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    I m gonna start this review by apologizing, I am sorry I didn t love this book like I wanted to and I m sorry I couldn t even finish it.That s seriously how I felt, or maybe I still feel bad for faking sick to get out of going to this persons house My mum comes home and says their 16 year old daughter would have really loved to meet you, your practically the same age You would have liked her But no Sita you were sick she said quoting the air to emphasise the sick I mean who s mum does that to them Okay enough of my guiltonto the review.I probably would not have read this if someone hadn t recommended it to me I kind of feel like I have to read the book the person recommends because they took the time to recommend it , saying that they were reading it and it was a good book I thought what the heck And I read it, or at least I tried to In theory this sounds exactly like the type of book that I would love It is told from both the main characters point of views, it is a young adult romance and both the characters sound believable and realistic When you actually read the book, you find that is not so much the case.Book in a sentence Mack meets Cece, she is a good student with a little bit a lot of emotional baggage, he is a kind hearted boy who dropped out of school and loves taking care of dogs, they work together and very soon start seeing each other, about two weeks into the relationship they realize that they are in love, then it happens view spoiler I seriously don t know what it is because I wasn t able to finish the book Someone feel free to tell me I m actually curious as to know how it ends hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars I m usually a complete sucker with these type of stories a boy with a reputation meets a sweet innocent straight A student girl Girl and boy both fall for each other Boy does something stupid and then pushes girl away telling her they can t be together any, boy says cruel things to girl to try and convince her that he never loved her, girl doesn t believe it to be true, says will never give up on their love and that they were meant to be together Stay with Me follows a similar format it s told in alternative pov s of 15 year old Cece pronounced Chee Chee and Mack over the course of 102 days Mack is sent to work at the same restaurant as Cece They are constantly forced to spend time together by Cece s brother Anthony, who will be leaving his family soon to join the army, so believing that Mack is a decent guy he wants him to look after his sister whilst he is away But Mack can get fired up pretty quickly and finds it difficult to keep his temper in check, as him and Cece get closer together he soon realises that Cece is the only one who can help him keep his cool Mack and Cece can t help but fall for each other, their love between them is something none of them have ever experienced before That is until one unfortunate night when Mack does something stupid view spoiler he ends up killing a man, who had poisoned his dog and is taken to jail, being a hero Mack decided to plead guilty as he believes he did a bad thing and so deserves to do the time, in turn breaking Cece s heart hide spoiler

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    Oh My Goodness This book had me laughing and crying all at once It was so believable I don t even know where to start CeCe and Mark are great But then, so are Vic, Tony and CeCe s mom Every character was so well written I felt like I knew them like CeCe and Mack could have been my students All of the characters are broken in some way, which makes them that much amazing They all deal with real issues and have to learn to live with their imperfections It was so honest and heart breaking Mack has a record and has dropped out of school at 15 CeCe is a genius with a lunatic alcoholic for a mother Together, they are to epitome of young, star crossed lovers Let s start with why Mack is amazing He s honest He loves dogs Despite what others think, he is gifted He has a loser father and a mom that has been AWOL since he was 8 or so He is stereotyped by most of the people he meets and labeled retarded because he has a neurological processing disorder Oh how my heart breaks for this kid because I knew a boy like this once Reading this story was like reading his life story Tragic and full of hope at the same time Then there is CeCe she s a riot Brutally honest and insecure Plus she has a love of cheesecake that I can relate to Her favorite book to movie adaptation is The Outsiders, which makes her awesome Her relationship with her mother is different The mom seems like the child at times, which leaves CeCe having to take care of her I know that child too I could talk about the plot, but it s complicated Every character has a vital role in the story On the surface you think the story is about CeCe and Mack and it is , but it s than that Tony s role is HUGE and heartbreaking I really am having a hard time finding words for this review It was so beautiful Obviously, I think everyone should read this one That should be a given at this point Why should you read it Why break out of your normal genre s of choice to pick up this book The answer is simple It s a beautiful story of love, loss, and redemption I wish I had enough copies of the book so I could loan it out to everyone I know But, I only have one and I m guarding it with my life This book will be a treasure for one of those kids that are hard to reach I know I ll get them hooked with this book.

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    Stay With Me is a fast paced novel told in alternating POVs between fifteen year olds Mack and C ce over the course of one hundred and two days.Reading through this book was a struggle for me at first I could not connect with the characters Didn t feel much of anything for them The relationship between C ce and Mack It seemed like I blinked and they were already all over each other, saying how much they were in love I felt like I missed something Eventually I just let it go, and after that I was able to appreciate the story By the end, I was a bit connected with the characters I think the ending was fitting, but I felt sad about the whole situation Because stories like this happen all the time Life isn t always fair, and people end up making terrible mistakes All you can do is move on and have hope that things will get better I wish these characters all the best.

