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The Princess Curse summary The Princess Curse , series The Princess Curse , book The Princess Curse , pdf The Princess Curse , The Princess Curse 55b2a0a8da Merrie Haskell S Middle Grade Fantasy Novel Princess Curse Is An Imaginative Retelling Of The Fairy Tales The Twelve Dancing Princesses And Beauty And The Beast In The Fifteenth Century Kingdom Of Sylvania, The Prince Offers A Fabulous Reward To Anyone Who Cures The Curse That Forces The Princesses To Spend Each Night Dancing To The Point Of Exhaustion Everyone Who Tries Disappears Or Falls Into An Enchanted Sleep Thirteen Year Old Reveka, A Smart, Courageous Herbalist S Apprentice, Decides To Attempt To Break The Curse Despite The Danger Unravelling The Mystery Behind The Curse Leads Reveka To The Underworld, And To Save The Princesses, Reveka Will Have To Risk Her Soul Princess Curse Combines Magic, Suspense, Humor, And Adventure Into A Story Perfect For Fans Of Gail Carson Levine

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    DNF at page 121, no rating.Honestly nothing wrong with the book, it just did not work for me.

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    Initially I realized today at work that I wouldn t be coming home and reading this today because I finished it last night, and that made me sad There is no surer sign of a 5 star book for me, so yeah, I friggin loved this.Review I feel like I ve been talking about this book non stop for all of 2013 And reallyI kind of have Every now and then there are books that come along that you expect to like, and hope to love, and that is enough But sometimes, you pick up a book, and you re pretty confident you re going to like it, and then something happens, some magical, alchemical thing, wherein the book is clearly meant to have permanent space in your brain You can t really explain it it might not be the best written book you ve ever read, or the most universally praised it might not even be something you d feel the same about, were you to read it at a different point in your life But for whatever reason, at this moment, it s right It pushes all your buttons Ticks your boxes Fills your gaps You and The Book, sitting in a tree, forever.And for whatever reason, The Princess Curse was one of those books for me It s one I know I will reread, probably for a while to come And because of that, and because I ve been talking about it almost non stop since reading it in January, I kinda don t even know where to begin.There was something just so engaging and lively about the story, and about the heroine, Reveka, especially She s exactly what I wanted in a female protagonist as a kid and still want now she s smart and competent, and she has a passion, which always fleshes out a character nicely she approaches her world intelligently and fearlessly, even when she s scared and I know that sounds like a contradiction, but you know what I mean She s not flawless, she s not a Mary Sue, but she is a great heroine to connect to, both age appropriate and smart relatable for readers beyond that age She s curious and willful and a little fierce As a character, she s kinda perfect I don t know what else I could even ask for.And Reveka leads us into a really great, memorable world, a sort of Eastern European mdeieval setting that draws on real historical figures and cultural traditions and beliefs of the time to build a great sense of place Added to this is Haskell s take on the magical underworld of the story, Thonos, which is based in known myth and fleshes the fairy tale and Reveka s world in a really enjoyable way Though most of the story is spent above ground for Reveka, the pieces of Thonos that we do see are gorgeously evocative, incorporating the known and typical underworld aspects of the fairy tale, but expanding it, working in other traditional depictions of underworlds, and playing them off of each other to make something really intriguing The two worlds play off of each other very well, and it s something I d love to explore she says, crossing her fingers that a second book will come to be.Also and I don t want to give anything away here, but there s an excellent bit of mash up going on I love a good mash up, and Haskell begins to incorporate some Beauty and the Beast elements at the end that could really be explored in a second book ohpleaseohpleaseohplease Sometimes mash ups can seem chaotic and piecemeal, but Haskell uses the elements of both stories judiciously, along with the pieces of the mythology, as mentioned, choosing the ones that work best together and kind of blending one into another, to make something that seems effortless and real.As is clear from this review, there is room to grow into second book or dare I say series and though I m really hoping that happens because I don t want to be done with Reveka and her world, the book is not necessarily open ended Things are wrapped up nicely, and one can end this book feeling like it s complete, with the reader given an idea of what Reveka s future will hold This is nice for the imagination to play with, but also nice because it leaves open the possibility for of this fantastic world and these fantastic characters, and I know I m not alone in saying I would truly LOVE to see how Reveka and Frumos interact when she s older.So if it s not clear, I m saying Pick this one up Read it, love it, share it around It s definitely worth your time.And bonus factor Botany No, but seriously, though Am I the only one who gets a little giddy when botany plays a part, especially in a fairy tale I love me some characters who garden, man

