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As I Wake pdf As I Wake, ebook As I Wake, epub As I Wake, doc As I Wake, e-pub As I Wake, As I Wake a832bc6e0df Ava Is Welcomed Home From The Hospital By A Doting Mother, Lively Friends, And A Crush Finally Beginning To Show Interest There S Only One Problem Ava Can T Remember Any Of Them And Can T Shake The Eerie Feeling That She S Not Who They Say She IsAva Struggles To Break Through Her Amnesiac Haze As She Goes Through The Motions Of High School Life, But The Memories That Surface Take Place In A Very Different World, Where Ava And Familiar Faced Friends Are Under Constant Scrutiny And No One Can Be Trusted Ava Doesn T Know What To Make Of These Visions, Or Of The Boy Who Is At The Center Of Them All, Until He Reappears In Her Life And Offers Answers But Only In Exchange For Her Trust

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    I look down at the ground and close my eyes.After a moment, I open them I see my bare toes on the road I am here.I am not dreaming This is me This is my life But it doesn t feel right.It doesn t feel like mine, it still feels like a dream I m in, that I ve been put in.This is one of those books that will inspire a polarized reaction Some of you will love it Most of you will probably hate it It s odd in so many ways not to everyone s taste for sure but here s a small help if you enjoyed Wake by Lisa McMann, you might enjoy As I Wake, too I for one adore authors who are brave enough to write something completely different, especially in YA.The most obvious thing that sets this book apart from others I ve read recently is the writing style It is very unusual, almost too bare at times Parts of it read like poetry, and in those parts the author used not only words, but space as well She often put each short sentence on a new line, thus giving her story a rhythm that is highly unusual in prose, but that makes it very easy to read The story is equally unusual Ava suffers from complete memory loss, a condition the doctors attribute to a brain inflammation they somehow failed to notice They decide she s healthy enough to be sent home with a woman claiming to be her mother Ava does her best to fit into her old life, but when her memories start coming back, they don t make any sense at all She remembers being a girl that looks like the Ava she is now, but not quite She remembers living in a tightly controlled society, working for the State Antiterrorism Taskforce as a listener, spying on those who represent a potential threat to the government The world she remembers is one where your every move is monitored, your every word is recorded, and you can get publicly executed for doing something as simple as falling in love, unless, of course, it s government approved What s , she remembers the people around her, but as slightly different versions of themselves She remembers seeing her friend Olivia clubbed to death for having an affair with another girl, but here Olivia is, alive and well and attending high school together with everyone else Then a boy shows up, and Ava starts remembering other parts of her previous life a forbidden love, the constant danger and running from her past The Ava I m supposed to be doesn t know her.But the Ava I am does.I am here, in this world, in this life.But I don t think I m from here.I don t think I belong here.I close my eyes.Books about memory loss seem to be very popular lately, but I do believe that Elizabeth Scott offered a story that is new and original I m not exactly sure what this novel is dystopian, science fiction, a combination of both or something else entirely, but I know that I liked the end result a lot It s unlike any other book I ve read this year Besides, I finished it in no than two hours, which I know some of you will appreciate.Favorite quote He is nothing to look at, and yet I can t stop looking at him There is something beautiful in how his face is made, how all the tiny flaws blend together into something perfect than perfection could ever be 3.5 stars

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    I don t think this book quite deserves the low average rating it currently has 3.07 the last time I checked but I can sort of see why it got it To fully appreciate this novel you would have to be a very specific type of reader, one that it s going to be difficult to find You would have to be a fan of dystopia that is about the characters than the world building, you would also have to like a bit of starcrossed romancing but minus the happy endings, and you d have to be okay with not knowing what the hell is going on for about 80% of the book.That last thing I mentioned didn t bother me too much, in fact it was the 20% where I did understand what was happening where the story became tedious and highly repetitive Whilst the mystery of Ava s sudden amnesia and the mysterious memories that don t quite fit with the life she s been introduced to is ongoing, I was glued to the pages in wonder People repeatedly call the book confusing, well, I get where they re coming from but trust me if I can wrap my head around it then anyone can I don t think the accurate term is confusing , it s weird, unexpected and mysterious but there s nothing particularly difficult to understand What people mean when they say confusing is that they didn t know why certain things were happening but that s all part of the story s mystery The book s writing style didn t do it any favours, though It was odd and disjointed, perhaps this is Elizabeth Scott s preferred style as she also uses it in the only other book I ve read by her Living Dead Girl The difference was that the narrator in Living Dead Girl was very young when she was kidnapped which would allow for her short, simplistic sentences, whereas Ava should sound like someone in their late teens but doesn t.I also didn t care for the way Scott kept repeating the same things over and over, it was like an endless circle and it happened with different matters throughout the novel How many times were we told that Jane was her mother, and yet not her mother, that she recognised her but at the same time not her, a different her, in a different time Perhaps this sounds weirdly interesting to you, but after reading it for the twentieth time it s nothing but an annoyance Also Morgan, she loves him but they could never be together, but she can t live without him, but if she really loves him then she ll have to let him go and on and on.It feels somewhat like a waste of an idea that was very original The story is a whole new take on dystopia, told from a new and interesting angle, but there were just too many things that kept me from loving it Still, I did like it.

