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Frost explained Frost, review Frost, trailer Frost, box office Frost, analysis Frost, Frost 8cd9 Leena Thomas S Senior Year At Boarding School Starts With A Cruel Shock Frost House, The Cozy Victorian Dorm Where She And Her Best Friends Live, Has Been Assigned An Unexpected Roommate Eccentric Celeste LazarAs Classes Get Under Way, Strange Happenings Begin To Bedevil Frost House Frames Falling Off Walls, Doors Locking Themselves, Furniture Toppling Over Celeste Blames The Housemates, Convinced They Want To Scare Her Into Leaving And Although Leena Strives To Be The Peacekeeper, Soon The Eerie Happenings In The Dorm, An Intense Romance Between Leena And Celeste S Brother, David, And The Reawakening Of Childhood Fears All Push Leena To Take Increasingly Desperate Measures To Feel Safe But Does The Threat Lie With Her New Roommate, Within Leena S Own Mind Or In Frost House Itself From Debut Author Marianna Baer, Frost Is A Stunning And Surprising Tale Of Suspense That Will Have Readers On The Edge Of Their Seats

  • Hardcover
  • 396 pages
  • Frost
  • Marianna Baer
  • English
  • 12 August 2019
  • 9780061799495

About the Author: Marianna Baer

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Frost book, this is one of the most wanted Marianna Baer author readers around the world.

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    I have no idea how to rate this 2 and a half stars might be fair It is well written, Baer has a lovely style, but the story just didn t work for me.Leena is a Senior at an exclusive boarding school She s pretty, has a lot of friends and is involved in everything sports, counseling, getting ready for college A lot of this is to try and make up for her parent s divorce which caused her to reject her family and bond to her school environment And now, for Senior year, Leena s swung a great deal, getting her and her friends and exclusive house to board in.Things start going wrong with Leena is assigned a last minute room mate Celeste is a brilliant artist with all the requisite emotional problems Instead of the cozy living environment Lenna envisioned she s playing peacemaker to her bickering room mates and Celeste s overly involved brother, David.It s at this point the book gets coy It s a ghost story No, it s a psychological thriller Maybe it s a treatise on mental illness with shades of teen romance gone bad.Whatever it is, it s a mess and left me ultimately unsatisfied I liked the ending spoiler alert but it was flawed Leena gets hospitalized for several days with severe flu like symptoms Later this is blamed on a carbon monoxide leak but the thing with CO is that you feel better when you leave the house Leena and Celeste s headaches and problems seem to follow them wherever they go If they were truly dealing with CO poisoning, they d want to get out of Frost house because doing so would instantly make them feel better Instead both girls become obsessed with staying in their dorm rooms or, in Leena s case a closet Also, Frost house has a den mother but we rarely see her When Leena collapses, vomiting and sick, it s her roommates who get her to the infirmary The den mother never even stops by to visit.I d like to see what this author puts out in the future but Frost was a disappointment.

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    Important safety tip If one is going to write a novel about a haunted house, it helps to include the haunted bits as opposed to whiny teenage girls with whiny teenage problems that I, a semi adult reader, don t give two shits about reading.I ll admit that I finished it It wasn t difficult, the writing sort of sucked me in from start to finish was a mere 3 hours of reading time But though I kept hoping something would kick the story into a higher gear, it never happened Everything just plodded along with long stretches of boring teenage dramaz while the narrator got obnoxious with each passing chapter and don t get me started on the source of the haunting view spoiler apparently there s a massive carbon monoxide leak, but they just let the students live there anyway headdesk hide spoiler

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    A haunted house story for teens that keeps the pages turning Not of the Goosebumps variety, in the spirit of Lisa McMann s WAKE or even the old gothic classics There s a ghost or something like it in Frost House, a tiny dorm converted from an old home at a boarding school called Barcroft Leena Thomas and her best friends are finally seniors, and Leena has talked the dean into letting girls have the house instead of the boys who have been rooming there for decades Leena is planning a semester having a room to herself until the fourth in their group comes back from studying abroad, but all that changes when another girl s broken leg requires a sudden change to a first floor room Even worse is Celeste s eccentric, artsy fartsy reputation Will Leena and her friends be able to make room for this girl with mental issues in her family tree Celeste becomes convinced that Leena s friends are vandalizing her stuff to get her out of Frost House Is this a cry for attention on Celeste s part Does she really need help Or maybe weird things really are starting to happen in Frost What attempts to repel Celeste lures Leena closer and closer, centering on a closet with an odd smell, but not odd to Leena, who finds it a sanctuary from the problems of senior year, even a place to get away from the good things, such as a burgeoning romance with Celeste s brother David A mostly harmless predilection for prescription drugs seems to be worsening for Leena as she fights the smothering of Frost House less and less The world outside that one small room and its smaller closet may be too much for her Who needs best friends that drop her when things go wrong, or college interviews, or anything really as long as she needs the house and it needs her

