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    I really wanted to like this book But the story dragged a lot and the characters were mostly insufferable I did like the ending and I m giving it a 3 stars but I do think that s being generous.

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    This book is odd, we start out with a girl waking up on a subway with no idea how she got there or how she ended up in a costume and make up But slowly she starts to retrace her steps trying to figure out what happened to her, and where is her friend First let me say that this book is rather small and a quick read Which can be a good thing depending on the book but this book felt too fast, like we where rushed through it It s told in a series of flash backs mixed with present day trying to figuring out what happened For the first half the story is very believable and okay, but the second half is much less believable but much exciting So a descent read, I wouldn t buy it at least for the price their currently asking , but if your library has it check it out I received this book through the Goodreads.com s Firstreads Program.

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    Dollar Tree find.Better than I thought it would be, though the ending fell a bit flat, I wanted from it.

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    First impressions Oh, Nan Poor, poor Nan Twice in the opening chapters we see her waking up from being blackout drunk once as a memory, and once to set the plot in motion in real time Adrienne Maria Vrettos writes these so picture perfectly that I actually winced Nan s predicament is unsettling and upsetting, which sets up nicely the tone for the entire book.Lasting impressions Although this was an interesting book, I m not sure it has the punch to make this one everlasting for me.Conflicting impressions While some aspects were extremely true to life, other parts had me shaking my head in disbelief.Overall impressions In general, Nan s story is not a happy one This is no feel good tale I think the summary is a pretty big clue, but the opening chapters are certainly going to weed out the ones who want to read this and the ones who should probably close it up quickly and back away Either you want to experience life through a teen s blackout drunk phase or you don t.I hesitate to use the term alcoholic only because Adrienne Maria Vrettos dodges the term herself Nan is an abuser, but mostly at the whims of her best friend, Seemy She goes to sort of rehab lite and acknowledges that it wasn t the most hardcore of programs Nan seemed like a lost girl caught up in the peer pressure of Seemy s crazy existence rather than a bona fide alcoholic.The book is told in alternating chapters of Nan in the present, slowly piecing together the last 24 hours that she can t remember, and vignettes from the past We see how she met her friends Toad and Seemy, how she handles waking up in strange places, how she relates to her mother and little brother Nan is insecure, and drawn to the vivacious Seemy like a moth to a flame Based on the few interactions we see with her, it s not hard to follow how Nan could end up where this story begins.Although it was interesting finding out how Nan woke up on the subway in a tiny Halloween costume, I didn t connect to the bigger life lessons here Beyond the obvious don t drink so much and don t be friends with people who suck there isn t a lot of meat to this story Vrettos hints at growth in Nan s relationship with her mother, and even at growth in her own self confidence, but at under 200 pages, this quick read didn t quite nail the heart of these issues I felt the friendship with Seemy was well executed, and I found their exploits to be quite imaginative, if a little over dramatic When Nan realizes who or what is responsible for her blackout, the plot veers into a scenario I found a little hard to believe Was it exciting to read Yes Did I think that s what would have really happened No effing way Part of my disappointment with the book is that I felt it would have impact if it had a realistic ending It was like I was watching the made for TV version of real events, when the actual story is compelling than the media hyped version.Bottom line is that this is a good mystery set around the bitter effects of drinking too much Nan is a sympathetic character that finds herself in the most awful of circumstances, but ultimately rises to face the challenges of her day head on.