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    Please visit my blog at OVERALL RATING 1 5The one star Yeah, that was for the cover Thank God this book was less than 300 pages It was awful and the only reason I read it so fast was to force my way through it and make it to something interesting I m actually quite proud of myself for making it through at all.Starting out, your first thought isWTF Ava doesn t have a clue what s happening, and since the story is in first person POV, neither do you She has random flashbacks of a dystopian alternate universe where you only get a vague glimpse of what once was dream, memory what The story is intriguing at first, but after the first page, the broken, sporadic writing starts to get annoying and hard to follow And repetitive Here s an example I turn away and start to run.I run, and no one comes after me.I run, and I am alone.I am in a place where I never asked to be I am an Ava I m not.I run, and there is nowhere for me to go There are no exits.There is no out.I am here, and Morgan I run, and don t let myself finish the thought.I can t.I run, and everything I know is nothing again.Alright we get it, you re running See what I mean Exhausting.There is even unnecessary repetition, such as 1 everyone she sees, she says that she sees a different name A name that I know or I remember name But not this name And I mean it s every freaking person she meets 2 She doesn t belong and that s she s not supposed to be there Don t worry, if you forget, she ll remind you Every chapter Sometimes twice a chapter.There isn t a lot of character depth You can t really get a feel for any of the people s looks or personality because she doesn t do a great job of describing them Most of the characters were a blurry unidentifiable blob in my head because she didn t give me a handle on their identity Ethan has dark curly hair And And nothing I think later on she mentions blue eyes Tall Short Skinny Not Who knows Your guess is as good as mine Greer tall with straight hair Oliva curls and a heart shaped face May as well make them up in your head, cuz that s all you re gonna get.The only character she really goes into depth with is Sophy this spelling makes my eye twitch But again, it s not much She s short and wears attention drawing clothing That could mean anything Chains and studs Or bright ass colors Hmm One thing you get about Sophy is she s on some kind of power trip She s evil and wants power Which is another thing you won t forget, because once again she reminds you every time Sophy shows up Power this, power that Power, power, power Oh, and did I mention Ava doesn t belong here There s one point where Ava is watching listening to Morgan this is her job in the alternate dystopian world and she says something about his breathing and how she knows he s masturbating So she then proceeds to touch herself Like, W..TF Random and unexpected raunchy scene in a YA fiction Okaaaaay It had nothing to do with anything and didn t contribute to the plot in any way whatsoever.Another really irritating thing like, reallymy eye literally twitched a couple times was the dialogue Aside from putting two different people speaking in a paragraph which, if you re skimming, gets really confusing the characters would frequently stop mid sentence and start to say something else without ever finishing the original train of thought When I say frequently, I mean at least twice on every page Seriously Scott, just because you know what your characters were gonna say, doesn t mean we can guess it And that Sophy girl, she really wanted power Okay, we get it The only thing I even remotely liked about this story was the idea that love transcends time and space Even after having her memory taken away in a new world, Ava eventually remembers Morgan and what he meant to her.In the beginning, every time Ava tries to remember something she gets a headache By the end of the book, I was definitely sympathizing with her This book gave me a headache Maybe if I sit and stare at the pretty cover it will go away.OVERALL ASSESSMENT Plot 4 5I love the idea of other selves in alternate universes It just wasn t carried out very well.Writing Style 0 5I hated it It was monotonous and irritating.Characters 1 5Like I said, no character depth and little to no description.Pace 1 5This book moved extremely slow I was bored 99% of the time.Cover 5 5The cover is extremely appealing to me Too bad the book was terrible.