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    It s creepy on a couple of levels surprisingly, I m disappointed in how things turned out Frost is a psychological thriller that didn t get me going I was never really very scared And the points that had me creeped out,I don t think were supposed to creep me out.I read on hoping things would pick up.When Leena and her friends decide to room with each other, things could have not been better for her She s basically independent anyway, and her friends were her family When Celeste is thrown into the mix, things got interesting The girls could be catty and territorial Perfectly understandable, yet, I could find nothing remarkable in them I was almost tempted to not finish FROST because nothing happened in the beginning but slowly excruciatingly so, strange things would take place around Celeste And this is what had the Leena wondering, was roommate right in the head or was there something sinister going on And I still didn t care. The whole reason I was still reading was to see how things would play out in strange trio that had resulted in Leena, Celeste and Celeste s brother, David.And David Oh boy talk about creepy, he s protective And in the end it s his schemes that revealed just how protective he could be It s his part of the story that had me swinging from ummm to eeegh But Leena s no better She s just too good to be true with her wanting everyone around her to be happy The problem was she had problems of her own And her theories of why Celeste was the way she was well those applied to her as well.And there s no good way to say this, so I ll just say it the ending sucked.2 5

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    Moving into Frost House for senior year wasn t just a curiosity it was like a compulsion for Leena Thomas.The fact that Leena would be among the first female residents of the previously all boys dorm meant little to her Frost House, from the moment she saw it, drew her in It was home A safe haven.It was an old house There were bound to be quirks A cold breeze, a musty scent, the feeling that someone was watching all were explainable phenomenon As were the broken vase, torn skirt and the erratic knocking Anyway, why should she believe her roommate, Celeste, that it was something Celeste was the eccentric one, it was probably just her imagination.And just because everything in Leena s life was beginning to fall apart didn t mean it was the house s fault Frost House was the only thing that made her feel safe, reminding her of a time in her childhood when things were okay.When she was curled in the corner of her closet, breathing in the comforting scent that wafted through the grating, permeating her senses, there was nowhere she d rather be She could think much clearer when she was tucked away in its depths And the voice she heard was just her own subconscious, even though it didn t always sound like her.She just had to be patient Things looked bad now but everything would be all right in the end And no matter what anyone said she would not leave Frost House She would not leave her home No matter what the cost Frost is the thrilling, ominous and definitely spooky, nail biting debut novel from author Marianna Baer Right from the start, readers know that there is something not quite right about Frost House, but just what is wrong is left until the very end to be revealed.The author drops in bits of information, building the mystery, suspense and sense of foreboding, while at the same time slowly breaking apart the main character s life And as Leena s life begins to fracture, readers will be left wondering what the real cause is the house Celeste David, Celeste s overprotective brother Is it all just a prank to get Celeste to move out Or is it Leena On first glance, Leena appears to be confident, a leader and a good student with an active role in school activities She is hard working and seeks to help better the school and herself by forming a peer counseling group She decided to put a moratorium on dating and focus on her schoolwork until she is assured of a place at a college of her choosing.And for her senior year she thought it would be great for her and her friends to move into Frost House But when she gets the surprise news that she ll be rooming with Celeste Lazar, a than slightly eccentric and potentially unstable girl, her perfectly envisioned senior year is destroyed.From the very start things begin to fall apart And as Leena tries to keep the peace between her housemates she only seems to make matters worse She soon finds herself isolated from the people she had called her friends since her first year at Barcroft Academy, with only Celeste and David to keep her company But she s not sure just how much she can trust either of them.As Leena fights desperately to keep everything together, she doesn t know what to believe, as secrets about Celeste and David s family history come to light and a rumor surfaces about something dark that happened in Frost House a long time ago.Frost will keep readers in suspense as to what is really happening until the last moment And with each dark turn in the story, as pieces of the puzzle are revealed, the there is to question.Author Marianna Baer does a fantastic job of setting the dark tone of this story, which makes itself known from the very first words Before I lived there, before any of this happened, I imagined Frost House as a sanctuary.And as it progresses, the darkness grows and completely envelops the story and the main character Frost is eerie without being frightening and mysterious without being confusing It will keep readers glued to the story as the events unfold, always wondering what will happen next and when the final blow will hit.As a standalone novel, Frost really delivers, leaving no loose ends It is a definite recommended read for fans of stories about haunted or possessed houses, ghost stories or paranormal mysteries with a psychological component.On a personal note I wanted to read Frost ever since I saw the cover and so I had to request it for review I absolutely loved reading this book and I could not put it down Just knowing right from the beginning that things were going to go terribly wrong had me completely hooked.I was immediately pulled into the story by the dark and foreboding feeling the author created And she kept that feeling going throughout the story as things just kept getting worse and worse for her main character.Even though, as a huge horror fan, I ve read a ton of books about mental breakdowns, ghosts and possessed or haunted houses, I was completely entertained by this book I didn t have that yeah, yeah, this again attitude I so often have when reading these types of stories.I am always one to blame ghosts, rather than any of the rational explanations, but this wasn t quite so clear cut and even at the story s end I still wasn t completely sure what to believe Which for me is a really, really good thing.While there is a lot left to the imagination, especially Leena s backstory and the history of Frost House itself, enough was revealed to keep me intrigued and make me want to keep guessing.I m not sure how much I liked Leena, but I don t believe she was supposed to be completely likable Half the time I sympathized with her and the rest of the time I either thought she was completely blind to what was going on or was maybe just a little bit crazy.I really loved Celeste I thought she was a unique and very interesting character and really kept this story off balance, which is a must for me.I would have loved it if the book had ended prior to the last two chapters, but then again I don t mind an ending which leaves everything a mystery in these types of books I can t say too much or it will completely spoil the story, so you ll just have to read it for yourself and see if you feel the same way.It didn t take away from the story for me, at all I will definitely re read this one day, and plan on adding the finished copy to my collection, but there were some ideas about one of the characters that were brought into the story at the end that felt just a bit out of character for them.I am so glad that I asked for a copy for review I was very happily surprised by this book I knew from the description it would be a story I d enjoy but I didn t expect to get as caught up in it as I did And it s nice to read a standalone supernatural book every once in a while.And I can t wait to see what Marianna Baer s sopho effort will be.