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    This is book is a retelling of three fairy tales and all bound up into one The author had the idea to bring not just one, but three fairy tale concepts together into one book Add to that the element of Greek mythology, and you get this book I don t really know how to describe it but I ll try my very best.Fairy TalesThe Twelve Dancing Princesses This was the first fairy tale concept that was introduced in this book We have 12 princessses who were cursed by a magical being that makes them dance all throughout the night But that is not only the case in this book The girls were willing to dance with the one who cursed them in order to avoid doing another task.Beauty and the Beast The prince in the book is a zmeu, a dragon which can change its look to be human But in the book, the dragon is unable to control his forms by his own choosing because he is also cursed.Sleeping Beauty This is loosely related but some people from the castle were cursed to have an endless sleep until the curse is lifted Or so they thought.Greek MythologyHades and Persophone The prince is a ruler of the Underworld and finds a bride In this book, he had to find a bride to save his dying land, not because he fell in love with her in first sight.Athena Briefly mentioned More like a cameo.The concept of the book is overwhelming because of all its elements but reading it was completely opposite It s only 328 pages long so the author was not able to deliver the concept convincingly The ending was rushed and left wide open, and there are a lot of unresolved issues like who cursed the prince, why did he became the ruler of the lands, why would marrying someone save his lands and .I find this book mildly entertaining but in my opinion, the author should ve sticked to only one concept if she is unable to develop it further So we are left with a book which is roughly jumping from one concept to another.

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    Reread 12 2017Loved it Full review to come Originally posted at Small Review THAT bookI ve been lusting after The Princess Curse ever since it was nothing than a tiny little blurb with no cover and not much information And ever since that time, I ve had two warring halves living inside me.One side smugly crossed her arms, stuck her nose in the air, and declared that NOTHING would be as amazing as Jessica Day George s 12 Dancing Princesses retelling.The other side was a starry eyed mess praying to the book gods that The Princess Curse would become THAT book where I d want to hug it forever and sleep with a copy under my pillow at night.Gloriously, the latter actually came true Ever since I finished reading I ve had to fight myself not to pick it up and read it all over again and again, and again My review pile is glaring at me Now that isn t to say The Princess Curse is better than Princess of the Midnight Ball That would be comparing apples to oranges.Because the thing you need to know about The Princess Curse is this You have never read a 12 Dancing Princesses retelling like this.Oh how you astound me Merrie Haskell totally has an Author Brain yes, with capital letters Now, I kinda knew this already from all the time I had spent stalking her blog It s sprinkled with all sorts of goodies from The Princess Curse I knew from those little peeks that The Princess Curse was going to be a story like no other, but it wasn t until I actually read it that I realized how much was there.In a lot of ways this is an everything but the kitchen sink kind of book There s so much stuff in there Historical bits, herbalism, adventure, magic, romance, growth, curses, shape shifters, war you name it and it s there.The thing is, it never feels like that I was never bored with pages of information about the world both the fictional Sylvania and the historical Romania around the time of Vlad the Impaler I never felt antsy reading through dry details about herbalism.That is because none of these things were told to me Really, none were even shown, as authors are so frequently told to do Merrie Haskell went beyond telling and showing, instead making me live her book I never once felt like I was reading I was living, breathing, hearing, feeling, and experiencing everything right alongside Reveka I ll talk about her later The best kind of fairy tale retelling In addition to the 12 Dancing Princesses story, Merrie Haskell also wove in TWO tales and they are almost as integral to the plot as the 12DP story but I m not telling you what they are.I never would have thought of combining these stories and if anyone had told me they were going to be combined in one book, I probably would have looked at it with some major skepticism, but that s why I DON T have an Author Brain like, at all All I can say without spoiling things is that Merrie Haskell makes it work Obviously the original story is getting a shake up in Merrie s version, but, like all the best fairy tale retellings, The Princess Curse retains the heart and features of the original tale or, in this case, tales.I loved the tweaks made to the princesses, the reason there are 12, why they dance, what is under their castle, who saves them, the invisibility cloak, the king s promise, the fate of the failed princes, and the villain All of these features remain faithful to the original while totally turning things on their head in the most original ways imaginable.New book best friend Remember I said I d mention Reveka Oh gosh, how do I explain Reveka She is so awesome This is a MG book, so she s on the younger side, but that didn t stop me from relating to her There were so many points where she would think something and I felt such a kindred spirit bond with her because I totally felt the same way There s this part with spies that especially stands out for me Reveka is inquisitive, fiercely independent, she knows exactly what she wants and she will do whatever she needs to do to get it She s stubborn, she s funny, she s adorably irreverent, but underneath it all she has a good heart.Reveka would be in good company among Anne with an E Reveka completely channels that spirit from Anne of Green Gables, Vivian Vande Velde s Lylene or Alys or Mel from Sherwood Smith s Crown Duel and that s high praise from me considering those are among my top favorite ladies from my top favorite books.I can t say much at all about the other characters without giving things away But, I will say that you will meet people who are of the make my heart melt they re so kind and sweet variety think the old guardian types You will also meet people who made me want to reach into the book and slap them silly Some made me sigh with exasperation, while others left me laughing Some shocked me with their hidden depths, and others touched me with their quiet romances.But the best of all the one with such depth who touched my heart, stoked my anger, made me swoon this is MG Yeah, but if you have an older mind , and left me begging for , well, I m not saying another word about him tease much You betcha Bottom lineRichly drawn and lovingly rendered, The Princess Curse touched my heart, made me smirk, gave me a new book best friend, and has left me begging for I am astounded at the amount of originality and depth in this story The Princess Curse is that MG book that totally silences those who would scoff at MG books as dumbed down stories.My one complaint is that there is no guarantee yet for a sequel, and I want a sequel The ending is open, but less in a way that it s a cliffhanger or the story is incomplete and in the way that you know these characters will have a full life ahead of them But I want to read about that life What will convince publishers to print a sequel The sales of The Princess Curse Oh, hey, on a totally unrelated note, did you happen to notice that, at the time of this posting, The Princess Curse is available for purchase I m just saying Ok, ok, I know, I m totally not subtle Can I blame my lack of finesse on my all consuming love for The Princess Curse Originally posted at Small Review

