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Sacrifice (Crave, #2) pdf Sacrifice (Crave, #2) , ebook Sacrifice (Crave, #2) , epub Sacrifice (Crave, #2) , doc Sacrifice (Crave, #2) , e-pub Sacrifice (Crave, #2) , Sacrifice (Crave, #2) 632c7160d18 Gabriel And Shay Are Convinced That They Can Make Their Relationship Work Knowing That Shay Is Half Vampire, Gabriel Thinks That His Coven Will Embrace Her As One Of Their Own, But Instead They View Her As An Abomination, A Thing That Doesn T Belong In Either World And They Want Her Dead Now Gabriel Must Make The Ultimate Decision Watch His Love Be Killed By His Coven Or Defy The People Closest To Him, The People He Has Spent Centuries With To Save Her

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    FINALLY Yes, I really wanted to read this book What can I say Crave for me was one of the best books I ve read this year and I really couldn t wait for second book to come I got to say that first thing I liked in this book is that the story continued, not like in the other sequels, first you have explained everything what happened in the first book and then the rest of the story I mean, who reads sequel if he didn t read the first book first Then, I really wanted this book to be as good as Crave, but to tell you the truth it is not There is no emotions, and something is missing Book is really interesting but it s not enough And yes Shay was really pain in my in some parts of the book, really annoying But Gabriel, eh Gabriel dreaming , you got to LOVE him.All in all, nice book, but Crave deserves better sequel

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    I m not happy at all

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    hope it was as good as the 1st

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    I had some issues with Crave, mostly the main character s bratty behavior and the speed at which their relationship progressed into undying love Crave ended with a huge cliffhanger so when I saw Sacrifice on Galley Grab, I really wanted to know how the story ends I m happy I did because I like Sacrifice than I liked Crave.Sacrifice begins exactly where Crave ended with Gabriel taking Shay to his coven believing that they will help and protect her because she is half vampire Turns out Gabriel could not have been wrong and his family hates her The tables are turned in this book so instead of Gabriel being held captive by Shay s family, Shay is now the prisoner.Shay s character is significantly matured in Sacrifice, it s almost like she is a different, much likable girl If you can look past the idea that they have know each other for about two weeks, you will appreciate the level of commitment that Gabriel and Shay make to each other To be together, the couple has to fight against the horrible prejudices and the intense level of anger and bitterness that their families feel toward each other I really wanted these two to be together and that s not something I thought I would say after reading Crave.I enjoyed Sacrifice, it makes the series worth reading It s a quick read, fast paced and I think anyone who likes YA vampire romance will also enjoy this Content Kissing, mild profanity and violence

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    Final Rating 4.5 Stars

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    Good I sat here trying to think of something to write and the only thing I could think of was the ending not that it finally came to and end but the action that occurred The action happened all at the ending and I have to admit I did enjoy some of the endingShay s Mom Shay s mom was the only other thing that I thought of as good in this novel I viewed her perfectly, and her evolution from the first novel was one that I liked At first I thought she was just delusional but I found her strong and determined in this sequal.Bad The novel was a disappointment Perhaps my hopes were up too high because I love the first one but this one was not a book I enjoyed and I actually wanted to stop reading it at one point Shay and Gabriel Their love for one another was very confusing in this novel although I understand where Shay comes from when she gets mad at Gabriel I found it weird that she just flips a switch in the time of need, but really the time of need was earlier on in the novel and that caused her character to lose some respect points with me and then everything just seemed to drop from there Ernst Like Shay this character seems to have almost a split personality in this novel, one minute very strong the next crying on the ground I found that the evolution of this character and others in the novel was hard to find realistic even for a fiction supernatural novel Overall Writing style, story line, and general Overall I felt like the author s lost their story and just had no clue where their story was going That s not saying that their writing wasn t well done and the story had potential However, it felt like there was a great amount of repetition Shay convincing herself that she didn t love Gabriel and going over the reasons why multiple times without any real events or important events actually happening in the novel I guess its fair to say the same can be said for the first novel, but I felt that it being a sequel their should be instead it felt like a short story dragged on too long and repeating the character s thoughts on events too many times And finally The characters didn t feel like the same characters from the previous novel And some characters I was actually disappointed in.

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    Having learned Shay is a half vampire, Gabriel takes her to his family, expecting she will be welcomed with open arms He s shocked to discover that they consider her an abomination that must be destroyed First, they ll use her as a lure to exact revenge on her stepfather, not caring that she grows sicker with each passing moment But the stepfather stages a daylight ambush, and Gabriel is forced to choose between Shay and his family, with disastrous consequences for all Now it s his life on the line, and after what Shay s seen in her latest visions, she s not sure she wants to save him This is a fast paced novel with plenty of action sequences The real beauty of it lies with the characters, though It s ultimately a story about choice and the grey areas that surround it Each character is forced to confront their own beliefs, weighing their emotions against reality and often coming up wanting There s what you want and what is right, and what happens when the two are not the same For Gabriel and Shay, it s a time to examine relationships Gabriel s family has stunned him with their actions, and he s forced to reevaluate his position, and recognize his own failings Shay s testing loyalties revealing the truth about herself and hoping to be accepted Saved by Gabriel, betrayed by Gabriel, she must build a world without him in order to let him in There s a lot of near death and destruction here, but it doesn t weigh the narrative down Twists and turns abound in the plot nearly every character goes through a journey of self awareness and comes out on the other side with questions than answers It s a real story, one where endings, happy or otherwise, are only as good as you make them.

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    3.5 Stars Sacrifice picks up within hours of where Crave left off They have made it to Gabriel s family in Tennessee and they are not happy about that abomination aka Shay They immediately lock her up and proceed to starve her to death Things don t go according to plan especially since Shay s evil Step Dad is out there and hell bent on capturing a vampire to continue experimenting on.I thought this second book was better than the first The history was established and the story could go forward rather than focus on the past although we do focus on the past a bit to discover who Shays biological father was and what happened to him.While through most of the book it looks as though there aren t going to be any happy endings one does finally show up in an unexpected way This book had the same easy reading style as Crave , and was still a bit predictable, but enjoyable nonetheless The authors did leave room for a third, but I don t think one is necessary this book tied up the loose ends quite nicely.

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    Maybe it s just me, but i liked Shay a lot in the first book.

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    2.5 stars For a second there, I thought the second book could actually be an improvement The first part of the book was pretty good, but then shit just plain hit the fan, and I, as a result, am not a fan.

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