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    3.5 stars Story wise, this was a great debut novel Mysterious, spooky, and confusing, yet it was slightly frustrating and unrealistic There were also a few loose ends that never got explained I knocked off half a star due to the main character being a huge, thieving pillhead This dangerous habit found its way into the story several times per chapter, and was in no way relevant or conducive to the actual plot It really bothered me that the author felt the need to include it so frequently and on such a casual note, ESPECIALLY for a YA book.

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    Surprisingly engrossing, with some nicely creepy moments Review to come.

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    A solid combination of Contemporary YA with horror, the way the horror elements blend with a traditional Contemporary plot school drama friend drama love interest drama was really organic and well done Quick and easy read, not too scary, addresses issues of mental health and substance abuse.

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    I love crazy, quirky books Sometimes I find a jewel of a nutty read and some of the images stick with me forever.This is one of those books.Perfect for Fall, Frost drops us back to school a boarding school and in a house on the property that is a dorm for four students and a totally absent house mother.Leena, studious and nerd girl cool, is rooming with her two besties Forced on them is Celeste, the school s crazy girl and the reader thinks Oh, great, another book about friendship dynamics and how they change in senior year.Oh, hell to the no.This is a flat out horror story complete with a gothic setting, unreliable characters, false leads, and red herrings It is a strange in a good way read Yet another book I wanted to put down and call everyone who was reading it and say, Hey, did you just read that Did that really just happen I needed a break from the end of the world, shapeshifters, and zombies and Frost House provided a much needed escape Not that I would spend the night there, but still..

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    Frost is a deeply chilling and psychologically thrilling read that will suck readers in and turn their world upside down Leena Thomas seems like the typical American teenager She has her group of friends and her extracurriculars, she s independent and friendly and ready to start her senior year However, as the novel progresses, the cracks begin to show Subtly at first, but increasingly insistent Her mistakes seem innocent and humanizing, but they are slowly tearing her life apart.Leena s friends are an eclectic group, and not always the most likable people I would have liked their friendship to play a larger role in the story but at the same time, it s important for the plot that Leena becomes increasingly distant Nothing is as it should be in Frost House, and nothing is as it seems Surprisingly, Leena begins to develop a relationship with her unwelcome new roommate Celeste and her brother David Celeste is beguiling, Leena s opposite in almost every way She s artsy and eccentric, oblivious to social niceties and pretty self involved Yet, it s impossible to hate her when no one can quite understand her She s an intriguing enigma, and readers will vascillate between frustration, fascination and pity for her haunting and inscrutable character.The relationship between Leena and David is incredibly well developed Instead of meaningless conversation or mere flirtatious banter, the two teens bond over their personal demons David s institutionalized father, and Leena s broken home They have a mutual understanding that connect them on a deeper level than just physical attraction Yet, as with all other aspects of the novel, something s not quite right The bizarre bond between David and his sister is disconcerting, and readers are never quite sure what it means Marianna Baer invites readers to speculate on its true nature, entertaining a whole host of unnerving possibilities.Baer is a master of the power of suggestion Even when nothing is happening, readers are on edge and ill at ease Everything just feels off The reader is left unsettled almost from page one, waiting for the other shoe to drop It s impossible to pinpoint exactly when everything begins to unravel, or to tell the difference between real and imagined The pacing of this novel is crucial, and pitch perfect The slow downward spiral is so subtle, readers may not even notice it at first but it s there, a slow, steady march toward the abyss By the time they realize what is happening, it s already too late.http thebookishtype.blogspot.com 20

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