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    4.5 stars that will turn into a five star rating, once I have the sequel in my handsThat is not to say that this ends with a cliffhanger No, the story in this book is mostly properly resolved, especially the part about The twelve dancing Princesses retelling.As for Beauty and the Beast We only get about two thirds of it, and having loved this story _ and its characters _ of course I want something .There s not much I can say without spoiling the story, so I ll just say this I loved the fact that the setting in which the plot takes place feels real Very middle age, and as such the reality isn t sugared This was a time of wars and famine.The fact that Reveka_ despite being thirteen years old _ acts as someone much mature than someone in our time would, because times were different She goes about her chores without complaints or woes.I loved the characters characterization From Reveka, to her father _ not forgetting Dragos of which I want to know so much _ it all felt realistic enough.And last, I loved the writing Maybe because even though this tries to be middle grade it has an undeniable darker tone, that wouldn t be misplaced in an adult story.For me the only thing that needs improving is the cover, that is just too juvenile.

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    I LOVED this book.I picked it up expecting yet another slight and amusing riff on the theme of girl with 21st century attitude stars in retelling of classic fairytale set in unspecified yet still annoyingly historically inaccurate medieval kingdom Instead, I was blown away by Merrie Haskell s impeccably realised and researched world the 15th century principality of Sylvania, a country so convincing I was quite shocked to discover in the Author s Notes that she made it up whose Price lacking an heir and desperate for alliances to preserve his country s independence from it s rapacious neighbours is prevented from marrying off his twelve daughters by a very inconvenient curse which not only causes them to wear their shoes to rags each night, but responds to any attempt to separate or remove the princesses from their tower bedroom with floods and earthquakes.Enter apprentice herbalist and accomplished liar Reveka, a commoner recently transplanted to Castle Sylvian by her father, an ex soldier Nice allusion to the Brothers Grimm Twelve Dancing Princesses there Reveka s interest in the princesses curse is at first solely motivated by the reward money, which will buy her the chance to one day run her own herbary but once she discovers the princesses aren t the curse s only victims she becomes increasingly determined to break it, especially once she realises that the peace and stability of her new home rests on discovering the princesses secret However, there are no easy fixes here and freeing the pricesses from their nights of dancing results in anything but a happy ever after.This book was excellent in so many ways, but the best thing for me was that Merrie Haskell has that great and rare gift of knowing her world so well that she DOESN T FEEL THE NEED TO EXPLAIN EVERYTHING The characters know their own stories, customs and history, so we, the reader don t have to, and, while this book resolved the mystery of the princess s curse, Haskell has left many tantalising loose ends and unexplained mysteries, amongst them the back story of her gorgeously sympathetic Demon King leaving me in desperate hope for a sequel In the meantime, I ll have to resort to googling Romanian fairy tales.

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    I enjoyed the beginning of it but half way through I got bored.It was a decent book but not much to fangirl much for me about.

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    A delightful and lighthearted read My favorite line was when Reveka was talking to the old woman in the tower and the woman tells her how peaches will kill a pig dead if he eats to many of them and Reveka s like I put that advice away in case I ever got a pig someday I laughed so hard at that, don t know why really, just thought it was harlarious My only qualm about this book was it ended to soon should of had a sequel where Dragos turns into his human form for good and Reveka and him live happily ever after Not to give away spoilers or anything Anyway a great read full of wit, great characters and fast paced action.