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    As I Wake is rather unlike any book I have ever read The cover matches the contents brilliantly, it s smokey and mysterious, gorgeous and a little bit eerie and, like the girl on the front, I felt head achey trying to get my mind around it.I really do love Elizabeth Scott Every book she writes, she surprises me she does have a signature writing style but sometimes it is funny, cute or quirky, other times heartfelt and other times barren yet full of depth As I Wake is written in a sparse style of prose, so the reader is instantly dropped into the plot with no preamble or reasoning It opens with a girl in a world she does not remember, having headaches and memories of another world, another life Nothing makes sense to Ava, and Scott puts her readers firmly in Ava s shoes I felt like the plot was swirling around me and it was hard to grasp all the pieces just like Ava was struggling to make sense of it Plot wise, you have to discover for yourself but it is a little bit The Adoration of Jenna Fox, parallel universe y, dystopia, soft sci fi elements, a dash of contemporary high school and there s a love story in there too The whole thing has an incredibly eerie undertone At times I felt uneasy, hopeless Yet there were brief moments of beauty and compassion among the sadness and confusion Like the writing, the world building is sparse It is very much about one girl in this one crossroads moment of her life The world s are not explained, details are sketchy what it strong is the mystery, the emotions, the sensations of it all It was hard for me to picture everything, but I still felt pulled into the story.This book may frustrate many readers But I am firmly an Elizabeth Scott fangirl I just love her stuff Anyone else may not have been able to pull this off in so few words, with only splashes of detail and barely there explanations for plot twists and turns But I thought it was gorgeous and compelling and I honestly felt swirly while reading it, and it has a strange lingering effect now It is odd, that s for sure, but it worked for me Conclusion this is rather like a book you read while having a dream, all swirly and out of reach It was a dream like reading experience Regarding the love story, it is surreal and fairytale vibe than true, but I easily slipped into it, I think it matched the whole thing superbly and I always fall for Scott s boys She has a swoony gift.I don t know if this is the book for you shrugs but maybe my review has evoked a little of how this book felt for me I am going with 3.5 stars and rounding up to 4 b c it s Elizabeth Scott and I can be biased like that

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    This book has a great hook Ava wakes up and doesn t know where she is, how she got there, why she s there, or even who she or anyone else around her is It only gets interesting when she starts remembering things, but these memories are from an entirely different life Instead of an average suburban life, she s remembering a life in a totalitarian state, where her job is to listen to somebody else, to make sure he never does anything wrong When Ava is piecing together both lives, this book can be fascinating Her average suburban life isn t actually that average, and the details of her dystopian life are given out slowly, in pieces Which ends up meaning that there are a lot of things that are intentionally left undefined We re kind of given a shorthand that will give us an idea of what that life was like, because the actual details aren t really that important Still, it was the continuous discovery that kept me reading.Yes, there is a romance, because I think it s actually illegal to write a YA that doesn t have a romance It could have been worse Yes, this book is driven by the romance, but it isn t taken over by it But this romance, like so many others in YA, never felt real to me I never really understood the attraction, or felt how much these two characters must have loved each other I could see it on the page, but I couldn t internalize it This is probably because Ava feels really distant I can understand why she would be It makes sense, considering her background, that she d be very careful about her emotions and her expressions, even in her own private thoughts And she does eventually loosen up a little, both in her narration and in how she interacts with others But that does mean that for much of the book, she keeps everyone and everything, including her own thoughts and feelings, at arm s length Which makes her a tough protagonist to get to know, or to connect with.I m also not a fan of the last chapter view spoiler The Happily Ever After ending lessens the impact of the chapters before it, and it just seems too good, too easy The ending also left a lot of things unexplained, unexplored, and vague We don t know what happened to many of the characters, and a lot of things that happen within the book aren t fully explored I don t always mind this, and I didn t mind every loose end here For example, it doesn t bother me that we don t know for sure what will happen between Olivia and Greer, though I think the hints we re given are enough It does bother me that I don t know what happened with Ethan, or even really know what Sophy was planning hide spoiler

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    As I Wake could have been so good In fact, throughout the beginning I was captivated We are introduced to teenage Ava, as she wakes and realizes she doesn t know where she is, or who she is We experience her life as she does The first person narrative, I wake I see I feel initially presents an intimate and intense pace for this book Unfortunately, once I started to figure out what was going on, the story fell apart What I loved about this story is that author Elizabeth Scott has a pretty cool idea about Ava and her life view spoiler Alternate universes, with the ability to somehow travel between them In addition, while life may be very different in different worlds, generally but not always you are surrounded by the same people hide spoiler