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    Excerpt from my review originally published at Offbeat YA Pros Honest depiction of an imbalanced friendship Realistic main character.Cons Lacks a strong emotional punch Some events are a bit far fetched.WARNING Alcohol abuse, rape intent, self image problems.Will appeal to Those who have had at least a toxic friend in their life, or one who didn t love them as much as they did.Before I bought this one, going by the last line of the blurb above and the two line prologue on , I inferred it told the story of a dead character recalling investigating her demise, so I was excited It turned out that it wasn t the case, so I don t really get what the whole ghost reference was about OK, I sort of understand the metaphor, but it sounded much like a literal description to me Then again, I don t regret reading this book, even if under false pretenses I just meant to tell you don t get fooled like I didread this for the right reasons.THE WRONG SIDE OF UNREQUITEDI shelved this book as Mystery Thriller, and a mystery it is with the main lead Nan desperate to uncover what she did the previous night, and than anything, what happened to her best friend Seemy But at its core, Burnout is a contemporary of the dark variety albeit not at all as dark as it might have been a story of bad choices and the places they take you, and even than that, a story about the length we go for a friend even when they don t love us as much as we do or precisely because they don t This was the aspect that resonated with me the most while I ve never been in a toxic friendship of the bad influence variety and I wouldn t, because I m one of the less influenceable people I know , I have been in a sort of unrequited friendship for a long while until the friend in question set to size me down once and for all, and since I couldn t cope with that, we ultimately split If you ve ever loved a friend than they did, and you ve ever been aware of it and hurt because of it , Vrettos captures this feeling perfectly Then again, in a short book like this less than 200 pages , emotions gets somehow constricted and lose some of the impact they could make of this in the next paragraphs Whole review here.

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    Nan wakes up disoriented in a subway car, completely clueless as to what happened the night before or how she ended up where she is, in her current state While she s been this confused and disoriented before, it s never been quite this bad Slowly, as she goes about her day, trying to get to school, and then trying to get back in her family s New York City apartment, she starts piecing everything back together It seems that everything can be traced to her friend Seemy As she starts remembering bits and pieces of what happened last night, she realizes that Seemy is in trouble Parts of this story are frightening and so accurate as to make readers feel as though they are inside Nan s confused brain as she tries to solve the mystery of what happened last night Since the story moves from present day to events that happened in the past, it is easy to trace the changes in Nan that occurred once she and Seemy became friends But what isn t so clear is what makes Seemy so self destructive or what would cause her to hang out with the seedy characters she seems drawn to in the park Hooch and Turner are too over the top to be believable, and I couldn t see why they put so much effort into finding Seemy She seemed to be skidding out of control at that point, wasting away from alcohol or drugs What great plans could they have had for her that they couldn t have used with some other desperate teen or runaway I liked Nan a lot she seemed real in her desperation for a friend and someone to love, but parts of her story seemed stilted, and I never really understood Seemy at all.

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    I am going to admit something kind of embarrassing to you Sometimes I pick books to read off of my TBR pile based on their length I get legitimately excited about very short books because I know they will help me beef up my goodreads reading challenge numbers I know, I know, I should not be reading to boost a number but you know, I get competitive with myself Maybe it s reading for the wrong reasons, but I ve come across some pretty decent reads that way I ve also picked up books that would have just languished forever on my pile Friends, I picked up Burnout by Adrienne Maria Vrettos, a book that is two years, or ancient in certain reader circles, just because my copy was only 190 pages with super short chapters I journeyed into the dangerous world of drugs and alcohol and came out of the book slightly confused, unsure as to what to rate the book Read the rest of my review here

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    A thriller Right near the end, pages started turning turning turning, but before that so the characters felt a bit underdeveloped I ve realized I m not a fan of stories that use the past to develop characters and to develop those relationships between the characters Flashbacks are good and important, but when they are most of the story, I cant It s just a personal distaste The past is boring The present is what keeps my interest Anyhow, good poignant story, well written, didn t find myself rolling my eyes constantly It was just a book though.

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    Nan thinks she might be a ghost She wakes up in a subway train with no memory of how she got there It is the day after Halloween and she s wearing a bizarre dress and skeleton make up she can t remove The books chapters are divided between today and remembering as Nan begins to piece together the events that led her to the subway This is a great character study.

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    Honestly this book was kinda confusing and just plain boring The main characters are drunks and they have no great outcome, honestly I did not gain any knowledge from reading this book But again it was a short book and only took up one day to read Not impressed.

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