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    Reveka is a 13 year old girl who after being raised since she was very young in a convent has recently been reunited with her soldier father, who is the kings gardener to the Prince of Sylvania Now they live at the castle and she is an herbalists apprentice.When she is summoned to the Princess consort to explain why the 12 princesses,her stepdaughters all ended up smelling like cabbage after their bath,she confesses that she sprinkled some herbs in there hoping to break the princesses curse Even if she thinks its a silly curseAnd it was a silly curse, wasn t it Every morning, the princesses left their tower bedroom, exhausted, with their shoes in tatters..and every night the twelve princesses Maricara Nadia ,Tereza,Ruxandra,Rada Lacrimora,Viorica, and Otilia go to bed and in the morning their slippers are worn right through but they wont reveal where they have been or what they have been doing to ruin their shoes.To further complicate matters Sylvania is a small kingdom and surrounded by other powerful neighbours and some of them have started believe that the curse the princesses are under is nothing than a political ploy Especially as everyone who has tried to find out what the princesses were doing in their chambers has fallen into a deep sleep and the emissaries from the neighbouring kingdom who were sent to try and break the curse has vanished into thin air The King has declared that anyone who can break the curse will be rewarded and Reveka badly wants the money so she can set up her own herbarium.It starts out as way for her to get her what she wants but when she becomes involved with the people who are indirectly victims of the curse she realizes that much much is at stake.This is as must be apparent a retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses yet none of them are the heroine of the book Its Reveka,the 13 year old herbalists apprentice and she was great main character to follow She had plenty of wits but was not entirely perfect,and she struggles with her newfound relationship with her father Konstantin.They are developing something of a connection but not sure I liked how Revekas father Konstantin told her how he couldnt even remember her mothers face.I was expecting this to be a bit childish but to my pleasant surprise it showed great depth not only when it came to characters but also when it came to the plot as things are far from black and white andin a way I felt the princesses themselves were as much a threat as any beast or invading army They are not the only ones affected by the curse and yet they remain so secretive and refuse to do the one thing that will free their sisters,wake the sleepers and keep Sylvania from being torn apart by war.Its also very interesting how the author has put the story in an actual historical time even if Sylviana as a country is entirely made up as opposed to most fairytales tend to take place in once upon a time land.Revekas father for example used to be a soldier for Vlad Tepes and one of the rulers who are just waiting for their chance to invade is Matthias Corvinus.The book also touches on a sensitive subject,altough it doesnt explore it in detail There is nothing explicit just mentioning it.Namely that of girls marrying very young,so I was very glad that the issue with marriage was brought up and one concern put to rest when Reveka is fretting about it and told by Dragos that he believes while many girls marry early there is no consummation until years later. But Princess consort Daciana was also married when very young and I am not sure the Prince Vasile was so chivalrous or decent This is the first time I have heard of the zmeu and even before he or it appears in the story it in the tapestry of the maiden about to be abducted by a fearsome zmeu that Reveka observes many times.The bit where Reveka remarks on how the girls in the stories never get the hint and then she herself didnt catch on to the clues about Lord Dragos.Yeah that was a bit funny.In the stories, you always know who the zmeu is the storytellers always say he s charming and friendly and looks like an ordinary man, but they also drop hints so broad that you can t help but think the girl is stupid for not knowing.It has the right fairytale quality to the writing there is even a handsome but Reveka thinks he is simpleminded cowherder by the name of Mihas who goes around with his mouth hanging open and who many people to Revekas disgust has a crush on her.When the setting changed to the underworld I felt the story lost a bit of its pacing when it started involving less of the folklorical elements and instead crossed over to the greek pantheon mainly because I felt the Persephone story has been done so many times before and didnt feel as fresh and inventive as the rest of the book But still towards the end of the book it picked up some of what it had before.The book is labeled as a middle grade book but I think its also a good read for adults and I get the feeling that this is one of those books that you can read when young but appreciate the darker and complex bits when you re read it as an adult.The story but left me wishing there was a sequel In fact there must be a sequel because otherwise how will the author account for all the sequel baits in this book.Get to writing Miss Haskell Please If you liked this one you might likeThe Seventh Bride T Kingfisher

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    THE ONLY COMPLAINT I HAVE ABOUT THIS BOOK IS WHY IS THERE NO SEQUEL It ends like there s gonna be a sequel and HOW DOES SHE BREAK THE CURSE I NEED TO KNOW coughcough sorry I literally just finished it and I can t coherent very well right now XD This was a great book and I rarely give 5 stars unless I truly loved and enjoyed a book But you might want to save yourself from the anguish of needing a non existent sequel crawls off into corner to coddle book and cry tears

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