom she s never known anything about other than his name and he lives in Texas, and then suddenly the cops are at her door telling her he killed his wife and Willa s half sisters.There is a sudden turn in Willa, who decides she has to find her family even though she s got an amazing and loving step dad and mom, and her step sisters seem to really care for her, too I don t get at all the idea that Willa comes to that she s supposed to just act the way she s expected and whatever not one person treats her that way It also drove me crazy how the news was all dropped on her not just the initial news of her father, but other things throughout the story and how she came to correct conclusions about things without all the information It was as if the author didn t want to have other characters tell her everything so she s not accused of info dumping, but Willa s conclusions aren t realistic And other characters do the same thing, seemingly answering questions that were never really asked.I finally ended up skimming the last half of the book which really wouldn t have taken long to actually read because it is so short but I was tired of Willa, tired of the other characters, and tired of the unrealistic reactions and logistical planning so much talk about who will drive whom where, and who will fly where with whom.Overall, this is just not a novel I can recommend It suffered of too many ingredients in too small a pot, and what I really love about novels deep characters and rich story worlds were completely lacking.

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    In a nutshell, I liked this book The pacing is great The story is entertaining, even with the serious themes it carries It carried my attention well and was easy to digest I do have a few additional thoughts, however, that I would like to share 1 Willa Willa has been through so much in this storyfrom being a part of a blended family, to feeling inferior to her much wealthier stepsisters and always having to rearrange her life around their activities, to finding out that she has siblings that she never knew about, to finding out her father is a murder, and even big, huge stuff It is hard enough to see Willa being pushed around, but even harder for me to endure Willa being so down on herself She has basically no self esteem or voice whatsoever, it seems She always seems to be taking one for the team And she deals with all of this in unhealthy ways It is just unfortunate to me that Willa is so sad I wanted her to gain a little umph in the story, having gone through stuff even some grown ups couldn t handle, but she just didn t seem to develop as much as I would have hoped for as a character 2 Secondary characters I say it all the time I love a story with well developed secondary characters This can make or break a book for me This story had tons of characters in it Most of them had quite a bit of face time in the story Most of them had flaws or problems, which was super interestingand made an awesome opportunity for character development Despite the opportunity, however, there was not much in the way of character maturity and I think this is largely due to the length of the book I would have loved to find out, for example, of Trace s Willa s long lost brother back story and I would have loved to see a little of Willa and Trace interacting together as siblings The same applies to all of the secondary characters Another example of this would be Willa s stepfather Jack Some of Jack s past transgressions were mentioned to Willa, and this affected her negatively, even to where she thought about it a couple of times after she found out Nothing was ever discussed between them, however, and there was no resolution with this it was left as a loose end of sorts 3 Willa s parents I have talked before about being disappointed with the way parenting is handled in YA literature It is a trend, I think, that there are bad parents or absentee parents in many of the YA books circulating out there, and it makes me really sad I am excited to see that there is a nuclear family in this book and that they all seem to love one another, even going as far as talking about how they eat dinner together at least one night per week no matter what It gets a little messy, though, with Willa s mother keeping information about her father from herand the fact that she has other siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins Willa s mother also allows her own daughter to be treated unfairly with regard to her stepdaughters, even treating Willa unfairly herself for years, over and over again, in order to keep peace with her husband and his ex wife This is where the nuclear family crosses over into bad parenting The difference here, as opposed to the trend in other YA books, is that it is an integral part of the story and there is some to this resolution in the end 4 Book length I really feel that Blood Wounds could have gone from good to excellent in my opinion if it were a little bit longer and a little detailed I always completely respect the vision of the author in creating their stories, and I rarely would suggest something so bold, but I really believe that in this case expanding the story would mean a great deal to the development of all of the characters, including Willa If the story were longer, there would also be of a chance to tie up the loose ends that were left out there in keeping the novel short In particular, it would be an excellent chance for us to see Willa being treated fairly in comparison with her stepsisters which would really change her life for the better and give her a boost in her confidence and self esteem All in all, I m really glad that I read Blood Wounds and despite what it looks like given the length of my thoughts above, I really did like it I just think that a longer book would have made it awesome.

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    It is a terrible book Why I kept reading it is a mystery to me She isn t a likeable character and the way she talks is in an adult voice Maybe things are different in Texas and middle America, but out here on the coast kids aren t always ready to say yes please, no thank you, I m so sorry , etc. This is supposed to be a girl in crisis someone who is cutting It is an important topic but I never felt the angst.Everyone is so lovey dovey especially for a blended family with three teenage girls At the end you realize there is a strong undertow pulling down the family It would have been a better book if readers could be made to feel the hidden current pulling them under too I never get it when authors make a big deal about blood family The whole end of the book was stupid on so many levels What happened to her half sisters was horrible but it was unrealistic for her to relate to them The fact that she didn t remember how abusive her father was is hard to believe If you are terrified of your dad when you are four you most likely wouldn t forget that There are other books by this author that are better Skip this one.

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    Rebecca WeimertContemporary Realistic Fiction Willa lives with her mother, stepfather, and two stepsisters Always feeling left out Willa cuts herself to relieve the stress she feels in her home Willa s mother worked hard to give her a good family life, but her past comes back to haunt her Willa s biological father has murdered his wife and children and is coming for Willa, but is caught and killed by the police The horrible deaths of her family shakes Willa s world and she is not sure who she is any She travels to Texas to attend the funeral of her sisters and reveals even family secrets Through the heartache Willa learns acceptance and forgiveness.This story left me on the edge of my seat, wondering what new secret will be revealed next Through Willa s point of view I felt the heartache she felt when she was out casted by her stepsisters, and when she saw the truth about her real father and the family her mother left behind The story ended well which left me feeling happy that Willa finally had what she needed, money and a happier family.

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    I was so disappointed w this book I gave it a lot longer than I normally would with a book because I love this author s previous works, but I realized halfway through last night that it was of a chore than a pleasure to read Every author has a dud occasionally and I m sad to say this is hers The main character s voice is very immature she sounds like 12 than 16 This may have been intentional but in the end, everything here just felt off.

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