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    I would consider this story sci fi very different in my mind from paranormal , which is a genre that I typically avoid It also relies heavily on alternate universes, which I detest as a rule Neither of these aspects endeared me to the book, in fact the whole story really disturbed me I also felt like I never got all the information I needed it drops you right in the middle of something and you have to figure out what happened, but you only ever get pieces of the puzzle Even at the end, I felt like I was looking at the story through a fog I have no idea if this is part of a series it certainly didn t leave me with a settled feeling for the characters but if there are books, I will definitely not be reading them The message seemed to be the world is a scary place no matter when where you live, so fight for love as hard as you can Not a bad message, but the way the author got there was a complete mess This was my first Elizabeth Scott novel and it completely threw me off of wanting to read any of her work I know this isn t her usual genre she does a lot of Contemporary YA but it made me not want to even try those.

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    Let me start this review by saying, what you think you know about this book is probably wrong I read the blurb, saw the cool cover and was all happy because it s the second new Elizabeth Scott book this year and I like Elizabeth Scott Her books are usually contemporary and cute and involve guys I wish were real So when I started reading this book, I thought it would be similar to her others But then the I read, the I realized this was completely different from her other stuff And it was absolutely brilliant.Unfortunately for you, dear reader, I cannot completely reveal why this book is brilliant I will say that the thing I ve been wanting in YA is in this book It was a surprise a very welcome surprise that you have to work out with the narrator and when I figured it out, I frakkin celebrated I want books like this Please, please, authors, write books like this Okay, let me tell you what I can Ava is the narrator She wakes up and knows absolutely nothing She doesn t know who she is, where she is, or what is happening around her It reminded me, in a way, of The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E Pearson, which is also a brilliant book with a mystery behind the narrator s amnesia The Ava interacts with the people and places around her, the she remembers a different place, which is where the mystery really kicks in What s caused Ava s amnesia What s real Who are these people Ava sees in her visions memories episodes and why do they look so familiar From the beginning I was spinning theories of what I thought was going on Most of them came from TV or books I ve read, but nothing I thought of completely fit the situation, which is great I love not being able to figure out what s happening until the end, or near the end as the case may be.The part I couldn t get to fit until the end was the boy Ava sees the most in her visions He was an anomaly who played a large role I loved everything about him At first you have no idea who he is or how he connects to Ava, but after a while, it doesn t matter.His relationship to Ava is the central point to this book and what pushed it over the edge from brilliant to I will tell everyone about this book brilliant.I will warn you, though, that Elizabeth does not give you all the answers I still have questions about the ending and what really happened and how it happened and what happens next and OMG SHE NEEDS TO WRITE A SEQUEL takes a deep breathe I m better now But seriously, Elizabeth Scott, you need to write a sequel, or a short continuation Something, anything Please.Yes, it s that good And yes, I recommend it to everyone I don t care if you ve read her books before and they weren t for you I don t care if you don t like mysteries or books where the main character can t remember anything Whatever excuse you have, I don t care You re reading this book The day it s released Add it to your to be read lists, mark September 15th down on your calendar, and set a reminder alarm to visit your local bookstore because this is a great book and you should read it And once you ve read it, you can join me in stalking Elizabeth Scott and constantly asking her to please, please, if you love us at all please, write a sequel.As I Wake will be released on September 15th from Dutton Juvenile, an imprint of Penguin.Reviewed at WhatchYAreading on July 12, 2011.

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    I honestly don t know what i think of this book It went up, down, around, backwards, and forwards.The writing is completely unstable, the characters are poorly developed, i cannot even explain how unnecessarily confusing the plot is, giving the reader no explanation what is going on or happening And the ending is ridiculous I mean, I read the synopsis, which explained that Ava was having memories as a spy, but did the book give any explaination for what happened to her or why Nope I was also very angry to find that the other characters in this book didn t even have to be there Sure, Ava remembered themfromthis other life, ButNOTHING.HAPPENS.IN.THIS.BOOK The endingwent nowhere Characters didn t make sense This book is just a hot mess Elemental Breakdown Story 6 10Plot 4 10Characters 5 10Writing 5 10Ending 3 10Score 23 50Grade D Rating 2.5 Stars

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    While it was unique writing, it was a disjointed plot and she sorta just hopped all over She wasn t able to make the ending tie offs or connect the two little past and present stories connect.

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