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    Wow There are really no words to explain my feelings for this amazing book Raw and real, Griffin delivers an emotional read that will stick wither readers The first 50 pages or so were a bit slower paced, and I wasn t as in to the story All at once, I fell head over heels in love with it and didn t want to put it down Stay With Me is a very different kind of story, and the experiences the characters had were very interesting to read about, as it was a completely new world to me Griffin s writing weaved together a perfect story Stay With Me was simply beautifully written Every detail felt true, and I was transported into Cece and Mack s world There are a lot of raw, sadder moments, but they are perfectly balanced with moments of sheer happiness that will make you smile Mack s way with dogs and using it to save some of the less fortunate dogs made me smile The characters felt very authentic, and their voices true to their ages and what they had lived through There was a wide range of characters that were all very different from one another None of the characters were perfect, and finding out their flaws and insecurities was part of their charm The characters all had different views on life, and seeing how they put them to use was very cool Vic was so understanding and willing to give second chances he is the kind of person we need of in the world, so reading about him was a charm I would put Anthony in the same boat, and say we need people like him in the world as well The ending was one of the best parts of the book The entire book was amazing, so I was worried about the ending and whether all the strings would be tied up Griffin ends Stay With Me in the perfect way, bittersweet and full of hope Stay With Me is a book that needs to be read It s a book whose characters and lessons they learn will stick with you Stay With Me is real and I book I couldn t highly recommend.

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    I started crying 10 minutes before the end of the book and a good ten minutes after That s how much the characters and their situation meant to me.Two city kids fall in love Cece and Mack have things in common both have single parents with alcohol problems Both live in tough, hard scrabble neighbourhoods But they are very different too Cece is clever, and determined to study hard and get out of her going nowhere school Mack is illiterate Cece s mother may drink, but she is loving and fun, and Cece has a wonderful older brother who looks out for her Mack has a mean drunk, cruel father.When Mack and Cece fall in love it s utterly absorbing, a roller coaster ride of feelings for both of them And as they both tell the story, alternativing points of view, you feel their joy and committment But the one page prologue at the beginning gives you a clue that this isn t a happy ever after, Mills and Boon story a hundred and two days And then it was over I guessed how it would end and got it completely wrong Timing was out, overall ending was wrong There were 2 revelations scenes the reader already knew, but given deeper understanding of that really explained the characters and their situations Bittersweet is the word, but bloody unfair is a better one Author Paul Griffen apparently works with troubled and special needs teens and pit bull dogs, another theme of this book and his dialogue and situations sound very authentic But I doubt any of the kids he works with would read the book The beginning is a bit slow, and jumbled, as the cast of characters is introduced and Mack and Cece begin to meet Which is a shame, as if readers keep reading, they ll find the book un put downable.

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    As a teenager, I fell head over heels in love with a man With me he was sweet and gentle and loving On his own, he was someone else As I read Stay With Me, I connected with Cece and fell into the story as hard and fast as Alice fell into Wonderland Cece is just living life, trying to stay afloat yet trying to do something to make her life better Along comes a long a boy who has a sorted past The two fall in love and have this passion for each other and life Mack has a gift working with dogs, the kind of magic that every dog owner wishes they had The dog becomes a integral part of the story.Unfortunately, life happens and the two are separated I found myself laughing and crying all in the same page Griffin has made the characters seem so real, as if he is writing something that has truly happened, not coming from his imagination I visualized every scene as if I was watching a movie This book will be passed around to numerous friends I will recommend it to anyone who will listen Reading this book has reminded me that we have to look past a person s outside to see what is really inside the part that counts

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    Paul Griffin is undoubtedly one of the most talented YA writers writing today This novel is a brilliant work, just as good Ten Mile River and The Orange Houses His respect for teens shines through He dignifies teenage love, instead of exploiting or patronizing it This is just one thing that makes Griffin a cut above other writers of YA lit Love the guy Love the book.

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    1.5 stars 3 Things I Liked About Stay With Me 1 There is an extremely strong use of voice throughout Stay With Me Griffin does a great job of differentiating between his two protagonists through the way they tell their stories The reader is unlikely to become confused about who is speaking, because the two voices are very different 2 The character of Vic is fantastic His unwavering belief in the people around him is extremely important to making this book readable, despite the overwhelming negativity of the situations described in it 3 The dogs in Stay With Me are obviously written about by someone who knows and loves dogs There is a strong and obvious parallel formed between them and Mack, and this is cleverly done, inserting a little hope where it is most needed.Four Things I Disliked About Stay With Me 1 I found that the age of the characters detracted from my enjoyment of the story I didn t think that either character really felt fifteen in terms of the way they interacted with the world and each other I think the stakes in their romance were reduced by their ages relationships between fifteen year olds rarely last, so it felt like the events of the book only hastened the eventual outcome 2 I was also a little concerned by just how blas the book was about underage sex There was the sense that it is expected and right for fifteen year olds to rush into sexual relationships Obviously this is something that happens, so I m not questioning the realism, but rather the way it was presented as being inevitable 3 Stay With Me is mostly shade without many touches of light Everyone in this book has bad things happen to them even the dogs I think that realism in fiction is fantastic, but I also think that things can reach the point where tragedy and bad life situations are heaped on top of each other to force emotional reactions that the reader wouldn t otherwise have had 4 On a very personal note, I struggled with reading about the many abused dogs referred to in the story I think that Mack s relationship with the rescue dogs he trains is the most positive, powerful thing about Stay With Me, but the backgrounds of these dogs and their resilience to human cruelty was the element that made me come very close to stopping reading this novel, due to my own sensitivity to such things Warning Contains a lot of discussion of animal abuse and an animal death, violence and underaged sex.

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    Posted at with me is one of those thoroughly readable books that completely sucks you in with it s gritty urban setting, wonderfully lovable flawed characters and heartbreaking story.Cece and Mack are 15 years old, she s smart, takes care of her alcoholic mother and worries about her older brother going off to war Mack has had a troubled upbringing, despite being painfully shy he has huge anger management issues but is the kind of kid who you know has a good heart Mack has amazing dog whisperer skills and rescues pit bulls who have been trained to fight but left to die when they loose He cares for them, re trains them, calls them all Boo and finds new homes for them Despite his initial inability to look anyone in the eye, Cece and Mack fall head over heels in love He helps her overcome her fear of dogs and she helps him control his temper and open up a little until one day after the most horrific and heartbreaking provocation as a dog lover I was horrified by what happened Mack snaps and his violent actions change his life forever.On one hand, I absolutely felt for Mack his upbringing was horrific, he had spent time in jail after being caught breaking into a house and stealing frozen pizzas after his dad left him starving and neglected His anger issues are hardly surprising when you realise how he has been brought up and his crippling shyness made me feel even sorry for him Things are just starting to get a little bit better with Cece and her family in his life, and has also has a job with Cece and her mother at the restaurant which means he can give small amounts of his money away to those he considers needy than him Ultimately I knew Mack had a good heart however, the action he took in anger, although understandable, was wrong and he has to pay the price There is no nicely wrapped up happy ever after in Stay With Me, it really is heartbreakingly sad however, we do get to see Mack deal with the consequences and the bittersweet ending for both Mack and Cece was much realistic and fitting.It s a difficult review to write as I don t want to give anything away, it really would spoil it I had no idea the story was going to turn that way when I started reading it but I m really glad I read it Stay With Me is much much than a YA romance, it s about family, surviving, second chances and that one moment or action that changes the direction of your life forever.

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Stay with Me summary pdf Stay with Me , summary chapter 2 Stay with Me , sparknotes Stay with Me , Stay with Me ccf8ff6 An Urban Romance That Will Capture Your Soul, Break Your Heart, And Restore Your Faith In The Human SpiritFifteen Year Olds Cece And Mack Didn T Expect To Fall In Love She S A Sensitive A Student He S A High School Dropout But Soon They Re Spending Every Moment Together, Bonding Over A Rescued Dog, Telling Their Secrets, Making Plans For The Future Everything Is Perfect Until Until Mack Makes A Horrible Mistake, And In Just A Few Minutes, The Future They D Planned Becomes Impossible In This Stark New Reality, Both Of Them Must Find Meaning And Hope In The Memories Of What They Had, To Survive When The Person They Love Can T StayFrom Award Winning Writer Paul Griffin, Stay With Me Is Both Heartbreaking And Uplifting, Filled With Characters Both Dog And Human That Will Forever Change The Way You Look At The World

  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Stay with Me
  • Paul Griffin
  • English
  • 13 April 2019
  • 9780803734487

About the Author: Paul Griffin

Paul Griffin lives, writes, and trains dogs in New York City His previous novel, The Orange Houses, was an ALA Best Book for Young Adults Top Ten, an International Reading Association 2010 Notable Book for a Global Society, a Chicago Public Library s Best of the Best Book of 2009, and an Amelia Bloomer Project Award winner.